These 25 ideas for playing  with snow are certainly going to keep your kiddos busy this winter!

If you don’t want to be stuck inside all day, try these ideas out for yourself (don’t worry- some of them even have you bringing the snow in!).


Our four kids love to run  outside as soon as the snow falls! One time, our four-year-old son waited outside for over an hour, waiting for tiny snowflakes to turn into enough snow to make a snowman!

We only had a few days of snow, so we took advantage of it and played with it as much as we could! I hope that these 25 ideas for playing with snow will help you to be inspired to get out there in the snow and play…or bring the snow inside!


Playing with Snow – Food


Playing with Snow – Outside


Playing with Snow – Inside


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Kids playing outside is a good thing says studies.

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