Little Girl Flees From Officer Dad in Hot Pursuit Over Stolen Cupcakes! [Video]

It is so adorable how toddlers can’t seem to make up a lie, simply because they are not even familiar with the concept!

One adorable tot was confronted by her dad, when he found out that the batch of cupcakes has been violated in the kitchen and the perpetrator is yet to be found.

screenshot from video over cupcakes
Cupcakes? There are cupcakes missing?

When dad asks her if she knows that there have been several cupcake thefts in their kitchen recently, the toddler doesn’t even bat an eyelash and admits that it has been her all along!

Dad is in shock and tells her that now she has to go to jail for her crimes.

Stealing is a serious felony and it cannot go unpunished, no matter how cute the felon might be.

screenshot from video of stolen cupcake pursuit
And we are not in pursuit…

When the notion of incarceration reaches her tiny toddler brain cells, she darts for the other room and Officer Dad starts chasing the criminal, barely missing her with every circle!

How is she so fast?

Must be the sugar from the cupcake.

Dad gets completely immersed in his role as a police officer, using codes and calling for backup, which throws the felony suspect into a laughing fit that will squeeze a smile out even from a rock!

Take a look!

Video of the Cutest Cupcake Pursuit

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