Let’s do a fun animal word search with this free printable word search puzzle for kids! This word search activity is a Jungle Animals Word Search Puzzle that kids can find 11 animals hiding in the letters. This animal word search is great for 1-3rd grade readers, but simple enough that kids starting to recognize words and letter patterns can get in on the fun. Use the animal word search puzzles at home or in the classroom.

Jungle Animals Word Search pdf shown on green background word list is at bottom of search puzzle with four animals pictured
Print & search for the animals hiding inside the puzzle!

Free Animal Word Search Puzzle

This printable is a great brain teaser, and encourages kids to use their problem solving skills. Click the yellow button to download the word search animals now:

Word searches with words of this length would usually be used for grades 2 or 3. But we have found that some Kindergartners and first graders do really well with it because it isn’t about reading the words as much as identifying patterns of letters.

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Printable Animal Word Search Puzzle

jungle animals word search pdf shown labeled, jungle animals word search with cut animals decorating around the word search puzzle and a list of words to find at the bottom
Let’s do an animal word search together!

Inside the word search puzzle, kids can search for the following animals and either circle them or cross them out with a pencil:

  • crocodile
  • elephant
  • frog
  • giraffe
  • lion
  • monkey
  • snake
  • tiger
  • toucan
  • turtle
  • zebra

Download & Print Animal Word Search Puzzle PDF File Here:

Animal Word Search Puzzles

This is a more challenging word search with words going not only vertical and horizontal, but also diagonally and backward!

Don’t worry, these cute wild animals totally make the challenge worth it. A lot of these jungle animals are also zoo animals that you can see at your local zoo like big cats!

But just in case you don’t want this challenging animal word searches because you have young kids, we’ve got you covered.

For younger children you can download and print our African Animal Worksheet Pack. There are no common animals, aquatic animals, sea animals, but exciting African animals like: an elephant, lion, and giraffe.

jungle animals word search free printable with letters lined up and several animals - Kids Activities Blog
Word search puzzles are fun!

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Did your kids love the printable animal word search puzzle?

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