We have the cutest snowflake coloring page that you can download and print for winter coloring fun. Kids of all ages will love this artistic and frosty snowflake coloring page with the caption, “S is for Snowflake”. Use our snowflake coloring page at home of in the classroom.

Snowflake Coloring Page design by Jen Goode - S is for snowflake coloring page pdf shown colored with purple and blue on a blue background
Let’s color the snowflake coloring page!

Snowflake Coloring Page

This snowflake coloring sheet features the words “S is for… Snowflake” with a large geometric snowflake pattern in the middle surrounded by smaller snowflakes and sparkly shapes.  This free snowflake printable was created especially for Kids Activities Blog as original artwork by Jen Goode. Click pink button to download:

Use this pretty snowflake coloring sheet as a coloring page.

  • Color this printable snowflake with coloring pens, crayons, markers, or try some glitter glue.
  • To give your winter snowflakes a frosty winter  look, use different colors and shades of blue and purple crayons. Add a little sparkle with glitter glue or a touch of bold marker color.

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Fun and Lovely Snowflake Coloring Page

Snowflake coloring page- Text: S is for snowflake- decorated snowflakes black and white pdf file-kids activities blog
S is for snow! Let’s color this lovely snow coloring page.

This snowflake coloring page is so pretty. Not only is it a great letter s coloring page, but these snowflakes are so pretty. This coloring sheet almost feels magical and whimsical. I wanna color it with markers and use lots of silver and blue glitter. Hmm, I think water colors would also look really nice on this snowflake coloring page.

Make Hanging Snowflakes with this Printable Snowflake Template

  1. You can also cut around the outer line of the snowflake’s geometric pattern and turn it into a decoration for the room.
  2. Punch a hole at the top and hand from the ceiling with a string to make a snowfall scene in the room.
  3. Color a whole storm of snowflakes and create a fun snow theme as festive decorations!

Use Printable Snowflake Templates to Make a T-Shirt

If you want to get really crafty, make an adorable winter t-shirt with the printable snowflake pictures.

  1. Color the page.
  2. Scan.
  3. Print on an iron-on fabric transfer sheet then cut out the snowflake and iron on the shirt.

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Download & Print the Winter Snowflake Coloring Page pdf File Here

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Our Favorite Coloring Supplies

snowflakes hanging from the ceiling
You can make an entire snowstorm of snowflakes hanging from the ceiling

Coloring Pages are Awesome

We hope you enjoyed the free printable snowflake coloring pages & love how coloring pages are a great way to increase fine motor skills in children of all ages.  Younger kids can also work on color recognition with a variety of colors.  Older kids can experiment with artistic shading, color patterns and using the simple shapes to create more complex art and craft foundations.  Adult coloring pages are part of everything we publish!

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How did you color your snowflake coloring page?

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