What kinds of activities do you and your kids love for family night? Board games? Card games? Movie nights?

Tambov, Russian Federation – December 19, 2013 Child building Lego car. There are Lego instructions in background.

What about starting a family LEGO challenge competition? These ideas from Ina Turpen Fried, a technology journalist, mix and match fun ideas based on the LEGO Masters tv show, along with innovative ideas of her own, in order to help her family have fun and express their creativity.

Check out these five challenge ideas to have some fun with your own kids too:

  • Create scenes from your favorite books! What series of books do your kids love? Let them use varying LEGOs to recreate their versions of the scenes and characters and see what they can come up with.
  • Build vehicles, then race against each other. Any kind of wheels can start as your base, then build the vehicle of your dreams. Once your creations are complete, race them down ramps or across flat surfaces to see who has built the fastest one.
  • Create your dream vacation spot. Where would you be if you weren’t currently at home? Create that spot out of LEGOs and see where your imagination takes you.
  • Try the Ziploc challenge! Place a number of pieces in a Ziploc bag and seal it up. Participants can build anything they want with those pieces, but only through the bag.
  • Play a game of LEGO Pictionary. Use the cards from a regular game or make up your own categories. Let one person create the card while the rest of the family tries to see if they can guess that creation.

LEGOs are probably one of the most versatile toys out there and these ideas can really expand the playability for everyone in the family.

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