As long as you’ve got pets or kids, your Christmas tree will never survive until Christmas.

In fact, I’ve had to anchor my tree to the wall every Christmas since I started putting my own tree up, thanks to my animals.

Funny Video cat in Christmas tree - Kids Activities Blog
I am the perfect one to choose to help with the tree…!

Once my daughter was born, it just got worse.

There were some years the entire bottom half of my tree stayed completely undecorated, or ended up that way (depending on whether I tried to decorate it at the beginning or not).

And I can’t even tell you how fast I switched from glass ornaments to plastic.

Those beautiful glass bulbs my grandma passed down to me?

The ones she brought over from Germany as a little girl?

Yeah, those will remain safe and intact in the garage until my oldest is off to college, and I find some spray that makes animals not want to decimate my tree.

This cat?

This cat knows what I’m talking about.

Take a look!

Funny Cat Video of kitty in a Christmas Tree

I think this is the scene every single pet owner faces come Christmas time.

And what’s worse is that it’s so darn cute that it’s hard to stay mad.

Still, take my advice if you have pets or kids: invest in plastic and save the special stuff.

Trust me, it’s the only thing that’ll keep you sane.

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Oh!  And if you are simply a cat fan…we have some really cute {& free} cat coloring pages to download and print right now.

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