These snowman crafts are so easy to do and so much fun! Kids of all ages including toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids will be able to enjoy everyone of these snowman crafts. From edible crafts, to messy crafts, and even mess-free crafts, we’ve got all of the fun snowman crafts!

17 snowman crafts - wooden snowman craft with red scarf and broom shown on gray background - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make a snowman…craft!

Fun Snowmen Crafts For Kids

Building a snowman is one of the best things about winter. Whether you are surrounded by snow this year or not, you can still have a lots of snowman fun! There are so many snowman crafts and activities devoted to our frosty friends.

1. Free Printable Snowman Coloring Crafts

Snowman coloring page printed pdf file- Kids activities blog- wood background- crayons-pencils- snow- snowman in hat, gloves, and scarf
Look how cute this snowman coloring craft is!

Love these snowman coloring pages! I know, you’re wondering…how do you color a snowman? Color him anyway you want. Gray, blue, silver, add sparkles! Don’t forget to decorate his hat and mittens!

2. Sparkly Snowman Suncatcher Craft

Make and hang a sparkly suncatcher on your window and let the sun shine through.

3. Delicious Edible Snowman Quesadilla Craft

For a delicious winter lunch, try a snowman quesadilla.   Yum!

4. Toilet Paper Roll Snowman Craft For Kids

Snowman toilet paper roll craft- kids activities blog- snowman toilet paper roll painted white on white backdrop with black hat, brown pipe cleaner hands, with foam snow, glitter pine, and red shiny ornaments
Looking for a craft for younger kids? This toilet paper snowman is perfect!

This toilet paper snowman craft is so easy that toddlers and preschool kids could do it. Seriously! If this toilet paper roll snowman craft isn’t on your list of Christmas or winter crafts to try, then it should be!

5. Snowman Salt Dough Craft

Make your own holiday décor by creating salt dough snowmen.

6. Easy Paint Stirrer Snowman Craft

Have any leftover paint stirrers from a home project? Use them to make a few snowmen!

7. Yummy Healthy Fruity Edible Snowman Craft

Here’s a yummy and healthy winter snack, a fruit snowman!

8. Super Easy and Cute Snowman Pudding Cup Craft

snowman pudding cups- kids activities blog- pudding cup wit black hat, red scarf, candy canes, against black drop with red and white Christmas cloth
These snowman pudding cups are not only fun to make, but fun to eat!

I love pudding! And you will too once you see how cute these snowman pudding cups are! They’re so easy to make, festive, silly, fun, and perfect for winter parties at school.

9. Build A Snowman Craft

This creative snowman activity tray let’s your kids build themselves a frosty friend.

10. DIY Playdough Snowman Craft

Use this dough recipe to make your very own indoor snowman.

11. Cute and Simple Snowmen Collage Craft

Make a snowmen collage with your fingerprints!

12. Styrofoam Cup Snowmen Craft For Preschoolers

Styrofoam snowmen- 4- pink- blue- green- purple scarves and ear muffs- kids activities blog
Make snowmen out of Styrofoam cups. Perfect for preschoolers and toddlers!

Did you know you can use Styrofoam cups to make super cut and easy snowmen? It’s true! Styrofoam cups, pom poms, felt, glue, a black marker, and pipe cleaners are all you need!

13. Homemade Snowmen Ornaments Craft Using Corks

Use corks to make a tree ornament to give as a gift!

14. Snowmen Bowling Craft Using Recycled Containers

Recycle plastic containers like coffee creamer to do some indoor winter bowling.

15. Easy DIY Frosty The Snowman Finger Puppet Craft

Act out the story of Frosty with your very own finger puppets.

16. Christmas Snowman Craft For The Entire Family

Kid sized snowman keepsake- wood snowman next to kid in red- with red scarf, black buttons, and red hat- kids activities blog
Christmas keepsake? Yes please, I love these yard snowmen!

This Christmas snowman craft is perfect for the entire family…because you’re basically making your family out of wooden snowmen. These are so easy to make and each family could decorate their snowmen! What a cute craft.

17. Build A Snowman Using A Mason Jar Craft

Use leftover crafting supplies and cotton balls to make a  snowman in a jar.

18. Delicious and Scrumptious Edible Snowman Craft

Yum! Marshmallows, candy corn, mini chocolate chips, pretzels, and a graham cracker is all you need for this edible snowman craft.

19. Homemade Snowman Dice Craft

Here’s a fun learning snowman dice game. All age groups will love this one.

20. Free Printable Snowman Holiday Placemat Craft

Christmas snowmen place mat free printable pdf file on table with stuffing, apples, and ham- kids activities blog
Try this free printable snowman place mat to keep your kids busy!

Have you seen these snowman holiday placemats? They’re so cute, easy to decorate, and a great way to keep kids busy! This snowman craft is perfect for kids of all ages…and this free printable snowman placemat also looks great with glitter.

21. Foam Snowman Craft

Create a foam snowman with glue and shaving cream. A little messy and a lot of fun!

22. Elf On The Shelf Toilet Paper Snowman Craft

Elf on the Shelf is so popular and beloved by children everywhere. Which is why we have this Elf on the Shelf toilet paper snowman craft. Elf loves building a snowman, but sometimes it’s too cold for Elf.

23. Free Printable Snowman Craft

This one is super easy! Just print this free snowman printable and attach the pieces to make yours!

24. Adorable Brown Paper Bag Snowman Craft

Snowman brown bag with paper scarf, hat, face, googly eyes, buttons- against blue and white backdrop- kids activities blog

Y’all! Grab your brown paper bags, googly eyes, paper, scissors, buttons, and glue, because these brown paper bag snowmen crafts are so cute! You could also use these as brown paper bag decoration ideas!

25. Easy Snowman Painting Craft For Toddlers

How cute is this snowman painting? It’s puffy, soft, messy, and so much fun! All you need is some foam, pom poms, googly eyes, craft sticks, and shaving cream!

26. Cute Melted Snowman Craft Idea

Here’s a cute playdough idea, a melted snowman!

27. Easy Sugar String Snowman Craft

No snow? No problem! Make a sugar string snowman!

28. Magnetic Snowman Craft and Gift Idea

snowman magnetic craft with picture- felt hat, ribbon scarf against backdrop that is black- kids activities blog
This doubles as a craft and gift!

So, speaking of snowman crafts, look at how cute this one is! And guess what? This magnetic snowman craft doubles as a super cute gift. Everyone would love to receive one of these diy magnetic picture frames…that just so happens to look like a… you guessed it! A snowman!

More Snowman and Snow Crafts and Activities From Kids Activities Blog:

How did your snowmen craft turn out? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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  1. Thanks for linking up to my snowman bowling…we just returned from a trip to the states and stocked up on these drinks again so we can do this again this year. Ours in Canada our red containers 🙁 A great list of activities…Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing these snowman crafts, they’re lovely! Like Jeanette said, a break for just Xmas activities is nice! We’ve done melted snowman abstract art and puffy paint snowman.

  3. Okay, great roundup of snowman ideas- and it’s sort of nice to get away from all of the purely Christmas activities for a little bit…