Container Fun! A Simple Baby Activity

This simple baby activity can be put together with things you already have lying around the house!  

With a five month old at home, I know how valuable easy baby activities can be. You can only sing “Patty Cake” so many times! This simple trick helps make the same old toys or teethers fun again!

All you need are a few food storage containers (Am I the only one who still calls them Tupperware?) and some small baby toys.

Between your kitchen and your couch you’ve got everything you need for baby fun! As your little one shakes, reaches for, and tastes the containers – they won’t just be occupied, they will be practicing valuable skills. I love how when you observe a baby trying something new, you can practically see their mind growing!

With this simple activity you can watch your sweet babe develop and grow before your eyes, or at least get a break from Patty Cake! (affiliate links are included in this post)

Container Fun! A simple baby activity

Container Fun! A Simple Baby Activity

For Container Fun You’ll Need

container fun

How to Present Container Fun

  1. Place the toys in the containers and seal the lids.
  2. Set your baby up somewhere stable and safe with the containers in front of them.
  3. Let your baby play!
  4. If they become bored or frustrated, open the containers.
  5. Continue the activity with open containers. Older babies will like taking out the toys and putting them back in.  Younger babies (like mine) might just want to lick the Tupperware!

I hope this simple baby activity has given you a new idea for baby fun. As always please supervise your baby at all times and only present them with baby safe (non-chokable) objects.

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Leave a comment: Did your baby have a blast with this fun activity? 


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  2. Kristen Yard says:

    We are so glad that you enjoyed it! Have fun!

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