I always feel better when I eat healthy.  One of the ways I have easily added healthy food to my kids’ diets is through snacks. At snack time, they always seem receptive to things they might not accept on their dinner plate…not sure about the psychology of that one! Kids Activities Blog is excited to bring you these 8 healthy snack ideas that are ALL easy! Kids Snack Ideas - Kids Activities Blog

8 Kid-friendly Healthy Snacks

We had a ton of fun thinking these things up.  We opened up the fridge and pantry and used what we had there, but feel free to make substitutions with what you happen to have available! Swiss Cheese Shape Sorter - Kids Activities Blog

Shape Sorter Activity and Snack

Let’s exploit the fact that swiss cheese has  holes!  It is Swiss Cheese afterall. For this snack, I put two slices of cheese on top of each other to make the holes a bit deeper.  I then checked to see what fruit we had on hand and tried to find a variety that might “stand up” when placed in the holes. Kids can match fruit to holes that will allow them to sit without rolling trying to cover the entire cheese slice with fruit.  Fruit that falls or won’t fit will have to be eaten! Pizza Faces - Kids Activities Blog

Pizza Face Crackers

This kid snack idea draws inspiration from one of our favorite kid foods…pizza. They are simply a whole wheat cracker, a small spoonful of pizza sauce, a slice of mild cheese  cut into a circle, two olives and a 1/2 of a carrot slice for a smile.  Add a little chive trimmings for hair. Cheese sandwich - Kids Activities Blog

Deconstructed Cheese Sandwiches

We might admit to watching a little too much Food Channel!  My kids and I love watching all those gourmet cooking shows which means they are very familiar with food words like “deconstructed”. This snack idea is simply a breadstick threaded through the holes of two slices of swiss cheese.    My kids loved making them…and eating is even better! Stop Light Snack - Kids Activities Blog

Traffic Signal Snack

This snack for kids is crazy simple.  Kids can help make it to learn the order of lights in a traffic signal or to chat about safety.  Really, you don’t need a reason! This is a slice of cheese  cut into a rectangle and then slices of red and yellow cherry tomatoes and a green grape. Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Blueberry Dip - Kids Activities Blog

Waffle Grilled Cheese with Blueberry Sauce

This snack for kids sounds way more complicated than it actually is and can double as a meal. I used two whole wheat tortillas with a slice of mild white cheese  in between.  I set it into my waffle iron to heat which took about 2 minutes. The blueberry sauce is a blueberry applesauce that is available in the applesauce area of my grocery store, but we have used many of the flavored applesauces for this purpose.  Because the cheese is a little tangy, it goes really well with a sweet fruit dip! Swiss Cheese Butterfly - Kids Activities Blog

Swiss Cheese Butterfly

This spring snack idea for kids puts a little fun in snack time. It is simply a slice of swiss cheese  tied with a chive.  Yay for easy! Swiss Cheese Rolls on a Stick - Kids Activities Blog

Sandwich Rolls on a Stick

It is a known fact that everything tastes better on a skewer! To make these, I rolled up cheese  slices in a whole wheat tortilla and then cut them with a pizza cutter.  Add the veggies of your choice to make a complete snack! Cheese and Pear Sandwich - Kids Activities Blog

Pear, Marmalade & Cheese Sandwich

This might sound the weirdest of all these kid snack ideas, but it is the one that all three of my boys have requested! Spread a thin layer of orange marmalade on a piece of bread, add a slice of mild white cheese,  a sliced pear and a little cinnamon.  And now you have one of our favorite foods!

Snack Time Made Easy

When you have a variety of ingredients available for kids to get creative, you might be surprised at what results!  We like having fresh fruits and veggies, peanut butter and cheese and bread/crackers.  When you have all those things available, it is hard to come up with junk food!

Favorite Kid Snacks

Stop by our FB page and share your favorite kid snacks!  We are always interested in what you are making to eat at home! We have easy and healthy yogurt bar recipes! We have 150+ fun snacks for kids!

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  1. Im always looking for creative after school snacks for the kids. Thanks so much for sharing this at the Friday Frenzy!

  2. I LOVE swiss cheese and my nieces and nephews love healthy snacks. Thanks for sharing this on Tell Me About It Tuesdays, I can’t wait to try them!

  3. What a fun post for our little ones! Thank you so much for sharing your special post with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week and come back soon!
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  4. These are great snack ideas!
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  5. Thanks for the ideas. I have teens who occasionally are intrested in food looking pretty as they dive into the fridge and cupboard when they come home from school “starving”. I run out of ideas of foods to have on a hand or to set out. Following on google plus now. Ill be sharing this with some of my overseas friends too.

  6. Fantastic ideas. I’m always racking my brain trying to think of exciting food for my toddler. Thank you!

  7. Just reading this post made me hungry for these delicious snacks, especially for a traffic signal one! Thanks for sharing with After School link up!