11+ Colorful Craft Ideas for Kids

Craft ideas for kids that are full of color is what we are serving up today at Kids Activities Blog.  This colorful rainbow of craft ideas will keep kids busy on winter days and decorate your wall with bursts of color.  Each of these crafts have been shared on our weekly kids’ meme, It’s Playtime.

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11 fun ways for your kids to play with color

Craft Ideas for Kids

Fill balloons up with a variety of “textures”.  She used flour, rice, cotton balls, etc.  The kids enjoyed the sensory balloons as they played in paint.

Make your own puffy paint using water, flour and salt – love the brilliant colors and it is such an easy recipe!!

Not quite “mess-free” painting, but close to it – I love this “squishing” painting method.  Squirt some paint on the paper, fold and “squish”.  Thanks Picklebums!!  it's playtime: a collection of paint and color activities for kids

Colorful Rainbow Activities

Looking for a new surface to paint on?  Check out this paint recipe for window paint – great to use with sponges.

Make your own paint using chalk and egg – the colors are brilliant and almost jewel-like!

Study geometry as you paint with sponges.  You can create scenes using the shapes.

You can use salt and plastic cling wrap to add dimension to your painted creations.  I love the look of the finished products in these Kids artworks. 

Use a salad spinner to create a burst of colors.  In this painting activity, your kids will love watching the paint “whirl”.

Who says you need “paint” to paint?  We painted with melted crayons.

Make paper towel art using paint and water.  Great results!!

This is a simple project for kids learning to color inside lines.  Use Painters tape to create works of art.

More Craft Ideas for Kids

Thanks again to everyone who participates in the Kids Activities meme, It’s Playtime!

Remember…later today you can add your craft ideas for kids along with any other favorite kids activity!

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