25 Jumping Fun Frog Crafts for Kids

Frog crafts are fun to make and many turn into frog activities and frog games because frogs are just plain cool! Kids of all ages will love making these fun frog crafts from common arts and crafts supplies. These frog crafts are fun to make at home or in the classroom and make the perfect preschool frog crafts!

frog crafts for kids - Kids Activities Blog - collage of 9 frog crafts completed
Let’s make frog crafts!

Fun Frog Crafts for Kids

We’ve rounded up 25 of the best frog ideas we could find to share with your little herpetologist!

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Finished foam cup frog craft for kids showing a painted foam cup in shades of green paint with white polka dots and large googly eyes sitting on a table from Crafts by Amanda
Let’s make a frog from a foam cup!

1. Foam Cup Frog Craft

Use paints, cups, googly eyes and pipe cleaners, you can make this adorable adorable frog figure – via Crafts by Amanda. My favorite part is the bright red frog tongue!

2. Paper Cup Frog Craft

Watch this quick video tutorial we put together on how to make a paper cup frog…it is fun!

Origami frog craft that turns into a frog jumping game from Itsy Bitsy Fun - shown are 4 paper frogs jumping through straw obstacles on a cement surface outside
This frog paper craft turns into a fun frog game!

3. Origami Frog Craft that Turns Into Jumping Game

Make  origami frogs that really jump  and learn games to play with them – via Itsy Bitsy Fun

Paper frog craft created out of hearts cut from construction paper shown on white background from Sassy Dealz
Let’s make a paper frog out of hearts!

4. Paper Heart Frog Craft

This paper heart frog definitely says I love you! – via Crafty Morning

finished handprint frog craft made of green construction paper on white background from Love and Marriage Blog
Let’s use our handprints to make a frog!

5. Fluffy Handprint Frog Craft

Use shredded paper to make this  fluffy, textured frog  – via Love and Marriage

6. Frog Tongue Game from Frog Tongue Craft

Make a sticky tongue frog craft  and game to pass a rainy afternoon.

7. Paper Mache Frog Craft

Get extra creative and make paper mache frogs – via MollyMoo (link currently unavailable)

8. Frog Puppet Craft

Create  a Big Wide Mouthed Frog puppet  to go with the book – via Nouveau Soccer Mom

9. Toilet Paper Roll Frog

Make an easy tissue roll frog craft – via Learn Create Love

finished green clay pot frog craft from Glued to May Crafts Blog shown on back porch
Let’s make frogs out of clay pots!

10. Clay Pot Frogs

Use miniature flower pots to create these clay pot frogs – via Glued to My Crafts

finished egg carton frog craft on gray and white table cloth from Crafts by Amanda
What a cute frog made from egg cartons & pipe cleaners!

11. Egg Carton Frogs Craft

Egg carton frogs are an adorable way to use extra cartons – via Crafts by Amanda

Free Frog Activities for Kids

Camouflage Activities for Kids - Camo Scavenger Hunt - Kids Activities Blog fb
Let’s hide frogs in the wild.

12. Printable Frog Scavenger Hunt

Learn about animal camouflage with a frog scavenger hunt using the printable frogs and your crayons or markers.

frog drawing tutorial - printed how to draw a frog step by step guide from Kids Activities Blog shown on a white background with art supplies
Let this cute fish show you how to draw a frog!

13. Kids Can Make Their Own Frog Drawing!

Use this simple printable tutorial to learn how to draw a frog here on Kids Activities Blog.

origami frogs that jump from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s fold these origami frogs and do a STEM lesson for fun!

14. Kinetic Frog Craft Turns into Fun STEM Activity

Use these instructions to learn how to fold a frog and then use it in a fun game.

Free Frog Activity books that you can print at home from Itsy Bitsy Fun - printed pdf pages from frog book shown on table
Let’s play with frogs!

15. Free Printable Frog Activity Book for Kids

Download free printable frog activity books – via Itsy Bitsy Fun

Frog baseball cap craft from Crafts by Amanda - frog tongue step shown plus finished frog cap project for kids
Let’s make a frog hat!

16. Frog Cap Craft

Let your child turn themselves into a frog with this cute frog baseball cap – via Crafts by Amanda

17. F is for Frog

Print letter F worksheets featuring F is for Frog!  – on Kids Activities Blog

Frog facts page for kids printed pdf shown on dark background
Let’s learn some facts about frogs!

18. Printable Frog Facts Sheet for Fun

Download and print these frog facts for kids that are full of frog fun and games.

19. Frog Handprint Art

Use handprint cutouts to make a special frog keepsake – via Artsy Momma

20. Frog Rocks Arts & Crafts

Paint a family of frog rocks!

Frog Bookmark Craft from The Princess and the Tot
Let’s make frog bookmarks!

21. Frog Bookmark Craft

Use card stock to make frog corner bookmarks – via The Princess & The Tot

Frog box game made from a box from Little Family fun
Let’s make a frog toss game!

22. Frog Toss Game

A spare large box can be transformed into a frog toss game – via Little Family Fun

F is for frog craft from Crystal and Company
Let’s celebrate the letter F by making a frog craft!

22. F is for Frog Craft for Preschool

F is for Frog! Make your own frog from the letter F – via Crystal and Comp

5 little speckled frogs puppets from Rainy Day Mum - popsicle stick frog puppet craft finished and held in hand
Let’s make popsicle stick frog puppets!

23. Speckled Frog Puppets Craft

Make the Five Little Speckled Frogs puppets – via Rainy Day Mum

Popsicle stick frog craft - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a frog out of popsicle sticks!

24. Popsicle Stick Frog Craft

Here is how to make a frog out of popsicle sticks! What a fun craft for kids.

IMage shows a frog on a lilly pod. Idea from KAB
An adorable frog craft made with cupcake liners.

25. Cupcake Liner Frog Craft

We love this frog paper craft created from construction paper and cupcake liners.

coffee stirrer frogs
Let’s make a frog craft today!

26. Coffee Stirrer Frog Craft

This easy frog craft for kids starts with a coffee stirrer. Or you can pick up a stick from outside or use a popsicle stick too!

Fun Frog Themed Food for Kids

27. Frog Bento Lunch Box

Use cookie cutters to make frog shaped sandwiches  – via BentoLunch

Oreo frogs - green frog cookies shown on a red table cloth from Made to Be Momma
Let’s make frog cookies!

28. Oreo Frogs Food Craft

For a sweet treat, use Oreos, pretzels and more to make these Oreo frogs – via Made to Be a Momma

ice cream cone animals

29. Make Ice Cream Cone Frogs

For a special treat, we love to make  mini ice cream cone frogs – this is kinda a food frog craft.

Which fun frog craft of activity will you start with first?

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