Learning to read is HARD!

When we’re little learning to do anything is exciting, but reading especially is such a difficult task.

Learning to Read and Spell is Hard Video - Kids Activities Blog
I can read!

That’s why parents are urged to read to their kids from a very young age, and keep them engaged in letter-learning and other reading related games.

And for the most part, that helps.

Something else that helps are contextual clues: you know, those puzzles where the letter A is on an APPLE, or where CAT is written on a cat.

Unfortunately, this little boy has learned his letters, but doesn’t quite understand those contextual clues yet.

His mama wanted to show off what a good reader he is…only, he’s not quite there yet.

When she points to a box and tells him to read the letters, he does so, and it’s impressive!

But when she asks him what’s inside?

Wellll…let’s just say he’s got a little ways to go still.

Take a look!

Little Boy Reading…Kinda Video

Reading is hard. But I’m guessing this little one will be there soon enough.

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Reading is hard!  Have your kids ever made things up while reading?

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