17 {Really Fun} Snowman Activities

Building a snowman is one of the best things about winter.  Whether you are surrounded by snow this year or not, you can still have a lots of snowman fun!  There are so many crafts and activities devoted to our frosty friends.

We found so many great activities over in our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime!  Hop on over for tons of holiday craft inspiration.

17 {Really Fun} Snowman Activities

17 {Really Fun} Snowman Activities

1.  Make your own holiday decor by creating  salt dough  snowmen.

2.  Make and hang a sparkly  suncatcher  on your window and let the sun shine through.

3.  For a delicious winter lunch, try a snowman quesadilla.   Yum!

4.  Have any leftover  paint stirrers from a home project?  Use them to make a few snowmen!

5.  Here’s a yummy and healthy winter snack, a  fruit snowman!

6.  This creative  activity tray  let’s your kids build themselves a frosty friend.

7.  Use this dough recipe to make your very own  indoor snowman.

8.  Make a snowmen  collage  with your fingerprints!

9.  Use  corks  to make a tree ornament to give as a gift!

10.  Recycle plastic containers like coffee creamer to do some indoor winter  bowling.

11.  Act out the story of Frosty with your very own  finger puppets.

12.  Use leftover crafting supplies and cotton balls to make a  snowman in a jar.

13.  Here’s a fun learning  snowman dice game.  All age groups will love this one.

14.  Create a foam snowman with glue and shaving cream.  A little messy and a lot of fun!

15.  This one is super easy!  Just print this free snowman printable and attach the pieces to make yours!

16.  Here’s a cute playdough idea, a  melted snowman!

17.  No snow?  No problem!  Make a sugar string snowman!

Head over to our link-up later today to see even more activities!


  1. Okay, great roundup of snowman ideas- and it’s sort of nice to get away from all of the purely Christmas activities for a little bit…

  2. Thanks for sharing these, they’re lovely! Like Jeanette said, a break for just Xmas activities is nice! We’ve done melted snowman abstract art and puffy paint snowman over on my blog activities4kidz.wordpress.com

  3. Thanks for linking up to my snowman bowling…we just returned from a trip to the states and stocked up on these drinks again so we can do this again this year. Ours in Canada our red containers 🙁 A great list of activities…Thanks for sharing 🙂

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