Today, we have a collection of the best snowflake crafts for kids from the span of the internet. We have winter fun with a snowflake project for kids of all ages, from paper crafts to themed crafts.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows an assortment of snowflake crafts in circular displays on a purple background sprinkled with snow.
Enjoy these fun snowflake crafts for kids!

With every snowflake shape being unique, these crafts make a great way to experience beautiful snowflakes, so enjoy these 32 magical and frosty snowflake crafts!

Easy snowflake crafts for kids

Toddlers, little hands first experience pretty snowflakes by catching them as they’re falling to the ground, marveling at what they have found.  Preschoolers may have experienced running through real snowflakes and giggling while kindergartners and older kids create cute snowflakes with common art supplies!

Snowflakes and kids just go together, like snow and men!

That is one of the reasons why these snowflake craft ideas are so perfect. Many will encourage kids to get outside the house to search for twigs. Others will send them to the kitchen to grab noodles for pasta snowflakes. These snowflake crafts for kids are just plain awesome!

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If these snowflake crafts look like fun but you don’t live in an area where winter is snowy and cold; you can purchase fake snowflakes that will provide a winter effect!

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows a foil snowflake on a blue sheet of paper with light blue dots to symbolize snow.
Let’s make shiny snowflakes from foil!

1. Shiny Foil Snowflake Craft

Foil snowflakes are a throwback to your own school days, and a great way to share winter tales with your kiddos. 

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows a white paper cutout of a snowflake against a light blue background. The snowflake is attached to a rope with silver ribbon and tulle hanging around it.
These paper snowflakes are simple to make!

2. Decorative Paper Snowflakes

Parents will use the scissors with young children for these easy paper snowflakes. .

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows snowflakes created from Q-tips with red and white strings attached for hanging lying on a brown background.
Let’s create some snowflakes!

3. Q-tips Reimagined As Snowflake Art

This simple craft project encourages young kids to use household items such as Q-tips in different ways with Q-tip snowflake ornaments.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows snowflakes made from popsicle sticks embellished with glitter and sequins on a blue background.
Let’s create some sparkly snowflakes!

4. Sparkly Popsicle Stick Snowflakes

Use our popsicle stick snowflakes supplies list and instructions as a guide to make your shiniest snowflake crafts yet. It doesn’t matter what colors you use! Let’s make colorful popsicle stick snowflakes!

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows a young girl holding a large paper snowflake in the dark.
Gigantic snowflakes are so fun to create!

5. Large Paper Snowflakes Craft

These large paper snowflakes are easy when you use this free tutorial from Let’s Lasso the Moon. So fun!

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows a toilet paper roll snowflake wilth glitter embellishment hanging on a Christmas tree.
Grab your empty paper rolls and get started!

6. Upcycled Paper Roll Snowflakes Project

Preschoolers will have a blast making these stunning snowflakes out of toilet paper rolls from Green Kid Crafts.

Snowflake Crafts- Image features assorted watcolored snowflakes made from newspaper on a black background.
Colorful snowflakes make great winter decoration!

7. Cut-Out Snowflakes Art

Create a watercolored snowflake from newspaper with instructions from Buggy and Buddy. Kids will love these easy snowflakes this holiday season!

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows snowflakes made from colorful beaded pipe cleaners.
Colorful beaded snowflakes are so much fun to make!

8. Make a Beaded Snowflake Craft

Bring the outside in and make these really fun plastic bead snowflakes from Early Learning Ideas.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows a snowflake created from brown twigs and white tissue paper.
What a cute snowflake ornament!

9. Tissue Paper and Twig Snowflake Craft

Enjoy Buggy and Buddy‘s snowflake craft, with tissue paper and twigs!

Snowflake Crafts- Image pictures a snowflake created from paper punch shapes and cotton swabs glued to black construction paper on a white background.
Let’s create a symmetrical snowflake!

10. Symmetrical Snowflakes Winter Crafts

This simple snowflake craft from Buggy and Buddy takes creative ideas to a whole new level. They’re awesome!

Snowflake Crafts- Pink, yellow, and blue yarn snowflakes lying on a tan background.
Let’s have some crafting fun with yarn.

11. Yarn Snowflake Craft

These yarn snowflakes from Creative Jewish Mom, are adorable! The best part is that you can gather materials on your next visit to your grandmother’s house! 

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows blue snowflake shaped suncatchers hanging together as a garland outside in wintry copse of trees.
Enjoy the beauty of the sun’s rays as they travel through sun catchers.

12. Snowflake Suncatcher Garland Craft 

Homegrown Friends, cute salt dough snowflakes suncatcher garland is fun and really easy to create. 

Snowflake Crafts- Image fueatures a blue snowflake painted on a white paper plate sitting on a brown background.
Let’s paint a pretty snowflake!

13. Cute Paper Plate Snowflake Craft

For our next craft- run to the kitchen, pick up some paper plates, get your paint, glitter, glue, and let’s make some snowflakes with Messy Little Monster.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows blue and white snowflake magic wand crafts with ribbons and a white background.
Make an Elsa magic wand!

14. Magical Snowflake Wand Craft

Create this Frozen-inspired Elsa magic wand craft using the snowflake template provided by Messy Little Monster.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows six rocks painted light blue with white snowflakes painted on them sitting on a differnt blue background.
Feeling blue-make these blue snowflake rocks.

15. Turn Rocks Into Snowflake Art

Your creative little ones will love making snowflake-painted rocks with Non-Toy Gifts!

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows an assortment of blue and white snowflake crafts made with paper straws on a white background.
Let’s get crafty with paper straws!

16. Make a Paper Straw Snowflake

Use the instructions from I Heart Crafty Things to create these fun paper straw snowflakes!

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows blue and white paint poured snowflakes lying on pine garland on a white background.
Ready, set, pour!

17. Creative Pour Paint Snowflakes

Twitchetts shows how making pour paint snowflakes are fun for kids and a cool way to decorate the house for winter.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows white and red pipe cleaner snowflakes on a antique white background.
Let’s get twisting!

18. Make a Pipe Cleaner Snowflake Craft 

Grab your scissors and hot glue gun to create these pipe cleaner snowflakes from The Joy of Sharing.

Snowflake Crafts- Variety of colored beaded pipe cleaner snowflakes hanging from a white branch against a white background.
Snowflake crafts are so much fun!

19. Beaded Pipe Cleaner Snowflakes

This snowflake craft from Red Ted Art is an easy way to assist with fine motor activity.

Snowflake Crafts- Blue snowflake with crystals leaning against a pedestal tray of pine Christmas decor!
Make borax snowflake decor!

20. Crystal Snowflakes Craft

Let Growing Up Gabel show you how to turn borax and ordinary pipe cleaners into snowflake ornaments.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows light blue and silver colored clothes pin snowflake ornaments on a black background.
These shiny snowflakes are the perfect thing to add sparkle to your holidays!

21. Craft Snowflakes Out of Clothespins

This genius use of clothespins for crafting comes from Our Kid Things. They have all kinds of cute ways to make clothespins look playful.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows two quilled paper snowflakes; one is yellow and green and the other is light blue and darker blue.
What cute snowflakes made from quilled paper!

22. Rolled Paper Snowflake Craft

From cutting the paper strips to quilling(rolling)them, making Artsy Craftsy Mom‘s quilled snowflake craft couldn’t be easier or more fun. 

Snowflake Crafts- white cardboard and silver glitter snowflake

23. Glue and Salt Leaves Craft

Use Woli Creations’ directions to make pretty toilet paper roll snowflakes your kids will love hanging up!

Snowflake Crafts- tie dye snowflake paper crafts for kids against a dark background

24. Leaf Lantern Craft

Brighten younger kids’ winter days with these watercolor snowflake crafts. The picture above shows a few color patterns Evolving Motherhood used to create hers.

Snowflake Crafts- Pink, purple, and blue snowflakes pictured with wooden christmas trees ahd with a pink background.
These colorful snowflakes are so pretty!

25. Wooden Snowflake Crafts

Paint your own giant colorful wooden snowflake with pompoms using this tutorial from Design Improvised.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows a light blue painted foam snowflake with a silver overlay leaning against a grey wall.
Grab your paint and let’s craft!

26. Make Snowflakes Out of Foam

Use foam snowflakes with glitter and paint to create this Christmas snowflake from Crafts by Courtney.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows silver glitter covered Q-tips glued as an ornament hanging on a Christmas tree.
Cute Christmas tree snowflake ornaments!

27. Autumn Leaf Craft for Toddlers

This Q-tip snowflake ornament craft from How Wee Learn is perfect for kids of the older age groups.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows popsicle stick snowflakes with a blue-green ribbon attached as a hanger.
What cute Frozen-inspired snowflakes!

28. Make Frozen Inspired Ornaments

This is a super simple snowflake craft for kids of all ages. These adorable snowflakes are as fun to make as they are to display. Grab all the instructions over at Fireflies and Mudpies.

Snowflake Crafts- Image shows white and silver beaded snowflakes on a brown background.
This easy bead craft is so cute!

29. Easy Beaded Snowflakes

Pony bead turn this snowflake craft from The Inspired Treehouse into something absolutely beautiful. 

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Which of the snowflake crafts for kids are you going to try first? Which snowflake craft is your favorite?

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