Snowflakes Coloring Pages

Let it snow with these beautiful snowflakes coloring pages! Download and print these coloring pictures, grab your favorite crayons, and let the fun begin.

Print and color this two-page set as many times as you want… Who knows, maybe you’ll have your very own North Pole in your house when your kids are done coloring!

These snowflakes coloring pages are part of our huge collection here at Kids Activities Blog: our coloring pages have been downloaded over 100k times in the past 1-2 years!

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Download the best free snowflakes coloring pages!

Printable snowflake coloring pages

These free snowflake coloring pages are my go-to activity for those days where you just need a screen-free activity that will keep your little one creative, active, and having fun.

Kids of all ages love everything related to Winter, and that includes snow, creating snowmen, Santa, gingerbread houses, and coloring big snowflake coloring pages. That’s why we knew these snowflake coloring sheets were going to become so popular!

Let’s start with what you might need to enjoy this coloring sheet.

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This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

detailed snowflakes coloring pages
Fun snowflakes coloring pictures ready to be downloaded.

Detailed snowflakes coloring page

Our first coloring page features different kinds of snowflakes; some more detailed, some more simple.

This coloring page is perfect for older kids that love challenging themselves with detailed coloring pages, but we can assure you little ones will enjoy them just as much.

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Big snowflakes coloring page

Our second coloring page features three super detailed big snowflakes. Snowflakes are typically white, but that doesn’t mean these snowflakes coloring sheets can be colored in funky colors! One snowflake can be purple, another one blue, and the next pink. Let your kid experiment and see what crazy colors they come up with.

This coloring page is ideal for toddlers or kindergarteners, regardless of their skill level, because of the big spaces – plus they can use big, fat crayons without coloring outside the line (but it’s totally OK if they do)!

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Download & Print Free Snowflakes Coloring Pages Here:

Why these coloring pages are good for kids:

Printable coloring pages help kids improve their fine motor skills, stimulate creativity, learn color awareness, improve focus and hand to eye coordination, and much more. These things can be worked on as classroom activities, at home as part of our schedule of play and enrichment or even for distance learning.

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