Blinking Origami Eyeball Craft!!

There is something about mixing geometry and art that mesmerizes kiddos, especially my elementary aged kids.

They loved making today’s art project inspired by Krokotak, a really awesome Bulgarian Kids website. A Blinking Origami Eyeball!

Be sure to hit the translate icon if you click through to read the tutorial on their site.

Make a blinking eye out of paper

Blinking Origami Eyeball

To make a blinking origami eye you will need the following:

  • Large square piece of paper (ours is ten by ten inches). We used butcher paper.
  • Oil pastels. Include a black pastel as well as a variety of colors for the eyeball.

make an eye out of origami that actually blinks

Origami Steps for Kids.

1). Fold the corners in to each other to create an “x” through your page. You will use these lines to help guide you as you fold.

2). Take one corner of the Square and fold it into the center. This will be called the top flap from here out.

3). Flatten the top flap fold and bring that crease to the center line.

4). Repeat steps 2 & 3 with the bottom flap. Unfold and you should have a lot of equal “sections” through your sheet.

make an eye out of origami that actually blinks

Coloring Your Eye:

5). Draw three circles in the center of your page. The tiny, tiny inside circle is the “glare” spot on the pupil. The second circle is the black center of the eye. Draw a final larger circle – make sure it touches the edges of the lines.

6). Color the iris. We used multiple colors of oil pastels and then blended the colors together by rubbing the oil pastels and smearing them.

make an eye out of origami that actually blinks

7). After unfolding the flaps, work from the top flap and fold it down to make a lid. Stop when you reach the middle crease.

8). Fold the bottom flap up the same way. Make your lower lid.

9). Embellish your eye lid with oil pastels. We added eye shadow and mascara.

final instructions on how to create an origami eyeball

10). Flip the eye ball over. Find the center “x” crease mark in your hot-dog shaped paper. Bring both “points” into the center. You should now have a rectangle shape.

11). This is the tricky fold. Check the tutorial at Krokotak for more details, but you will want to fold the corners in from the center crease along the edge of the fold – try to keep it parallel. Fold all four corners in.

12). Hold your folded corners as handles and make your eye “blink”.

make an eye out of origami that actually blinks


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