50+ Easy & Fun Picnic Ideas for Kids

Grab your picnic basket because any meal can be a picnic with these simple and cute picnic ideas! Learn what to bring to a picnic with cute picnic ideas from picnic food to picnic snacks and even fun breakfast picnic ideas. What to bring to a picnic has never been easier than with these easy ideas to inspire you to go picnic!

Best Picnic Ideas - Kids Activities Blog - 25 picnic ideas pictured in a collage of fun picnic ideas for kids and families from picnic food to picnic lunch and picnic breakfast ideas even picnic desserts
Let’s go on a picnic today!

Easy Picnic Ideas

Throughout the spring and summer seasons we picnic everyday meaning my family eats at least one meal a day outside…sometimes all three! Picnics don’t have to be fancy and as a mom of three, I love that picnics are easy to clean up! These are our favorite easy picnic food ideas for kids…oh, and the picnic basket is optional {giggle}.

While daydreaming of warmer days, we are  planning and scheming for our next picnic. We are going to have the best picnic season this year with these amazing picnic ideas for kids!

Fun Picnic Ideas that are Actually Doable

Don’t get bogged down with the vision of the perfect picnic… 

The perfect picnic picture - Kids Activities Blog - ridiculously over the top picnic picture including a guitar hat and wine
Most (if not all) picnics DO NOT LOOK LIKE THIS!

The red checked cloth laid out on the beach (sand!) or the middle of a field of daisies(ants! snakes!).  The perfect wicker picnic basket filled with perfectly chilled potato salad, a selection of pasta salad and fruit salad (how do you perfectly chill those in a wicker picnic basket?).  Fancy cut sandwiches stuffed into mason jars (I just made that up) and a complete cherry pie for dessert (because your wicker picnic basket resembles Mary Poppins bag). 

Don’t worry about the details…memories are made because you did it not because it was picture-perfect!

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Best Kids Picnic Ideas…Ever!

50 Picnic Ideas for Kids - Kids Activities Blog  - collage text: picnic ideas 50 simple doable fun ideas - 4 images of easy things to make for a picnic
These easy picnic ideas are so fun!

When is the best time to picnic? Anytime! In fact, with these genius picnic ideas you will have an excuse to picnic every day of the year.

1. Try a Winter Picnic

Don’t let the weather stop you from enjoying a festive picnic outside! I love how Mooky Chick had a picnic in the snow!

2. Bring Your Furry Friends to a Teddy Bear Picnic

Invite all the stuffed animals to the living room blanket with picnic basket for what is sure to be a great way to host the best indoor picnic, ever! This cute idea is from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

3. Create a Permanent Picnic Area in Your Yard

What about setting up an area in your yard that is a permanent picnic location? What a lovely thing to share all year long and there will be no excuses to NOT have a picnic!

4. Easy Hotel Picnic While Traveling with Kids

Traveling? Save money on restaurants and have a Picnic at the Hotel with this easy way from Peanut Blossom!

5. Host a Family Movie Night Picnic

Move the movie outside! Have a picnic of popcorn and pizza with a projector and a sheet for a night of memories and less time cleaning up.

6. Tailgate in the Trunk of Your Car or SUV

picnic on the 4th of july in back of car - Kids Activities Blog - three kids in the back of an SUV during the rain on the 4th of July looking out the back
It doesn’t matter if it rains on this picnic!

One of our favorite picnic ideas is parking near the near the airport so the kids can watch the airplanes while we eat summer picnics. This is a good idea for the evening of July 4 before fireworks which you can see in the picture above that when the rain comes on our picnic, we are ready!

7. Have a Silly Bathtub Picnic

Your kids will giggle and have a good time while thinking it’s hysterical. Plus, you can rinse out the mess when you are done!

8. Host a Fort Picnic in Your Living Room

Have a Picnic Inside a Fort for a great picnic option.

Ways to Pack a Picnic with Kids & Entire Family

50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - ways to pack a picnic basket and store food
There are so many cute ways to pack a picnic basket…or bag!

What to take on a picnic is always at the top of the list of need to knows. Here are some creative picnic packing tips along with just the right thing to put inside.

9. Pack Picnic Food in a Jar

Pack Chili in a Jar for your next park picnic with the kids, with this idea from Living Locurto! I love how it is contained – all you need is the jar and a spoon and a picnic table at your local park.  And they fit into your picnic basket if you are making one for each participant. This is one of my favorite picnic food ideas.

10. Pack Your Picnic in a Bag

Bring your Meal in a Bag! Paper bags make a great “buffet” for your kids to pick a meal of snacks from even on beach days.

11. Pack Your Picnic in Eggs?

Plastic Easter Eggs make terrific snack containers. Your kids will love discovering a new snack in each egg with this picnic hack from A Kailo Chic Life which makes the most amazing picnic spread taking picnic food to the next level.

12. Upcycle a Soda Bottle for Your Next Picnic

Are you looking for a disposable sippy cup? Grab an old soda bottle! We transformed one for our outing using a screwdriver to punch a hole in the lid. It was the perfect width for a straw to fit in tightly with no extra cost.

13. Upcycle Cans for Your Next Picnic

Upcycle cans into pretty outdoor cup holders for your drinks. This brilliant tip is from Positively Splendid and I need it for more than just picnics!

14. Perfect Picnic Food: Try a Muffin Tin Picnic

Muffin Tin Meal – Pack little bites of this and that in a muffin tin, and cover with tin foil for transport. It becomes an open and ready summer season buffet!

15. Pack Your Picnic in Wax Paper

Package sandwiches for a group in wax paper. Wax paper helps keep sandwiches fresh and works as a great sandwich handle to keep hands clean (and to keep food clean!) when eating picnic sandwiches!

Perfect Picnic Lunch Ideas

50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - picnic lunch ideas - 4 pictured including a layered salad
Let’s eat a picnic lunch…it will be fun!

We often overlook all the good lunch ideas we have when it comes to picnicking, but many of the smart lunchbox ideas also make great picnic ideas.

16. Bring Picnic Salad in a Jar

Grab some favorite veggies ingredients and create single serving salads to take on the go in a mason jar, with this genius idea from Bless This Mess!

17. Picnic Food: Try a Sandwich Idea

Is it a roll? Is it a Sandwich? It’s a Meatball Sandwich and boy, it’s yummy! This sandwich is a good choice for a picnic.

18. Roll Up Your Food

These roll-up sandwiches from Lessons Learnt Journal are super easy to make. And the good news is you only need 2 ingredients for the dough!

19. Serve Boats at Your Picnic

Egg Bread Boats, from Tbsp., are high in protein, easy to transport, and super tasty making it a delicious kid-friendly picnic idea! 

20. Try Making Lasagna Cupcakes

We like to make big batches of these lasagna cupcakes, with this recipe from tbsp.! They freeze well, made of common ingredients and are perfect for road-side picnics while traveling.

21. Unusual Picnic Food: Sushi at Your Picnic

Not all sushi is… well, sushi!  Make your picnic lunch more fun with these Sushi great recipe variations.

22. Hand Pies are Perfect for Picnicking

Operation Lunchbox‘s Hand pies take time to make, but they are super easy to bring on a picnic! I am loving these delicious picnic food ideas to fill my picnic basket…keep them coming!

23. Savory Entree Muffins

Our absolute favorite picnic “lunch” is when I make a batch of Macaroni & Cheesecake‘s Corndog Muffins. The kids go berserk for them, and I never have enough!  Ours never look as pretty as the ones from Macaroni and Cheesecake, but they are tasty!

Power Picnic Snacks Ideas

Picnic lunch outside - Kids Activities Blog - three kids outside on a blanket in backyard
Let’s have a snack picnic!

Taking a picnic snack to the park is a great way to keep the kids refreshed and playing while squeezing in a little picnic fun for kids.

24. Fruit Salad Ice Cream Cone

Take all the makings of this lovely dessert packed with fresh fruits from Bakers Royale.

25. Make a Fruity Quesadilla

All you need to make this yummy treat from Budget Bytes is a tortilla shell, bananas, and Nutella – yum!  My picnic basket just giggled.

26. Don’t Forget the Ants at Your Picnic!

Ants on a log and other ant-themed items from Tipp “Ins and Outs” puts a giggle into the thought of bugs at your family summer picnic.

27. Stack Snacks in a Cup

Use cupcake liners to separate the “foods”.  This tip from I Can Teach My Child is perfect for eating out-and-about.

Picnic Breakfast Ideas

50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - picnic breakfast ideas - four shown
What about a picnic breakfast? I am in!

If you live in a warm climate like I do (Howdy from Texas), you may find that the best time of day to picnic in the summer is early. I would pack up the kids as soon as they woke up and drive to our local park for playtime and a breakfast picnic.

28. Host a PJ Picnic

Who says you need to “go” to picnic?   Surprise your kids with a silly Pajama Breakfast Picnic  from Inner Fun Child.

29. AM Picnic Waffle Sandwiches

Instead of using bread for your sandwich, make a batch of waffles! Spread on peanut butter or cream cheese, and add some fruit for a tasty breakfast.

30. Take Egg Muffins to Your Breakfast Picnic

Mini-Omelets or what we like to call egg muffins– These are made with a muffin-tin with eggs, onions, ham, fresh vegetables: green pepper (throw in a little red pepper for color), mushrooms and cheddar cheese.

31. Portable Eggs in a Jar Breakfast

Egg-in-a-Jar – This yummy and portable breakfast from Paleo Leap is gluten-free! 

32. Host a Breakfast Picnic at the Park

 Have a fun Outdoor Breakfast with a collection of fruit and waffle sticks!

33. French Toast Sticks is a go-to Picnic Food!

This delicious idea from Fox Hollow Cottage is an easy breakfast the whole family will love! Instead of syrup, which can leave a sticky mess, try using a little cup of yogurt or almond butter. 

Fun Kids Picnic Activities and Tips

50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - food at the picnic breakfast kabobs and orange juice
Grab what you can…we are having a picnic!

Above all, have picnic fun!

34. Find a Great Picnic Blanket & Bag

How adorable is this Skip Hop Outdoor Picnic Blanket and Cooler bag (pictured above)?! Not only is it a stylish picnic basket, it is perfect for outings with kids from picnics to the beach!

35. Read a Picnic Book

Here are a list of a bunch of kids books about picnics from What Do We Do All Day.

36. Faux Picnic Food

Anytime is picnic time with these really adorable DIY felt foods from Red Ted Art.

37. Make Your Doll a Lunchbox

Now your dolls scan enjoy a picnic with you! All you need is a mint tin to make this fun DIY from Inner Child Fun.

38. Easy Picnic Ice Pack Doubles as Clean Up

Keep your food cool with a DIY Icepack – Grab a wet sponge, place it into a ziplock baggie, freeze it and viola – you have an icepack that is ready to go when you are packing your picnic basket.

Sweet Picnic Treats & Picnic Dessert Ideas

50+ Picnic Ideas for Kids - picnic snack ideas - three shown - roll ups apple monsters and watermelon slices
Anything tastes better outside! It is the picnic effect!

There isn’t anything better than eating a sweet picnic treat!

39. Rocky Road for the Road!

This yummy treat from Nurture Store is the perfect thing to pack up and take with you to the picnic. 

40. Watermelon Krispie Treats

These are precious from Glorious Treats and would make any picnic (indoor or outdoor) much more festive!

41. Watermelon Sticks

Not only are they a fun way to cut watermelon, they’re also easier for young tots to pick up and eat.

42. Serve Pie-in-a-Cup

This idea from Inspired Camping is to layer the various ingredients, starting with crust on the bottom, and then add levels of filling, ending with a pie topping. 

43. Every Picnic Needs a Monster

Monster Apple Faces are easy to make…slice a section out of the side of an apple, layer with peanut butter or cream cheese, and decorate! Your kids will love these silly faces.

Fun Picnic Games for Kids

44. Make a Big Board Game

Try these sidewalk chalk games idea to make a really big board game for the entire family to play.

45. Make a Traditional Solo Catching Game

You can easily make a cup and ball game – ball on a string game – that you catch in the cup for each of your picnickers.

46. Try this Dinosaur Ice Game

A warm summer afternoon is the perfect time to play this game with ice. It will cool everyone down while having so much dino fun.

47. Host a Paper Airplane Challenge

This game works great either indoors or outdoors. First, everyone can make their paper airplane and then take it to the picnic for a series of paper airplane flying challenges.

48. Blow Bubbles!

There are so many reasons to blow bubbles and a picnic is definitely at the top of the list! Take along your favorite homemade bubble solution for some bouncing bubbles or try making giant bubbles!

Pssst…you could even do some bubble painting!

49. Go On a Nature Scavenger Hunt

Before you head out to the picnic, download and print this free outdoor scavenger hunt for kids. It is a big adventure for kids of all ages.

50. Try Outdoor Art!

We have the coolest outdoor crafts for kids that will turn a little picnic time into some pretty cool art projects.

Oh so many ways to picnic!

Outdoor Fun for the Family 

Lets go on a picnic together as a family - picnic ideas - Kids Activities Blog - family going on a picnic
Let’s go on a picnic!

What are some easy and delicious picnic food ideas?

When it comes to picnic ideas, there are plenty of easy and yummy foods you can bring. Sandwiches like ham and cheese or peanut butter and jelly, are perfect picnic food. Fruits like grapes or sliced watermelon are refreshing and perfect for a picnic. Carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes make great healthy snacks. Don’t forget to pack some crunchy treats like chips or crackers. Cheese cubes or string cheese are also tasty picnic foods. For something sweet, you can bring cookies or brownies to enjoy.

How can I plan a fun and memorable picnic?

The most important thing is to just DO IT! Kids do not get enough outside time – so anything that gets them outdoors is a win! So don’t overcomplicate it.

  • Choose an outdoor location, like a park or beach or even your backyard, for your picnic.
  • Pack a blanket or picnic mat to sit on and enjoy your meal.
  • Prepare delicious and easy-to-eat foods like sandwiches, fruits, and snacks.
  • Don’t forget to bring drinks and water to stay hydrated.
  • Bring some games or toys to play with, like a frisbee or a ball, for extra fun.
  • Bring a camera or smartphone to take pictures.
  • Make sure to clean up and leave the area as you found it, respecting nature and the environment.

With these picnic ideas, you’ll be able to plan a fantastic and memorable picnic that everyone will enjoy!

What are the essential items I should bring for a picnic?

It’s important to stay hydrated, so remember to bring something to drink for everyone. To keep your food fresh, bring a cooler with ice packs. Toss bug spray, sunscreen, and a small first aid kit in your bag just in case you need them. We also like to bring hand wipes or baby wipes for messy hands just in case.

I waited all winter for warmer weather and fun in the sun with my family! Here are some fun crafts, activities, and recipes to celebrate spring and summer:

What is your favorite picnic idea?


  1. Christina says:

    My son just turned 6 months old. My husband and I can’t wait to start picnicking with him!

  2. My favorite picnic memory so far is a picnic on the national mall when my daughter wasn’t able to crawl yet, and now we have 2 daughters who are 1 and 3 and run all over the national mall in D.C!

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  6. Safiyyahh says:

    My picnic tip always bring hand sanitizer.

  7. Every time I pack up for a picnic, I forget one item. It might be a good idea for me to make a picnic checklist to go by next time.

  8. My tip (and memory) would be not to set up your picnic under a tree that leaks sap. It is very hard to get out of your hair. :-\

  9. Emily Doughty says:

    Awesome bag and post!

  10. Emily Doughty says:

    Brings lots of baby wipes and bug spray!

  11. Bring bug spray and don’t picnic near the water during mosquito season. Bring fun activities and don’t forget suntan lotion.

  12. I have gone to some outdoor family music festivals with my toddler and had a lot of fun eating and enjoying music. I am so ready for warmer weather so we can go out again! =D

  13. I love this basket. My husband and I take our grand kids for a lot of day trips and can’t seem to find the right storage for snacks but this bag looks perfect.

  14. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  15. My favorite picnic memories are the ones we had at the lake when I was a kid.

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  18. I remember the last true picnic I did with my kids. We set a blanket out in the backyard, pulled out our sandwich fixins, and I was attacked by like 5 daddy long legs! I HATE spiders, and I’ve only done pathetic “let’s sit on the trampoline and have a picnic” picnics since then! I really want to start again, cause I feel kinda guilty about it!

  19. Always make sure you have hand sanitizer and baby wipes to clean up the sticky faces and hands.

  20. kristina s says:

    Wipes are always handy to have along on a picnic with kids.

  21. We love to go to our nearest State Park and picnic. Everything is there-picnic tables, playgrounds, and beautiful scenery. I just have to bring the food and lots of wipes for cleaning up!

  22. May seem like a no brainer, but bringing extra plastic utensils and napkins is always a must (and surprisingly often forgotten)!

  23. everything tastes better outside. big fan of picnics at our house. breakfast picnics at the beach are the best. thermos with mama coffee is an essential addition.

  24. Extra drinks are a good idea. It seems everyone gets extra thristy running around enjoying the outdoors.

  25. What a great list!! I can’t wait to surprise my kids

  26. colored rubberbands on water bottles to tell them apart in cooler, since kids never finish them all!

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    These are some great ideas! I can’t wait for it to be warmer so we can try these out!

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    I remember as a kid my family would go to the mountains every weekend for a picnic. One didnt happen because of a bad car wreck I was in on the way but I loved our picnics

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    My favorite picnic memories is when we’d go to the local campground and sit around the picnic table, feasting on food with friends and family. The food was always good and the company was always great. Thanks.

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  48. Honestly, some of my favorite picnic moments, are when they just happen spur of the moment. Like the other day when I was with my kids at the library, and it was around lunchtime so we went through a drive through and parked it on the grass outside the library (since I didn’t want to eat in the car). We had fun chilling by the van, eating our lunch before picking out our books. Random, fun and cool!

  49. I love to take my granddaughter to a local park for a picnic and to feed the ducks and swans. Will be nice to get out in the fresh air again after the winter we have had.

    1. Please don’t feed the swans bread – it does not give them the nutrients they need and can even make them be deformed. It is not good to help them become dependent on humans for food either. Please enjoy nature and wildlife some other way.

  50. A fond picnic memory is when I took my son to the ocean cliffs to sit in a grassy area nearby our home where we could enjoy our sandwiches and simple snacks while overlooking the beautiful waters, and then he ran around the grass playing and getting out some energy. 🙂

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    Every spring we all go canoeing and camping…There’s nothing better than a picnic dinner by the river after a “hard” day of “work!”

  57. Kristy Richardson says:

    Picnics are a great way to have lunch on the road on long road trips. Pack a lunch, stop at a rest area, and enjoy some time in the fresh air for summer road trips. Our other favorite place to picnic is at the top of a mountain. 🙂

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    I used to love having picnics in my front yard with my friends.

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  75. Thanks for the giveaway. I would love to win. My tip is to keep some disposable spoons and napkins in your vehicle so you are always ready for an impromptu picnic when you are on the go.

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    Have kids help make the picnic treats!! It’s fun, educational, and makes memories all the same time.

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    Love going for a picnic at the park with my boys..usually pack juice boxes and individual bags of treats for each kid.

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  80. My favorite picnic was when I was in 4th grade and we went to Put-In-Bay for the day it was nice to have a school trip with everyone from your grade.

  81. I love picnics! My picnic tip: If I know my food will be sitting in my bag for a little while (like, if we’re hiking and picnic-ing afterwards), I like to freeze water and fruit juice – they help keep the food cool and you can drink them!

  82. My favorite picnic memory has got to be a tie between our St. Patty’s day picnic last year (everything was green… including US!!) and our super hero picnic 2 years ago… we brought stuffed animals wearing capes, WE were wearing capes, and all our foods were SUPER foods! 🙂

  83. we picnic every Sunday night in the living room watching the old Dick Van Dyke show or Leave it to Beaver…
    on the menu, whatever fruit that’s in the house {apples, strawberries, grapes, melon, etc}, popcorn {I make my own microwave popcorn with a 1/4 cup popcorn in a brown lunch bag, folded over and popped in the microwave…}, cheese, lunch meat {if we have some}, and all the left overs from the pantry {the last few crackers from this box, the pretzels from that bag, etc}

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  85. I love going on picnic’s w/my son & my husband. We always have a great time & having time to be a family. I have recently taken a class in Japanese cuisine & now I am infatuated w/bento boxes. So my handsome guys love opening their bento boxes during our picnic & seeing what I have created w/love for them. This would be such a great gift for me!

  86. Michaeline Pashley says:

    It’s not a good memory lol we once got sandwiches and went to the park and day under a tree for a picnic. Within minutes my daughter husband and I were all covered in little bugs and they started to bite us! They were probably little gnats but they freaked us out. We ran home and ate on the porch!

  87. Love having a thermos of hot water and hot dogs for each picnics!

  88. Each member in our family has a (different) colored bandana that is used for a cloth napkin. The bandanas are festive-looking, easily identifiable, absorbent, and multi-purpose. As a bonus, the kids can play bandana-tag or flag football after eating.

  89. Bring lots of napkins and wet wipes for clean ups

  90. Picnics don’t have to be fancy. My kids love eating on our front deck and think it’s a special treat.

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    Thanks for the creative ideas!! Looking forward to trying some of these out with my girlie!

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  99. Krystle H says:

    Always bring a camera, bouncy balls and diy paperweight to hold things down that would typically blow away. My son loves cars so I tapes some together and used those, he thought it great to drive around cars stuck together.

  100. I have lots of memories of taking my younger sister on picnics as a kid.

  101. We are farmers, so during seeding and harvest we have a LOT of picnics! I like to keep a box in the porch with all the basics (paper plates, napkins, wet wipes, etc) and a blanket and folding chairs in our truck so we are always ready to go and just have to add the food!

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  108. My husband used to work 2nds and also put in field tile, so I always would take him a picnic lunch/supper while he was on break. Now our son who is 4, him and I will pack our lunch for the park, meet daddy, sit down by the river, etc…we love picnics!!!

  109. i always remember going on picnics with my family as a kid

  110. Robyn Monticone says:

    This set looks amazing we would have so much fun with it!

  111. Megan Powell says:

    Such great ideas. I love the Easter eggs. I’ll have to do this if it’s warm enough here on Easter!

  112. Helena Babiski says:

    When our son was 6months (now 2 yes old) we took him for his first picnic on the 4th of July it was so fun

  113. We love picnics – backyard, park, museum garden — what a fun post with tons of great ideas!

  114. Love these great ideas- one of my favorite picnics is an impromptu blanket on the front lawn.

  115. The kids and myself love picnics…. whether it’s by a lake, in a park or an impromptu one on the front lawn…

  116. I leave a picnic rug in my car so that we can have a picnic anytime, anywhere. My little one can then always have a place to sit and eat wherever we might be.

  117. What a great post, thanks so much!!

  118. my tip is find a friend to picnic with and do it potluck style

  119. I am so excited to try come of these tips, I have a 5 year old, 3 year old, and 4 month old. They love picnics

  120. These are great suggestions of picnics for all ages!

    1. As a tip, preparing the meals the evening before (dinner leftovers!!) makes getting out in the morning much smoother!

  121. These ideas would be so much fun to do with my grandblessings…

  122. Finger foods! The less utensils you need the less you have to keep track of!

  123. Great tips! 🙂

  124. Hey, can you tell me what is that roll on sweet kiddos snacks pic? I want to do for Davi’s baloon picnic party!

  125. picnics in the backyard or park during the spring/summer. great picnic food ideas

  126. Sara G Giresi says:

    We love doing picnics! I love watching my little guy trying to eat the food! I also love watching him explore the park after he is done! He loves the ants… me not so much!

  127. Kimberly Bauer says:

    Last picnic we had with my daughter, she decided she didn’t want to eat any of the food she wanted to feed it to the squirrels.

  128. lourdes sanchez says:

    We love capri sun juice pouches and we love picnics!!! WE often take a kite along for some adventure 🙂

  129. Suzanne F says:

    We like to take our boat to the beach & picnic with our kids & grandlittles. A great way to make memories!

  130. Amber Hilton says:

    my husband and I like to bring picnics along when we’re fishing. we now have a 2 month old that we can’t wait to include one day

  131. Jennifer Ciniello says:

    My favorite picnic memory if packing up pb and j’s and chips with my brighter and eating by our stream in Maine. Perfect 🙂

  132. One of the most memorable picnics was one my boyfriend planned for our day together in the mountains and ended with us being engaged! I’m constantly packing lunches for when our son & I are gone all day, so making picnic lunches fun (& easy) would be great

  133. Bring insect repelent!

  134. We usually try to have a picnic for Mother’s Day. It’s always fun because the mountains are just starting to warm up.

  135. Bring baby wipes to wipe up everything, including food storage containers to make cleanup easier!

  136. Jessica B. says:

    Not really a tip, but I find that everything taste just a little bit better when you have a picnic 🙂

  137. When I was a kid, my neighbour and I would have picnics on our front lawns at least once a week. And when it rained, it’d be a living room picnic!

  138. Maria-Teresa says:

    On Rainy Days, we have picnics in our living room. I move everything out of the way, put a blanket down, I put stuffed animals around the room and we pretend we are in nature and we all have a great time!

  139. Kristen Varner says:

    Our family likes to picnic on day trips. We pack sandwiches and other yummy food. We ate under a huckle berry tree one time. It was so much fun.

  140. Anna Czornyj says:

    Great, fun ideas!!! Thanks for sharing them!!

  141. Emily Ray says:

    My kids love going on picnics. They usually are more excited about the adventure than actually eating the food. I like getting Walmart vinyl tablecloths after holidays on clearance–they work great for eating on picnic tables or grass.

  142. Catherine says:

    Two of my favorite picnic memories were a picnic in the front yard under our maple tree on a particularly beautiful first warm day of spring, and one we had UNDER the kitchen table.

  143. My picnic tip is to have a basket ready to go at any time – stocked with napkins, plastic ware, etc. – so all you have to do is throw in food and drinks and go! That and picnic frequently! There is something special, simple, and magical about a picnic!

  144. I currently have a beautiful 11 month old (11 months old today!) and found out just 3 days ago I am expecting baby number 2! 🙂 we are so excited for annual camping and picnics by the lake with our beautiful babies! Enjoying the day by the water and seeing things through our childrens eyes is something that makes memories we will cherish forever…I can’t wait!

  145. Natalia klentoukh says:

    My son is a pro at picnics . The kid is always looking for a new spot to have it at 🙂

  146. Pack in disposable containers so you can throw it all away when done.

  147. PAuline Gudas says:

    Bring wet wipes as they are so handy to have to clean dirty hands and mouths before and after lunch

  148. Amanda Aspling says:

    My favorite picnic memory is when my husband asked me to get the kids ready and let’s go for a drive. We stopped at a really nice park, took a hike, and he then had took out a picnic basket that he prepared. He also had brought charcoal for bbq’ing and we had a super yummy late lunch-early dinner meal overlooking the lake. It was so fun and unexpected. Our kids loved it.

  149. I can’t wait to try these ideas with my nephews.

  150. Randi Cook says:

    My favorite memory is when I was a kid and all the family got together in the summer for family gatherings at the lake!

  151. Ohmygosh! How cute is this! I’m def. doing the Easter egg treats!

  152. Sarah thompson says:

    Love to picnic! Always remember the trash bag!

  153. check the weather ahead of time. reserve a picnic spot in advance and bring extra napkins

  154. I love packing a lunch and surprising my kiddos with a picnic while we’re playing at the park. Running around and burning off all that energy sure does make everyone sleepy and a nice lunch before coming home for naps is a plus!

  155. If you are picnicking at the beach, I always bring baby powder to help get the sand off from us before we leave

  156. One of my favorite memories is having picnics on my grandparents property. Specifically eating watermelon by the lake. I treasure those memories, and love all of the above ideas. Hope my kiddos will have some wonderful memories of picnics with family too.

  157. Don’t forget the fishing poles!

  158. Easy finger foods are best for picnics! I remember family picnics at a park near a lake close to where I grew up. We would take frisbee’s and jump ropes and our picnic then would spend a lovely afternoon playing near and in the water! It was definitely a treat 🙂

  159. My tip is to pick a site not too close to flowers and bushes, or the bees may ruin your picnic.

  160. Alana Vester says:

    Watch for ant hills! I was having a family picnic and ants started taking over! 🙂

  161. Jacqui Odell says:

    I remember taking my son to the park after he got out of school for some mommy and son time!

  162. justina justice says:

    live in NY and remember picnicing with my entire extended family .. can not wait to experience with my kids

  163. I love family activities that are simple and sweet!

  164. Aqdas Ahmed says:

    Eating homeade burgers and playing tag with my siblings!

  165. Love the idea of a permanent outdoor picnic. I am not a big outdoors person, but if it gets the kids out the house, I am all for it.

  166. So I LOVE the chili in a jar. I get so sick of just packing sandwiches all the time! Thanks for the great read!

  167. I really like all the great ideas for the Picnic Lunches. I especially like all the different items in the egg-shaped containers – Fun & Variety.

  168. Your idea and tips for picnic is great. Your Picture is really awesome.

  169. I love family picnics. Last summer we had a family picnic on a beach. It was lovely. I made and packed sandwiches in a Tupperware container. And my partner brought some tasty biscuits which he had baked. Two friends of mine came with their families. One had cool drinks, trifle, raspberry scones and pie. I also took blankets as well as plates and plastic cutlery. My other friend who enjoys baking, came with leftover tarts and a pack of cards. The kids loved it.

    We played a quick friendly game of cards. Then we went to the pier to try our luck on the arcade machines, go on some of the rides and visit the shops. Afterwards we had our picnic tea of tarts, trifle and slices of cake and pie sitting on a bench on the pier overlooking the beach.

    1. Kristen Yard says:

      Leah, that sounds like the perfect day!

  170. Sorry I forgot. Since my last post I have been ill. We are currently planning another family summer picnic for May in a local park complete with some old blankets and a game of rounders or somewhere else in the Surrey countryside after a quick walk. Do you have any other activity suggestions? I was thinking of making a photo book of our picnic afterwards.

    I plan on bringing things like a healthy fruit salad and biscuits as well. But if the weather is really bad on the day, we will have a indoor picnic at a new tearoom and visit a church or art gallery instead to make up for it. I love your blog too. I particularly love your activity suggestions. How do you manage to boost ambience?

    Do you have any good recommendations for counting and spelling activities? I also need some effective ideas for some activities to really help my two children to improve their road and personal safety as well as well as start to work on their life skills. We have already started working on the basic skills. We are a Christian homeschooling family. Right now the kids are working on their number skills and beginning to develop their reading ability.
    Tips and hints on how to safely entertain them onboard a plane also welcome. Thanks in advance.

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