Are you looking for some MLK day activities? Kids of all ages can benefit from these MLK day activities learning how this great man changed the future and his hard fight and the impact he made when it came to civil rights. From printables, activities, and crafts we have MLK day activities for everyone. Plus, you can use these MLK day activities at home or in the classroom!

MLK monument in washington dc
Let’s celebrate the life and wisdom of Martin Luther King Jr together.

Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day With These Kids Activities

Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a great opportunity to combine holiday celebrations with learning! We have engaging and thoughtful MLK Day activities and book recommendations to get you started.

Learn about Dr. King, civil rights, and social justice…and have fun while doing it! We have books to read, sites to see, and activities and games to play with your kids…

MLK quote: whatever affects one directly affects all indirectly - Kids activities Blog
I love Martin Luther King Jrs words.

Books, Activities, and Crafts to Celebrate MLK Together

1. Learn Martin Luther King Jr Facts with this Printable Worksheet for Kids

We have the coolest Martin Luther King Jr Facts for Kids pages that you can print, learn & color.

2. Martin Luther King Inspires Coloring Pages for Kids

These Martin Luther King Jr coloring pages are all about inspiring us to make a better future.

3. Classroom Activities to Learn More About Martin Luther King Jr

We are Teachers list of meaningful activities. This is an amazing list of 9 ways to learn about and celebrate MLK. It includes books to read, a virtual tour of the National Civil Rights Museum, volunteer ideas, and more!

4. Tons of Resources for MLK Day Grades Kindergarten to 12th Grade

National Education Association MLK Day classroom resources for K-12 – This is a great resource for teachers and parents (and teacher-parents) alike! Check out background information on MLK Jr., children’s books to read, and 4 fun activities. I especially like the interactive timeline for bigger kids.

Martin Luther King Jr I have a dream - Kids Activities Blog - hands on top of each other of different colors with heart
Let’s work together for the dream.

5. Read a Book about Martin Luther King Jr

Civil Rights book list by Mommy Evolution – Check out this list of 5 civil rights books for kids. Time to get to the library! 

6. Do a MLK Worksheet Together

Martin Luther King handwriting worksheets by 3 Boys and a Dog help kids learn MLK’s words by copying them! This lesson doubles as handwriting practice.

7. Interactive Activities for Kids for MLK Day

Frugal and fun activities for kids via Money Crashers has this list of 8 ideas for celebrating MLK Day. The list includes watching videos of Dr. King and visiting free local events.

8. Learn More About Martin Luther King Jr with these 13 Lessons

Social justice lessons by Brownicity – Dr. Starger-Glass provides 13 excellent activity ideas to honor Dr. King and teach kids about Dr. King’s role in the civil rights movement!

9. Make MLK Day a Day of Service in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr

Make it a day of service! Find a volunteer opportunity in honor of MLK.

10. More Martin Luther King Jr Printables for Kids

MLK printables by ThoughtCo – Enjoy these coloring pages, writing pages, word searches, and more!

11. Do a Diversity Activity in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr

Try this simple diversity activity for kids that shows how appearances might be different but commonalities still exist.

12. Make a Freedom Bell Craft with Kids

Show kids how to make a simple freedom bell craft from Kids Soup that celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.


What’s your favorite way to celebrate MLK Day with kids? Let us know in the comments!

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