Learning the letter A! Letter A learning Resources, alphabet recognition, phonics, activities and crafts for preschoolers.  Learn to read, write and have fun with the letter A.

preschool letter a craft from kids activities blog -  a is for angel - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
kids can Learn letters while making crafts

20+ Letter A Crafts & Activities for Kids to Learn the Alphabet

Let’s learn the letter A!

Learn the Letter A with Kids Activities Blog - a is for apple paper craft
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Yay for the Letter A!

Learning the alphabet is one of the most important skills that children learn in preschool and kindergarten. Knowing each letter can help build a strong foundation for students to learn to read.

So whether you want to teach your toddler the alphabet, trying to homeschool preschool, or trying to find kindergarten worksheets to complete at home, incorporating alphabet activities should be a high priority.

We’ve put together these free printable letter A worksheets and activities to help kids learn the letters in an engaging and fun way!

Letter A Song

The letter A plays an important part in the alphabet called a vowel. To understand better what sounds the letter a can make, here is the Letter A song:

Letter A Lesson Plan

A is for apple, avocado, and alligator! There are so many fun words that start with the letter A. Have your child begin the lesson by thinking about all the words they know that begin with A.

Make it a game!

  • How many can they think of?
  • Do they see anything around the house that starts with the Letter A?
  • Do they have any friends or family members with a Letter A name?
learn the letter a - preschool age girl writing in notebook - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
Yay for the Letter A! Learning the alphabet helps build a strong foundation for teaching children to read.

Grab a box or bag and go on a Letter A scavenger hunt to see what items you can find around your house.

Letter and sound learning games are our favorite way to teach phonics to kids.

Letter A Crafts

Now it’s time for an alphabet craft! Crafts are a great way to get students engaged in the lesson because they are fun, and they will have something cool to show off when they are done.

letter a craft out of craft paper with feather and googly eyes - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
Let’s make a Letter A craft!

Our favorite letter A craft uses feathers a pipe cleaner and feathers to transform the letter into an angel with wings.

12 Letter A Activities for preschoolers - a is for apple, alligator, airplane, and more pictured here - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
Let’s have fun with the Letter A!

But don’t stop there! Here are a dozen letter A crafts for kids, including a fun sorting game and other activities.

Preschoolers can also learn to form letter shapes with pipe cleaners and noodles.

Bring kids into the kitchen with a simple a is for apple pie lesson (including a yummy recipe!)

Preschool Letter A Printable Worksheets

Printable Letter A handwriting pages help kids learn to form letters the correct way, which will improve handwriting and fine motor skills. You can print our free practice pages for your child to write with a pencil, or you can laminate it or place the page inside a dry erase pocket so they can be reused over and over again.

Our free Letter A Worksheets packet includes uppercase and lowercase tracing pages, coloring sheets, and phonics activities to teach students the sounds of words that begin with Letter A.

Follow the Letter A to find the end of the maze in with our free alphabet activity printable game.

Kids will have so much fun discovering the design with our letter recognition coloring pages.

learning the letter a - preschool boy writing letter A on chalkboard - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
Kids can practice writing the letter A in a variety of ways, including chalkboards, printable worksheets, and more!

More Alphabet Learning Resources

Get your kids up and moving with our list of alphabet exercises for kids!

And here is a list of other fun ways to teach the alphabet.

Trace foam letters from the bathtub (hey, we all have ’em!) to make this fun alphabet game for kids.

Make an alphabet keepsake book to document your learn the letters journey!

Everything You Need To Teach The Letter A

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