Let’s Make Popsicle Stick Snowflakes!

Today we are making popsicle stick snowflakes and decorating them with glitter and jewels. This super easy winter theme crafts for kids of all ages can be hung from the ceiling like snowflakes falling and also make fun homemade Christmas tree ornaments.

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Let’s make popsicle stick snowflakes!

Easy Popsicle Stick Snowflakes Craft for Kids

These glittery, jeweled craft stick snowflakes are the perfect kids craft for a snow day!

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Supplies Needed


Craft Stick Snowflakes Three Hanging

Step 1

Paint the craft sticks white for a base color. We used metallic white paint so that it was shimmery and shiny, but you could use any paint that you have on hand.

Allow the paint to dry.

Step 2

Glue the popsicle sticks together into a snowflake shape. We thought using 3 popsicle sticks glued together to make a 6 prong snowflake looked the most like a snowflake.

Craft Stick Snowflakes Silver

Step 3

Cover the visible parts of each arm with glue, then add glitter, sequins, and jewels to the snowflakes for an extra snowy sparkle!

Craft Stick Snowflakes Blue And Silver

Step 4

We hung our snowflakes using fishing line.

They look so pretty in front of the window where the sun can shine off the glitter and jewels!


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How did your popsicle stick snowflakes turn out? Did you use them has homemade ornaments or to hang like snow falling?


  1. These snowflakes are simple and so PRETTY! Does the glue last in a sealed container?

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