Sometimes you just can’t pass up a good deal.

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Even beavers shop at Christmas…

That certainly seems the case for this beaver.

While he’s spent his entire life chopping down trees, he decided to go out shopping for an artificial one for this Christmas.

And where do smart, savvy beavers shop for trees?

Dollar General, of course!

Take a look!

Beaver Shops for Artificial Christmas Tree Video

Now, my family has always used live (freshly chopped?) trees for Christmas, but I might have to reevaluate that now.

I mean, beavers are kinda tree experts, right?

If there were a book on this sort of thing, they’d definitely be the ones to have written it. So if this beaver is shopping for an artificial tree, maybe it’s time we convert, too.


Did you have fun watching the beaver shop for an artificial Christmas tree?

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