Big List of Virtual Train Rides You Can Take Around the World

Let’s hop on board for a virtual train ride…you choose where in the world we are going!

Train rides from around the world have been shared online. These cool train videos are a fun way to discover beauty from around the world.

My train-loving preschooler is absolutely loving these virtual train rides too.

virtual train ride - trains for kids - train in snow
Let’s hop on a snowy train ride!

Virtual Train Ride

We started our first “train” trip on the Bernina Railway that goes from Switzerland into Italy through a YouTube video. <–train videos for kids

His first response at seeing the red train we’d be “riding” was: “whoa.”

With a “driver’s eye view,” we saw both the train track and charming area around St. Moritz, Switzerland. 

As the train ride continued, we travelled through tunnels, passed picturesque towns, and rumbled by waters and cliffs.

My son was absolutely enthralled, and bonus: it felt like a calming, meditative experience for me. 

Train cab view - train videos for kids
Let’s ride through the forrest on a train!

Best Destinations for Virtual Train Ride Videos for Kids

The famous Bernina train isn’t the only virtual train ride to take either. These virtual experiences can be taken all over the world, including England, Peru, Japan, Norway, and even the Arctic Circle! 


To travel through the gorgeous lands of Norway — past mountains, farms, and more stunning scenery — take a ride on The Flam Railway.

Or, embark on the Nordland Line, which takes travelers through the snowy Trondheim Fjord and passes through the Arctic Circle.

At least you’ll be cozy and warm at home on this ride!

Virtual train ride through city - trains for kids
Let’s go through a city on a train ride!


If your kids are fascinated with tunnels, they’re going to love the Belgrade-Bar Railway trip, home to the world’s longest tunnel. It clocks in at 20,246 feet. 

Bosnia & Herzegovina (and Croatia too)

For a train ride along a river, and through mountains, take a trip on the Sarajevo-Ploce Railway.

England and Wales

Travelers “ride” on a diesel train that travels through beautiful countryside and along the coast with the North Wales Coast Line.

Alternatively, explore the city of London and the surrounding countryside with the South Western Railway.

Japan train ride - spring train ride video for kids
We can take a train ride in the spring year round when it is a virtual train ride!


Discover the mountains and countryside of Japan’s Chugoku region by taking a trip on the Geibi and Fukuen Lines


There’s a whole lot to see on the Ferrocarril Central Andino virtual train ride, which is why this one is broken into four parts. From crossing over an enormous bridge, to traveling through a canyon, this trip has a little bit of everything. 

United States

If you’re missing the sounds of a commute, even New York offers its own virtual train ride!

For a mountain adventure, check out the Pikes Peak Cog Railway in Colorado.

Be sure to take this fast-motion train ride with your cell phone, so that you can change your view around, even as you’re speeding up the mountain!

Or, visit historic mountain towns — from Durango to Silverton — in Colorado; this particular trip is divided into three breathtaking journeys.  

Pikes Peak train ride for kids video
Let’s take a virtual mountain train ride with kids!

These “family trips” can even turn into learning experiences. After we “rode” the Bernina Railway for awhile, my youngest had SO many questions about Europe and where we “went” on the map. 

Chart your virtual train ride journey with this world map coloring page!

Chugga chugga choo choo!

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Where are you going to travel on a virtual train ride?

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