Paper snowflakes are pretty fun to make. That’s why today we have these paper snowflake patterns for you and the whole family to try. Soon enough, you’ll be able to make your own designs too!

Paper snowflake patterns Feature image with blue snowflakes, white snow flakes, and traditional snow flake paper crafts on a blue background with snow and snowflakes text: Kids activities blog
Let’s get into the holiday spirit with these paper snowflake patterns!

Simple Snowflakes Pattern

Whether you are looking for 3D paper snowflakes or regular paper snowflake patterns, we’ve got you back. We have beautiful snowflake tutorials that you can do with a simple sheet of paper and a pair of scissors.

Making a paper snowflake is a fun way to spend time with the whole family, and the finished snowflake doubles as a beautiful holiday decoration. Win-win!

We made sure to include something for kids of all ages, from the littlest ones to the older kids, as well as crafts for different skill levels. Just follow the simple steps and have fun with these paper snowflake patterns.

Let’s get started!

Printable Paper Snowflakes

Have excess paper? Use it up making paper snowflakes that look like real snowflakes. There are so many easy ways to make pretty snowflakes. Just follow these step-by-step instructions! From smaller snowflakes, simple snowflake, to larger snowflakes we have fun ideas to make all of them!

1. Free Printable Original Geometric Snowflake Coloring Page

Download the free pdf files to create a winter wonderland with this beautiful snowflake coloring page, and use your favorite crayons, glitter, watercolor, or whatever you prefer to make it colorful.

Snowflake printable- Text: S is for snowflake- kids activities blog- swirls around the text with a large snowflake and small snowflakes in the middle
We love combining different coloring techniques.

2. Snowflake Templates and Coloring Pages

Download these snowflake coloring pages from First Palette and use them as patterns for snowflake crafts, or simply color them with some crayons.

Snowflake window cling craft- see through or sheer snowflakes sticking to a window against a blue and white sky
Use these templates as holiday decoration.

Snowflake Patterns to Cut

3. How to Make Unique Paper Snowflakes

Grab your scissors and a square piece of paper to create some beautiful patterns, after some practice, you’ll be able to create your own snowflake design too. From Martha Stewart.

Christmas decorations- blue, white, silver, beige, gold, and turquoise paper snowflakes hung up on the wall
Aren’t these Christmas decorations beautiful?

4. How to Make Paper Snowflakes

These paper snowflakes are so easy to make and they’re also a great way to add some winter cheer to any room. From One Little Project.

White 6 pointed paper snow flakes against a dark blue background
Making a paper snowflake is not as difficult as it seems.

5. How to Make 6-Pointed Paper Snowflakes

Follow this step by step guide to learn how to make six pointed paper snowflakes – just like snowflakes look like in nature. You can use regular paper or wrapping paper to make your snowflakes more unique. From Instructables.

20 different types of paper snowflakes on a black background- snowflake template printable
Snowflakes have really interesting designs.

6. How To Make Paper Snowflakes With Templates

Here’s another step by step tutorial and printable template to make gorgeous winter decorations. This is a quick, inexpensive, and easy craft, perfect for kids to do on their own. From It’s Always Autumn.

Snowflakes- traditional, unique, with swirls and snowman, light blue, blue purple, white, and pink paper snowflakes against a wood background
Kids will have so much fun with this paper craft.

7. How To Cut Out a Perfect Snowflake

Make a perfect snowflake every time by using these images and following the easy steps. This is a perfect activity for the whole family and kids won’t believe how pretty their snowflake craft is! From Paging SuperMom.

Kirigami snowflake, paper snowflake craft, white, against a light blue felt background
Making a perfect snowflake is easier than you think.

8. Kirigami Snowflakes

These are the prettiest kirigami snowflakes! Use origami paper or standard printer paper. You’ll find 3 sets of kirigami snowflakes to fold and cut, each more beautiful than the previous one. From Omiyage Blogs.

White paper snowflakes on a red background
Which snowflake pattern is your favorite?

9. Snowflake Ballerinas

Follow this video tutorial to make these beautiful snowflake ballerinas from Blog a la Cart. We recommend using card stock paper for the ballerina silhouettes and a lightweight paper, such as standard printer paper, for the snowflakes.

White paper snow flake ballerinas on pointe against a beige and white background
Wow, these snowflake crafts are so beautiful and unique!

10. Dala Horse Snowflakes, Moose Snowflakes & Snowman Snowflakes Tutorial

Print your own Dala horses, snowmen and moose snowflake free templates today to add some Scandinavian snow in your home – without the freezing cold! They are the perfect winter season craft for older kids. From Willowday.

Paper snowflake craft dala horse snowflake and moose snowflakes
Beautiful holiday decoration that is also fun to make.

Snowflake Designs Templates

11. Make Paper Snowflakes (12 Best Free Templates!)

These simple paper crafts are the best kids & family activity. To make these magical paper snowflakes you just need a piece of paper and a pair of scissors. From A Piece of Rainbow.

Let’s make some more realistic paper snowflakes!

12. Giant 3D Paper Snowflake Decorations from Paper Bags

A giant snowflake combined with 3D paper snowflakes?! That’s the best way to create a magical winter wonderland! You’ll love how easy they are to make, and your children will love creating a work of art in different sizes! {giggles} From A Piece of Rainbow.

Giant 3D paper snowflake decorations from paper bags
Kids will love making giant 3D paper snowflakes!

13. How To Make Paper Snowflakes With Pattern Templates

Looking for more DIY winter decoration? Simply print these free templates to learn how to make beautiful paper snowflakes! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

Red and pink background with chunky and intricate paper snowflakes
Follow the simple steps to make these pretty snowflake crafts.

14. How To Make Paper Snowflakes

In just 6 steps, your children will be creating their own paper snowflakes, from the folding to the cutting. The free printable templates make the learning process easier, too. From Printables Fairy.

15. How to Make Easy Paper Snowflakes

These paper snowflakes, besides being a great craft idea for kids of all ages, also double up as unique home decorations that you can hang on your windows or walls. From Housekeeping.

Tissue paper 3D intricate snowflake against a blue background
Here’s another 3D paper snowflake tutorial for kids!

16. DIY Easy Paper Cut Snowflake

This DIY easy paper cut snowflake is a fun activity that also develops your kiddos’ imagination and critical thinking skills. From i Creative Ideas.

 Unique Snowflake Patterns

17. How To Make A Snowman Paper Snowflake

Let’s learn how to make a snowman paper snowflake! One of the best parts of this craft is that it helps improve your kids’ writing skills by promoting hand coordination. Plus, isn’t this paper craft so cute? From Paper Snowflake Art.

Snowman snowflake paper craft against a wood background
This snowman paper snowflake will be a big hit with the kids!

18. 3D Paper Snowflake

We have another amazing 3D snowflake tutorial for your little ones. We recommend using origami paper to make these snowflakes even prettier. From First Palette.

Blue and white speckled, polka dot, and striped 3D snowflake craft
Enjoy making these beautiful 3D paper snowflakes.

19. How to Make Giant Paper Snowflakes: Step by Step Photo Tutorial

These giant snowflakes are so pretty and easy enough for kids aged 10 and up to make alone, although kids as young as 4 or 5 years old could do them too with a bit of assistance. From Boxy Colonial.

Text: How to make giant snowflakes- white paper snowflake against a white background
Another beautiful snowflake you can hang on the wall!

20. How to Make Paper Snowflakes Into Ornaments Using Paper Doilies

If you have paper doilies, then this craft is perfect for you! Today we are learning how to make paper snowflakes using paper doilies, and then we’re turning them into Christmas ornaments. From In My Own Style.

DIY paper snowflake ornaments hanging off a plastic tree with white lights
Aren’t these so festive?

21. Star Wars Snowflakes

Star Wars fans, rejoice! We are celebrating the holiday season with these freshly cut Star Wars snowflakes. You will find several paper snowflake patterns inspired by Star Wars, such as Admiral Ackbar, Princess Leia, Luke Skywalker, and more. From Anthony Herrera Designs.

22. Make a Paper Snowflake Star Christmas Ornament

Snowflake crafts don’t have to be white – this beautiful paper snowflake star ornament is the proof of that! We think red fits so well with the festive season, don’t you think? From HGTV.

Red poinsettia snowflake craft with gold balls against a white background Text: Make your own ornament
Let’s get into the holiday spirit!

23. How to Make Easy 3d Paper Snowflakes With Video Tutorial

Follow the video tutorial to make these original 3D snowflakes and then hang them from the ceiling, or use them as Christmas tree ornaments. They might look a bit complicated at first but the making process is very simple. From The Craftaholic Witch.

3D white paper snowflakes with intricate designs against a light blue and white background
You can also put these paper snowflakes on your Christmas tree.

24. How to Make Paper Snowflakes And How to Use Them

Decorate the house or make other fun projects with these simple paper snowflakes. This tutorial calls for extra paper layers so make sure to get some sharp scissors – and of course, be careful when handling them. From Oh The Things We’ll Make.

Heart snowflakes made from white paper with grey scissors against a wood background
Beautiful snowflake craft!

More Snowflake Designs

25. How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake

Let’s learn how to make a 3D paper snowflake. This one is fun both for kids and adults, and you probably already have all the supplies at home – paper, tape, a stapler, and scissors. White paper works fine but you can try construction paper or origami paper too. From WikiHow.

White 3D snowflake with a green and red 3D snowflake hanging on a glass window with a neighborhood behind them
We love colorful snowflakes!

26. DIY Paper Snowflakes Christmas Ornaments Tutorial

Get your favorite powdered or chunk glitter for this DIY paper snowflakes ornaments tutorial from The Crafty Angels!

White and blue DIY snowflakes with chunk glitter hanging from string
Make as many of these snowflakes as you want to decorate your house.

27. Quick And Easy Guide To Make Paper Snowflakes

This easy step by step guide for the entire family will have you making beautiful paper snowflakes in no time. The best part is that you’ll create your own unique shape! From Real Homes.

3D stock paper snowflake hanging from string against a black background
Why not hang your work of art too?

28. Paper Plate Snowflake Yarn Art

This snowflake pattern is different than the rest, since it’s made out of paper plates and yarn. We love a fun yarn art project that kids of all ages can do! From I Heart Crafty Things.

Paper plate snowflake weave craft with blue yarn, light blue yarn and rainbow yarn against a white background
The multicolored snowflake is so pretty!

29. Giant Paper Snowflake Tutorial with Snowflake Templates

Download the free template and decorate every corner with these snowflake paper flower tutorial. This tutorial is more suitable for older kids and adults. From Abbi Kirsten Collections.

Light blue, robin blue, and white 3D stacked snowflake design and template craft against a baby blue background
These giant paper snowflakes are very simple.

30. Holiday Snowflakes With Photo Tutorial

These beautiful holiday snowflakes are made with coffee filters. When you hang it on your window, it will look like it’s floating. Very cute! From The Pink Couch blog.

Holiday snowflake craft with 6 different snowflakes against a white background
Aren’t recyclable crafts just the best?

31. Book Craft Snowflake Tutorial

For this snowflake craft, we’re gonna need an old book, a hot glue gun, a wire, acrylic gloss sealer, and gold glitter. The finished snowflake will look absolutely beautiful. From Tifani Lyn.

DIY book and sparkle snowflake craft - text DIY snowflake- book snowflakes with gold glitter handing from a christmas tree
We can’t get over how gorgeous this craft is.

32. 3D Giant Paper Snowflake

This 3D paper snowflake might look difficult at first, but it’s easier than it looks like, and you’ll adore how well they decorate your house. From Handimania.

Giant white paper snowflake held by two hands against a grey background
Let’s make a bunch of giant 3D paper snowflakes!

33. DIY Paper Snowflake Decorations

This craft is not suitable for younger kids, but older kids will be able to make their own paper snowflake decoration with no problem. From How About Orange.

Hanging snowflake decorations against an orange and red and yellow background
Try making your own design!

34. DIY Paper Snowflakes From SVG Templates.

To make these paper snowflakes you’ll need a cutting machine with score tool and some cardstock. You won’t believe how impressive and gorgeous these paper snowflake designs are! From Dreamy Posy.

Snowflake garland made from paper and hole punches against a wood background with evergreen branches
These snowflakes really are dreamy.

35. How To Make a Snowflake Twist Decoration

This easy step guide will show you how to make a 3D snowflake from 6 squares of paper. Although it looks complicated, it is actually easy enough for children to make. From U Can Do Stuff.

Bright blue 3D paper snowflake against a pink background
Make snowflakes in every color!

36. How To Make Huge Snowflake Decorations For The Holidays

To make these huge snowflake decorations even prettier, we recommend double-sided paper, but of course you can use anything you have at home. You’ll be making your own super huge snowflakes in easy steps! From Bored Panda.

Metallic purple, blue, and gold 3D paper snowflakes
You can also make these snowflakes in different colors and patterns.

More snowflake crafts from Kids Activities Blog:

Now that you know how to make paper snowflakes which ones are you going to make?

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