February is Black History Month! What a great time to learn about and celebrate African Americans– present-day and historical. We have a month’s worth of engaging and educational Black History Month activities for kids of all ages.

Black History Month - art image of woman with the letters "Black History Month"
So many things to explore & learn during Black History Month for kids!

Black History Activities Ideas

We have a great list of Black History Month books, activities, and games for you and your littles.

Let’s explore history and meet some people that you may not know.  Kids will be inspired by these amazing figures in history. 

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Black History Month Activities for Toddlers preschool and kindergarten - Kids Activities blog - boy laughing outside
Black History Month activities for toddlers, preschool and Kindergarten age kids!

Black History Activities For Preschoolers

1. Celebrate Garrett Morgan for Black History Month

Let’s play red light – green light! You might ask what the game Red Light, Green Light has to do with Black History Month, but it all makes complete sense when you meet Garrett Morgan.  Garrett Morgan was an African-American inventor who patented the 3-position traffic signal.  

2. Celebrate Granville T. Woods for Black History Month

Let’s play telephone! What does a game of telephone have to do with Black History Month…you are catching on, right?!  Meet Granville T. Woods. Granville Tailer Woods was the first African American mechanical and electrical engineer after the Civil War. Many called him “black Edison” because he held over 60 patents in the US many in the area of the telephone, telegraph and railroad.  He was best known for a system created for the railroad to alert the engineer as to how close his train was to others.

3. Celebrate Elijah McCoy

Let’s meet Elijah McCoy! Elijah McCoy was born in Canada and was known for his 57 US patents which were concentrated on making the steam engine work better.  He invented a lubrication system that allowed oil to be distributed evenly around the engine’s moving parts which decreased friction and allowed the engines to run longer, last longer and not overheat. Oh, and he is the one responsible for the common phrase, “The real McCoy”!

Black history month activities for kids of all ages - Kids Activities Blog
Black History Month Activities for Kids of All Ages!

Black History Activities for Older Kids – Elementary & Grade School

4. Celebrate Percy Lavon Julian for Black History Month

Next let’s meet Percy Lavon Julian.  He was an American research chemist that figured out how to synthesize important medicine ingredients from plants.  His work completely changed pharmaceuticals and how doctors are able to treat patients.

5. Celebrate Dr. Patricia Bath

Then let’s meet Patricia Bath!  Dr. Patricia Bath was the first African American to complete a residency in ophthalmology and the first African American female doctor to receive a medical patent!  She invented a medical device that helped in the treatment of cataracts.

Black History Month Books Must-Read List - Kids Activities Blog - girl reading book
Must-read books for Black History Month!

Books that Celebrate Black History for Kids

6. Explore Coretta Scott King Award Winners & Honor Books

The Coretta Scott King awards are given to African American authors and illustrators for “outstandingly inspirational and educational contribution.  The books promote understanding and appreciation of the culture of all peoples and their contribution to the realization of the American dream.”  

7. Celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. for Black History Month

Let’s introduce kids to Martin Luther King, Jr. in his own words. Watching MLK speeches can let kids experience his powerful words, voice and message without filter. The playlist embedded below has 29 of Martin Luther King, Jr’s most prominent speeches and sermons:

9. Celebrate Rosa Parks for Black History Month

Rosa Parks is also known as the First Lady of Civil Rights for her courageous act on a Montgomery bus. The more kids learn about Rosa Parks, the more they will realize how one person and one action can change the world.

10. Celebrate Harriet Tubman for Black History Month

Harriet Tubman is one of the most amazing people in history. She was born into slavery and eventually escaped, but she didn’t stop there. Harriet returned on 13 missions to rescue other slaves and was one of the most influential “conductors” on the underground railroad.

Crafts for every day of Black History Month - Kids Activities Blog - two kids painting at home
Let’s do Black History month inspired crafts…all month long!

28 Days of Black History Month Activities for Kids

Have Fun with these 28 Days of Crafts. via Creative Child: <–Click here for all the craft instructions!

  1. Make a stop light craft inspired by Garrett Morgan.
  2. Dream like Martin Luther King Jr.
  3. Make an astronaut craft to be just like Dr. Mae Jemison.
  4. Make an inspirational poster: Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., President Obama and Rita Dove.
  5. Quilt a Black History Month quilt.
  6. Try this colorful MLK activity – part art project, part activity!
  7. Make a Jackie Robinson craft paper craft.
  8. Create posters for African American Inventors.
  9. Read the book, Play, Louis, Play about the childhood of Louis Armstrong & then make jazz art.
  10. Get involved with the Black History Pop-Up book.
  11. Make a square for a freedom quilt.
  12. Craft a dove of peace.
  13. Craft a square of an underground railroad quilt.
  14. Make a Quote of the Day board for inspiration.
  15. Write a Rosa Parks story.
  16. Rocket craft celebrating Mae Jemison.
  17. Read The Story of Ruby Bridges and then create an inspired craft and story.
  18. Make a Black History Month mailbox for historic figures to appear each day!
  19. Create Black History Month inspired art.
  20. Make a peanut craft inspired by George Washington Carver.
  21. Be inspired by Alma Thomas and create Expressionist art.
  22. Make tap shoes in honor of Bill “Bojangle” Robinson.
  23. Make a traffic light snack inspired by Garrett Morgan.
  24. Give Peace a Hand with a crafty idea.
  25. Make a box of crayons craft.
  26. Craft a paper chain.
  27. Learn more about Thurgood Marshall with this foldable learning activity.
  28. Dove of Peace.
Learning Resources for Black History Month - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s celebrate!

Black History Month Kids FAQs

Why is it important to teach kids about Black History Month?

Black History Month is a time for reflection on how far society has come since the Civil Rights movement and the work that still needs to be done. Black History Month is important for recognizing the diversity of African American culture, its many contributions to society, and for raising awareness of ongoing racism and discrimination faced by African Americans. It is an opportunity to celebrate the accomplishments of individuals in spite of a history of oppression. Black History Month serves to empower the Black community and inspire future generations.

Learning Resources: Black History Month For Kids


What are your favorite Black History Month activities for kids? Let us know in the comments!

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