Infant Art Activities

Looking for creative activities for little hands? Today we have 25 infant art activities that are perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners! These great ideas are perfect for all young children and are easy to set up.

Image shos a compilation of different infant art activities from different sources.
Enjoy these fun craft ideas!

Best Fun Art Projects For Little Fingers

If you are looking for an easy activity that will promote creative expression in your younger kids’ little minds, you’re in the right place.

These fun ideas are a great way to help our children with their fine motor skills, gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more, all through a complete sensory experience.

Some of these ideas are a great activity for younger toddlers because they are easy enough for their little hands, while other craft ideas are a bit more complex, making them perfect for older children. Either way, we know kids of all ages will have loads of fun!

So, grab your art materials, your little artist, and get ready to create awesome craft activities.

Image shows a toddler-safe playdough craft. From Kids Activities Blog
Let’s put your safe paints to good use!

1. Easy Toddler-Safe Cloud Dough Recipe is Sensory Fun

Let’s make a super easy 2 ingredient cloud dough recipe that is perfect for use in sensory bins or as sensory play.

Image shows a baby touching his fingers. From Little Moment to embrace
This is such an easy activity for babies.

2. Fascinating Finger Plays

All you need is your own hand and your baby’s hand for this activity! Just a wiggle and a wave will capture their attention. This is perfect for full sensory activity. From Little Moments to Embrace.

Image shows a baby playing with puree finger painting on a piece of paper. From No time for flashcards
Don’t forget to take loads of pictures!

3. Baby’s First Finger Painting

This is such a fun way to introduce different textures to your baby – just get a plain white piece of construction paper and a veggie or fruit puree in a zip lock bag. From No Time for Flash Cards.

Image shows a baby playing with colored bubble wrap. Idea from Arty Crafty Kids
Your infant will have so much fun with this art activity.

4. Baby Bubble Wrap Art

Kids can make art — no matter how young they are! This bubble wrap art activity only uses a piece of bubble wrap, paint, and thick strong tape on the high chair. From Arty Crafty Kids.

Image shows a decor art made by a toddler. Idea from At Home With Ashley.
The end product is a piece of art!

5. Create Art For Your Decor With Your Baby

Try this art activity with your toddler – it’s not only so much fun, but also provides a sensory experience and makes some cute baby art. From At Home With Ashley.

Image shows a baby doing fingerpainting art. From Adore Cherish Love.
Spark creativity with this painting activity.

6. Lilly’s First Painting Experience

A very lovely and easy activity that only requires non-toxic paint, canvases, and cling wrap. From Adore Cherish Love.

Image shows a canvas with blue paints. From A Daily Dose of Mom.
Let’s make a lovely piece of art!

7. DIY Sensory Abstract Artwork – So Easy A Baby Can Do It!

This painting activity is a great weekend activity and allows for your baby to explore the senses of sight, touch, sound, and smell. From A Daily Dose of Mom.

Image shows a baby playing with non-toxic paint. Idea from I heart arts and crafts
Edible paint is always a great idea!

8. Neon Taste Safe Finger Paint Baby Activity

Kids will have so much fun color mixing and drawing with these taste-safe neon paints, which are perfect for babies and toddlers. From I Heart Arts and Crafts.

Image shows a toddler doing a  no mess painting art activity. Idea from Sunny day family
Here’s a sensory play art activity!

9. Shake It Up! No Mess Painting Activity for Preschoolers

This art idea from Sunny Day Family is no mess, which is awesome for us parents, and kids love it because they can shake, wiggle, and make noise too!

Image shows ice cube painting. From Mess Little Monster
Let’s introduce a bit of science into our art and crafts.

10. Taste Safe Ice Painting – A Fun Painting Idea For Toddlers

 Little children will love the sensory experience of touching and investigating freezing and melting. From Messy Little Monster.

Image shows a toddler doing marble painting art. From Happy Whimsical Hearts
Marble painting is always super fun!

11. Marble Painting For Baby and Older Kids

Marble painting is super easy to set up and is great to teach kids simple mixing color theory. Plus, they’ll enjoy rolling the marbles for hours! From Happy Whimsical Hearts.

Image shows a paint craft and a pair of scissors. Idea from Can Do Kiddo.
Here’s one of the funnest toddler art projects!

12. Tummy Time Finger Painting Sensory Play

With a bit of creativity and some simple supplies, you can make Tummy Time fun for your little one! From Can Do Kiddo.

Image shows a toddler enxt to its footprint art work. From Hellowonderful
Your baby’s artwork is unique!

13. Baby’s First Steps Footprint Art

It’s so fun to see what kind of footprint art appears as your baby walks down on the huge canvas! From Hello Wonderful.

Image shows a toddler doing mess-free finger painting. From Hello Wonderful.
Isn’t this piece of art so cute?

14. Baby’s First Mess Free Painting

Set up this easy shoebox cardboard easel to make baby’s first mess free painting and give it as a present for a special occasion such as Mother’s Day or just keep it as a keepsake. From Hello Wonderful.

Image shows a toddler doign rain painting. From Happy Toddler Play Time.
Let’s make some rain painting art!

15. Rain Painting with Water: Easy Spring Activity

Rain Painting with Water is a fun and mess free painting activity for toddlers and preschoolers. It’s a fun spring activity and makes the perfect set up for a rainy day. From Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a kid doing a mess-free easter egg painting. Idea from Happy Toddler Playtime
We love mess-free activities!

16. Mess Free Easter Egg Painting

Let your baby or toddler enjoy mess free painting with plastic Easter eggs in this super simple craft. A fun activity at Easter or anytime of year! From Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a toddler doing a mess-free snowman painting. Idea from Happy Toddler Playtime
The best way to introduce art.

17. Mess Free Snowman Painting

Painting in a bag is a great idea if you want your little one(s) to have the sensory experience of painting but don’t want the mess. From Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a kid painting a Christmas tree. Idea from Happy Toddler Playtime
Here’s another mess-free painting idea!

18. Mess Free Christmas Tree Painting

Here is a fun and super easy painting activity that is perfect for babies and toddlers for Winter and the Holiday season. From Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a toddler painting a Thanksgiving painting. From Happy Toddler Playtime
A great way to celebrate Thanksgiving!

19. Mess Free Thanksgiving Art Activity

This Thanksgiving activity is so easy to set up. The best part is that you don’t need to be an artist so don’t worry if your turkeys aren’t perfect! From Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a toddler doing a fall free-mess painting. From Happy Toddler playtime
Let’s welcome fall in a fun way!

20. Mess Free Fall Painting

All you have to do for this activity is draw fall-related objects in a large freezer bag using a black sharpie, then add a few daps of paint into the bag, seal it and tape it to the floor or table. Then watch your kiddo have the time of their lives! From Happy Toddler Playtime.

Image shows a kid playing with sponge painting. Idea from No Time for Flashcards
The end result is guaranteed to be unique!

21. Sponge Painting for Toddlers

Sponge painting is a wonderful way for young children to explore paint, they don’t need to have superior fine motor skills to succeed at making some fun marks on a piece of paper. From No Time For Flash Cards.

Image shows a toddler doing spiky ball painting. From House of Burke
It’s easy crafts time!

22. Spiky Ball Painting

Spiky balls are a fantastic, non-traditional object to paint with, perfect for toddlers and preschoolers! From House of Burke.

Image shows a toddler playing with an animal texture board. From House of Burke
A true sensory delight!

23. Animal Texture Board: Teaching Baby About Animals Through Sensory Play

If your little one loves animals as much as we do, then this is a wonderful way to learn about them – with an entire surface animal texture board. From House of Burke.

Image shows a toddler playing with ice. Idea from House of Burke
Who knew playing with ice would be so fun?

24. Sensory Baby Play: Exploring Ice (Sensory Saturday)

This is such a simple activity: simply put ice cubes in a glass dish and get different colored and different sized cups, a slotted spoon, and that’s it! Your kid will have a full sensory experience. From House of Burke.

Image shows a toddler playing with yarn. Idea from House of Burke
Let’s have some fun with spiders!

25. Baby-School: Exploring Spiders

Here’s an activity that toddlers can do while on their high chair with a ball of yarn, contact paper, and other fun things. From House of Burke.


Which infant art activity are you going to try first? Which was your favorite?

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