Frolicking in the snow is the best part of winter. I mean, sure there’s hot chocolate in front of warm fires, and soft music, and that rustling sound of the snow as it lands on window panes…but actually running around it it is the best. It’s something we only get to enjoy once a year. And it’s so beautiful! That bright white, untouched blanket of frozen water, so fluffy, so soft. it’s like frolicking in feathers or clouds. Turns out we humans are not the only ones who enjoy it. This miniature horse running around in the snow is the most adorable thing you’ve probably never seen before. Take a look!

I think that horse is all of us. The way we run around in snow. Just that time of wonder and happiness. And if not us adults, it’s definitely our kids. And it is amazing. And, it seems, this horse feels the same way we feel. Who knew?

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