How to Make a Family Kindness Jar

A family kindness jar is one of the many ways we can teach our children about the benefits of being kind. Through activities like this, we can teach our children that being kind is not only beneficial to others, but to ourselves, as well!

Simple kindness activities for kids are all that is needed when trying to instill these values in your children. You don’t necessarily have to teach kids to be kind, you just need to show them. It is our job as parents to show kids that being kind to others is a huge part of life.

Family Kindness Jar

How to Make a Family Kindness Jar

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We learned about this idea from the book Make & Share Random Acts of Kindness: Simple Crafts and Recipes to Give and Spread Joy. The book is intended for kids to learn kindness through simple crafts and activities.

The book came with cutouts in the back, which are beautiful, but all you really need are pieces of paper!


This is such a simple activity that takes minimal supplies. All you need is those three things and your family members!


  1. Gather your supplies and your family!
  2. Take turns coming up with random acts of kindness that you would like to complete as a family, and write them down on your pieces of paper.
  3. Put all of your papers in the jar, and decide on how often you are going to complete these acts of kindness. Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly?
  4. Take turns drawing an act of kindness out of the jar and completing them as a family!

If you want to get even more creative, you can decorate the jar too!Family Kindness Jar

Family Kindness Jar Ideas

You can either come up with the ideas as a family, or have each individual family member write down what act of kindness they would like to have the family participate in.

If your children are having a hard time coming up with what they would like to do, here are some conversation starters to get their minds going.

  • Who do you want to show kindness to? Animals? Your teacher? A friend?
  • Do you want to make a gift? Bake some treats to give? Commit an act of service?

Here are some more ideas for your family kindness jar:

  • Wash a neighbors car.
  • Pick up litter in the neighborhood.
  • Bake cookies for the police or firefighters in your town.
  • Write your teacher a letter of appreciation.
  • Make a blessing bag for the homeless.
  • Walk a neighbors dog.


Classroom Kindness Jar

Make one big kindness jar for the kids in your classroom to use! What a great way to encourage kids to come together and work on a fun project, caring for others!

Here are some ideas for your classroom kindness jar:

  • Surprise the principal, nurse, guidance counselor, or another teacher with a “book” featuring a drawing from each student in the class, thanking them for their service to the school.
  • Do something nice for another student, who might be having a rough day.
  • Bring in cookies for the staff in the front office.
  • Bring in gently used books that are no longer needed to donate to the school library.
  • Start a clothing drive or food drive that the whole school can join in on!

Children are typically kind, and once they get the conversation going, they will probably think of a million different ways to show kindness! Have fun and enjoy practicing kindness with your children through the family kindness jar!


More Acts of Kindness!

Looking for more ways to put a smile on someone’s face? Check out these awesome ideas: 

Can you think of more acts of kindness to add to your kindness jar? Comment below with your ideas! 


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