These snowman treats are perfect for the winter! While it may be snowing outside, you can enjoy these winter snacks indoors! Kids of all ages, and adults, will love making these winter snacks. They’re so cute and delicious! Snowman cookies, snowman cakes, snowman marshmallows, and brownies are just a few of these delicious winter snowman themed treats!

25 Yummy Snowmen Treats and Snacks
Cute and yummy snowmen!

Winter Themed Snowman Snacks

Winter is the perfect time to make some of these fun snowmen treats. These winter snacks and winter treats are gonna be loved by everyone. And most people get an abundance of snow in January. So this is the perfect time to enjoy some amazing snowman treats!

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How much fun would it be to make a few of these to snack on while you watch Frosty The Snowman?

Cute and Yummy Snowmen Treats and Snacks

My kids love themed food, so I know they will adore these recipes. I personally can’t wait to try the snowman dip and the snowman popcorn!

Enjoy these cute snowmen food crafts that you can make with your little ones!

1. Snowman Waffle Sandwich

Make a snowman waffle sandwich for a delicious and fun breakfast. at Kids Activities Blog.

2. Silly handstand Snowman

Use marshmallows to make this silly handstand snowman from Candiquik!

3. Easy Snowman Pretzels

These snowman pretzels via Hungry Happenings are the cutest little snack ever.

4. Sweet Candy Cane Snowmen

Make candy cane snowmen with marshmallows via Moments with Mandi.

5. Yummy Snowmen Donuts

Snowmen donuts via Cupcake Diaries Blog are super easy to make and kids love them.

6. Printable Candy Bar Wrapper

Use this printable candy bar wrapper from Home and Garden Craft Gossip for a fun way to hand out treats.

7. Hot Chocolate Spoons Recipe

Hot chocolate spoons via Midget Momma go perfect with a cup of cocoa!

Yay for snowman treats!

8. Chocolate-Dipped Pretzels

Chocolate-dipped pretzels via Hungry Happenings are the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

9. Easy Snowman Soup Recipe

A fun DIY gift is this snowman soup via Glorious Treats. This is so adorable!

10. Marshmallow Snowman Recipe

Make a marshmallow snowman from Kids Activities Blog with pretzel arms!

11. Yummy Snowman Kisses

Make snowman kisses out of a box of tic tacs via Stuck on Stamping. So clever!

12. Awesome Gumball Snowmen

Package some gumballs to look like snowmen via Glorious Treats!

Oreo cookie balls from Cupcake Diaries Blog are the best!

14. Sweet Dessert Dip Recipe

Make a dessert dip for a sweet holiday party appetizer via Simply Shellie.

15. Snowman Pudding Recipe

Snowman pudding via Glued to My Crafts Blog is really easy to make if you want a festive snack but have no time!

16. Brownie Bites Recipe

These brownie bites via Campfire Marshmallows look delicious!

snowmen collage3
Sweet snowmen!

More Snowmen Treats

You’ll never get tired of these fab snowmen treats!

17. Snowflake-Filled Cookies

This is incredible! These snowflake-filled cookies via Hungry Happenings look worth every second it took to make them.

18. Snowman String Cheese

Snowman string cheese via No Biggie is a fun healthy snack.

19. Festive Cheese Ball Recipe

Make a festive cheese ball via Betty Crocker for your holiday party.

20. Easy Snowmen Popcorn

Snowmen popcorn via A Dash of Sanity is so fun and would be awesome for movie night!

21. Yummy Snowmen Pancake

Snowman pancakes from Kids Activities Blog are the perfect winter breakfast!

22. Snowman Pizza Recipe

Try some snowman pizza via Get Creative Juice, which your kids will love!

23. Snowman Yogurt Recipe

Snowman yogurt from Mom Explores the Smokies is a fun way to serve this everyday snack.

24. Rudolph and Snowman Sandwich

This Rudolph and snowman sandwich via My Fussy Eater is the perfect winter lunch for kids.

25. Easy Banana Snowmen

For a little healthier treat, try these banana snowmen from One Handed Cooks.

Fun snowmen crafts for kids.

Creative Snowman Craft Ideas

Looking for some Snowman themed crafts to go along with these Snowmen Treats?

1. Kid-Sized Snowman Holiday Keepsake

Kid-Sized Snowman Holiday Keepsake – Do you have some old fence pieces laying around? Turn them into a holiday keepsake! With this crafty snowman idea, you can keep track of how much your children are growing each Christmas.

2. Make a Sugar String Snowman Holiday Decoration

Make a Sugar String Snowman Holiday Decoration – Get ready to whip out some sugar and balloons with this cute snowman decoration. This would be perfect to display in your front yard during the Christmas season!

3. Puffy Snowman Painting

Puffy Snowman Painting – This snowman painting is unlike any other, because when it dries…it becomes fluffy!

Fun snowmen printables!

More Winter-Themed crafts, treats, and activities!

4. Winter Dot-to-Dot Printable

Winter Dot to Dot – This printable will challenge kids to connect the dots, and result in making some fun festive designs.

5. Elf on the Shelf Toilet Paper Snowman

Elf on the Shelf Toilet Paper Snowman – Your “elf” would love to mysteriously build their own snowman in the middle of the night with this free printable.

6. Winter Printables for Kids

Winter Printables for Kids – Keep your little ones busy this winter with these creative winter-themed printables!

Which snowman treats are you making for your little ones this year? Share it in the comments below!

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