These free traffic light coloring pages are super cute! Honk! Honk! These free printable stop sign and traffic signal coloring pages will help children learn about road signs including the iconic stop sign from an early age while doing what they love the most: getting creative with coloring pages created based on free sign templates. Kids of all ages will love these traffic light coloring pages. Simply download and print our traffic light coloring pages and use them at home or in the classroom.

Stop signal coloring page for kids - shown is a copy of the printable Crossing signal coloring page for kids with colored pencils and paint in the background
It’s time to learn about road safety with our free traffic and stop signs coloring pages!

Free Printable Traffic Sign Coloring Pages

Kids will have fun learning about traffic signs with these road sign coloring pages that feature single traffic signal, stop sign close up, stop sign on post at street, yield sign, one way sign, railroad crossing sign and do not enter sign. Push the blue button to download the traffic light coloring pages:

While younger kids, and even older kids, may not be driving. It’s always good to learn and what better way to learn than in a fun way. These traffic light coloring sheets are perfect for just that!

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1. Traffic Signal Coloring Page

Traffic light coloring page - red, yellow & green lights waiting for color on a sign post - Kids Activities Blog
Print & color this traffic light coloring page!

This is a coloring page of a traffic light. Traffic lights are likely one of the first road signs kids realize are controlling traffic. Green means go! Red means stop! Yellow…well, that depends on how parents drive {giggle}. Pssst…yellow should mean yield!

Do you remember the order in which the lights are displayed in a traffic signal? Red is always at the top, green is always at the bottom and when there is a yellow light, it is in the middle which is really important when you are coloring a traffic light.

2. Large Printable Stop Sign Coloring Page

Stop sign coloring page - close up with the letters STOP with a lot of space for red color
This stop sign coloring page is a close up with large S-T-O-P lettering!

We have two versions of a printable stop sign template turned coloring page you can choose from. The first stop sign to color is pictured above and is a close-up of a STOP sign. You can see (and easily color) the large block letters that spell out the word “Stop”. Grab your red crayon because there is a lot of space to fill with the color red for this road sign. This is the perfect early red stop sign to color because of the large spaces and young children can have fun and coloring success.

3. Small Free Printable Stop Sign Coloring Page

stop sign coloring page - stop sign on sign post with street behind
This stop sign is located on a street and you have the entire street sign post to color as well.

This stop sign coloring page has a little more perspective around the traffic sign. It is sitting on a curb next to a street with a dotted line and on top of a sign post. You can draw in cars, bikes and pedestrians who would be using this road sign for stopping traffic. No matter which stop sign to color you choose, you can create something traffic-stopping amazing!

4. Yield Sign Coloring Page

Yield sign coloring page - the word YIELD on a triangular sign with a post - Kids Activities Blog
Grab your yellow crayon & let’s color the Yield sign!

Our next traffic sign to color is the Yield sign coloring page. You will want to grab your yellow crayon, colored pencil, marker or paint because Yield and yellow go together. A Yield Road Sign is often overlooked, but essential for properly managing road traffic.

5. One Way Sign Coloring Page

One Way road sign on post - words ONE WAY written on an arrow - Kids Activities Blog
You will need to find your black crayon for this One Way Sign coloring page!

The one way sign coloring page is a really important road sign because…well, knowing what a one way sign means is extremely important to driving! This sign is on top of a sign post. You can add in a blue sky or some items that might be seen around a one way sign in a city — roads, buildings, cars, trucks and more.

6. Railroad Crossing Coloring Page

Railroad crossing sign on a post with lights underneath coloring page for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Railroad crossing…look out for cars! Can you spell this without any R’s?

The Railroad Crossing coloring page is especially important for those of you whose home might be in a suburb or rural location where the Railroad Crossing sign also means stop. It was something that our family vowed together that even if it looks like a train isn’t approaching, stop at the tracks when you see the Railroad crossing sign…just in case. This Railroad crossing sign also has red flashing lights underneath the bold lettered “X”.

7. Do Not Enter Sign Coloring Page

Do Not Enter Street Sign Coloring Page - words Do Not Enter on a round road sign with a post - Kids Activities Blog
Whatever you do…Do Not Enter! This makes a good coloring page for your bedroom door.

This Do Not Enter coloring page has multiple uses. Yes, it can be used to learn about the traffic sign because this road sign is important to know. It also can be used as a Do Not Enter sign at your house. Maybe on the bedroom door, maybe on the tent the kids made in the living room, maybe on the slide in the back yard!

Color the Road Sign Coloring Pages

We are fans of coloring pages! Coloring is essential to the overall development of a child, as it improves fine motor skills, increases concentration, and sparks creativity.

safety signs coloring pages  - shown is a road sign coloring page that has been printed out - this has a stop sign on a post on a street with colored pencils to the side
These safety signs coloring pages include seven coloring pages to help your little ones learn about road safety in a fun and easy manner!

With today’s safety sign coloring pages, your child will be able to learn the most important traffic signs, like the railroad crossing sign, go sign, and do not enter sign, and more!

Download Road Sign Coloring Pages Pdf File Here 

Click the button below for the printable version of the traffic sign png:

Printable road safety signs packet includes seven coloring pages

  • traffic signal
  • stop sign
  • yield sign
  • one way sign
  • railroad crossing sign
  • do not enter signs.

Each printable page in pdf format street signs are created with kids in mind. The road sign images are large with open spaces for even those fat crayons to color!

The large spaces on these coloring pages also make them idea for painting with paint…even watercolors will work on the large signs.

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Our Favorite Coloring Supplies for Printable Pages

We love using a coloring book or free download for kids to work on fine motor skills. Our favorite coloring supplies to use with these digital files perfect for learning about traffic signs and stop signs:

More Traffic Sign Fun from Kids Activities Blog

Traffic signs & signals are the perfect companion to road trips! Here are some fun ideas to add to any long car ride…

  • Grab these printable road trip games. This bingo printable game is perfect to entertain the kids while learning! You might even need to spot a road sign!
  • Kids won’t be bored on the next road trip with this list of the best road trip games to make it fun. Your next family adventure is guaranteed to be a blast!
Traffic signal snack - inspired by a traffic light, this snack has three tomatoes in red, yellow and green colors on a slice of cheese on a cutting board
Make a cheese & tomato traffic signal snack!

Traffic lights have also inspired some yummy treats. These simple traffic light activities are perfect for kids of all ages…even toddlers!

  • Homemade popsicles are such an easy snack for kids! Make your own traffic light popsicle and keep refreshed while learning the colors of a traffic light.
  • We also have a delicious traffic light snack that is so simple it can be made in a couple of minutes (see picture above).

More coloring fun from Kids Activities Blog

Which of our printable road safety coloring pages was your favorite? Is there a sign we missed? My favorite is the printable stop sign, how about you?

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