These vapor baby bath bombs can help your baby breathe better when they are not feeling good and fussy babies. Giving your child a vapor bath is an easy, inexpensive solution to a situation that often makes you feel helpless. Plus, these baby vapor bath bombs are not expensive and can help your baby relax when they are feeling sick. It’s never fun to be sick, so having these vapor baby bath bombs on hand can at least bring a little comfort when your little one is having a difficult time.

Fridababy Breathe Bath Bombs for Baby - natural Vapor bath bombs for sick day comfort
Help baby breathe with these natural Vapor Bath Bombs!

Easy Baby Vapor Bath that Works for Kids of All Ages Too!

We all know it’s cold and flu season and the last thing we want is for our kids to get sick. No matter their age, kids tend to end up fussy babies when they don’t feel good!

The worst part is, stuffy little noses that make it hard for our kids to breathe (and sleep).

Well, if you find yourself in that situation, give these Bath Bombs a try because they Can Help Your Sick Baby Breathe Better with soothing aromas.

Oh, and while these are labeled specifically baby vapor bath bombs, as a mom of older kids (and adults too) are soothed, comforted and eased with these miracle bath bombs for kids.

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baby bath bombs - soothing bath vapors for cold + flu comfort, fizzing fun for sick day blues, all natural
I love that these Baby Bath Bombs are all natural!

Baby Bath Bombs for Kids

The baby vapor bath bombs are Fridaybaby Breathe Frida and are natural vapor bath bombs that contain eucalyptus and lavender gentle vapors to help your child breathe while providing a gentle baby bath.

How do the Eucalyptus Baby Bath Bombs Work?

Simply pop these into a warm bath – they work in infant tubs and full-size tubs.

Let the bath bombs do the rest of the work:

Vapor bath bombs deliver a bath time break from sick day blues with natural eucalyptus and lavender oils that help littles ones keep calm and breathe on. Care Instructions For external use only, do not ingest. Always dilute in water. Keep out of reach of children. This is not a toy. Store Bath Bombs in a cool, dry place. Keep individual Bombs wrapped until use. Not recommended for use in infant bath tubs.

Baby Bath Bombs give soothing bath vapors for cold and flu comfort easing stuffy noses with gentle vapors.  They are fizzing fun for sick day blues and are all-natural for a soothing bath even for baby’s delicate skin or older kids sensitive skin. Eucalyptus contains the compound menthol which helps open up stuffy noses.

If you’ve never used Fridababy products before, you should know, they work and work well. I’ve purchased several of their products over the years and have been really happy with how they’ve helped our kids feel better.

Where to Get FridaBaby Vapor Bath Bombs for Kids

You can grab these soothing bath bombs on Amazon for under $8 for a 3-pack.

It’ll be great for having if and when your child becomes sick.


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Baby Bath Bombs to Soothe Sick Baby - other natural products - rubber duck in bath water
Calming, soothing bath…

More Vapor Bath Products for Kids

The biggest thing you want to be careful of when choosing a vapor bath solution for your child is that it is gentle and soothing…think no more tears formula! Here are some other ideas products we love:

  • KidScents Sweet Dreams Bath Bombs make bathtime a dream with KidScents Sweet Dreams Bombs infused with Young Living’s exclusive KidScents Sleepylze premium essential oil blend…oh and they are cute little cloud bath bombs! I love these for daily use and they are cocamidopropyl betaine free, peg-80 sorbitan laurate free and work for a full-size tub at bath time!
  • Kids Bath Bombs by the makers of Boogie Wipes which are Boogie Fizzies calming vapor bath bombs naturally derived made with aloe and calming vapors, Eucalyptus bath bombs great for fussy babies at bath time.
  • TruKids Bubble Podz for Baby, Refreshing bubble bath for sensitive and soft silky skin, pH balanced for eye sensitivity enriched with watermelon and all natural ingredients.
  • Village Naturals Therapy Cold & Allergy bubble bath
  • Johnson’s Soothing Vapor Bath – while not bath bombs for kids, these vapor baths can really add comfort for babies, toddlers and older kids and can be used in a full-size tub or infant tubs.
  • Johnson’s Baby Tear Free Bedtime Bath with natural calm aromas – we love this for every night…it is calming and soothing even if your child doesn’t have a cold or stuffy nose and easy to use tear-free liquid baby bath meaning no more tears in the infant tubs at bath time.

Other All-Natural Product You Might Want to Try

I always like to try homeopathic remedies first because often they solve the problems when it comes to irritable babies or under-the-weather kids with soothing aromas and natural blends:

1. KidScents SniffleEase Roll-on

This Young Living blend of premium essential oils is perfect for those nights filled with sniffles. The comforting essential oil blend comes in a convenient roll-on applicator making it simple to apply on even the wiggliest kid!

2. Bath Drops

Baby vapor bath bomb and other items like vapor drops
If you like the baby vapor bath bomb, then you’ll like these baby bath drops too.

Frida Baby also has BreatheFrida Vapor Bath Drops

What is a Bath Drop?

Bath drops are drops that you can add to bath water when you see that baby is congested or has a runny nose.  Like the baby bath bombs, it is organic eucalyptus oils that help calm baby and feels good on baby’s skin.

3. Humidifier & Diffuser

You can also use the Vapor Bath Drops in the FridaBaby 3-in-1 Humidifier, Diffuser + Nightlight for sick day relief.

4. Essential Oil Diffuser Made for Kids

Young Living’s KidScents Little Oilers Premium Starter Bundle has everything you need to introduce kids to essential oils in a way that is practical, comforting and fun! It comes with favorite kid essential oil blends like Sleepylze, SniffleEase and the cutest owl diffuser.

5. Sleep Drops

Check out the FridaBaby Natural Sleep Vapor Bath Drops for Bedtime Wind Down which can also be added to bath water before bedtime or inside the Humidifier/Diffuser.  Sleep Drops uses lavender oil.

Are Baby Vapor Bath Bombs Safe For Sensitive Skin?

Yes! These vapor Frida Bath Bombs are made with real ingredients (according to their website) which makes them hypoallergenic, free of dyes, and sulfates. These natural ingredients helps with baby soothing when they’re sick. A soothing baby bath, a loving touch from mom, and snuggles and a nap is what a sick baby needs to feel better!

Can children use vapor bath?

The type of vapor bath that we are discussing in this article is a vapor bath created with child-safe products to help them breathe. Many people also call a steam bath a vapor bath and that is not what we are discussing. Steam baths are meant for adults because children may not be able to handle the heat and steam effects and be prone to overheating.

Can children use bath bombs?

Bath bombs are a bath product that can be added to a bath to add scent, color and effervescence to bath water. Bath bombs use a combination of ingredients including: baking soda, citric acid, essential oils and coloring.

Some bath bombs may contain ingredients that are harmful if ingested. Supervise your child to assure that they are not eating the bath bomb directly or drinking a lot of bath water.

Some bath bombs may contain ingredients that might irritate a child’s sensitive skin. If you are concerned that skin irritation might occur, test a small amount on the skin before bathing.

We recommend using homemade bath bombs or bath bombs created specifically with a child’s sensitive skin in mind.

How do you use a bath bomb?

  1. Fill your tub to the desired depth and get into the water.
  2. Place the bath bomb in the tub directly into the water away from where you are sitting in the tub. You can also choose to put the bath bomb into the water before getting into the water.
  3. As the bath bomb dissolves, it releases fragrances into the air and fizzes and bubbles.
  4. Relax in the tub.
  5. When you are finished with the tub, drain the water and rinse the sides to remove any bath bomb residue.

Be sure to read any bath bomb packaging before using the bath bomb. Some bath bombs have specific instructions that need to be followed.

How many times can I reuse a bath bomb?

Bath bombs can only be used one time.

Should you remove the plastic cover over a bath bomb before using?

Yes, you should always remove the plastic cover on your bath bomb before placing it in the tub water unless the packaging specifically notes that the plastic is a dissolving film.

Have you tried a vapor bath for when your kids are under the weather?

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  1. I know these are for kids, but I find them super soothing when I don’t feel well too. Has anyone else tried using the baby vapor bath or kids bath bomb in their bath?