Connect The Dot Printables for Preschool

We have a fun way to practice number recognition, color recognition, and fine motor skills while enjoying some coloring fun! Young learners will enjoy these connect the dot printables for preschool. Grab your box of crayons and get ready for some educational fun!

Image shows a collage of different dot to dot activities over a green background. Ideas from Kids Activities Blog.
Let’s enjoy some dot to dot fun activities!

Best Dot to Dot Activity Pages

Dot to dot worksheets is a great way to learn many skills: from number order to letter recognition and some hand eye coordination, they are a great activity that can be done anywhere, anytime. This compilation of free dot to dot activity sheets is aimed at young children, but truth is that they can be enjoyed by kids of all ages that love dot to dots worksheets.

So, if you are ready to get some educational activities for your preschooler and kindergartener, keep scrolling to the bottom of the post because we have 10 printable activities for you!

Image shows a dot to dot bunny coloring page from Kids Activities Blog
We love cute bunny coloring pages!

1. Cute Bunny Coloring Pages & Simple Bunny Dot-to-Dot Worksheets

These Easter dot to dot worksheets are perfect for younger kids like older toddlers and preschool age. And the result is a very cute bunny!

Image shows a princess dot to dot coloring page from Kids Activities Blog
Fun dot to dot worksheets for kids that love fairy tales!

2. Princess Dot to Dot {Free Kids Printable}

These princess dot to dot printables  are a fun activity that is great for practicing numbers and developing drawing skills at the same time – especially for little kids that love princesses and tiaras!

Image shows a rainbow dot to dot activity from Kids Activities Blog
Grab your brightest crayons for this dot to dot worksheet!

3. Dot-to-dot Rainbow Coloring Page

Let’s work on our counting skills with these fun dot to dot rainbow coloring pages! Not only does it help with number recognition, but it also allows kids to express their creative side.

Image shows a dot to dot day of the dead printable activity from Kids activities blog
Connect the dots and discover what the final image is!

4. These Day of the Dead dot to dot printables are perfect for kids!

These Day of the Dead dot to dot puzzles are beautiful and a great way to learn about a cultural holiday. Make these worksheets as colorful as possible!

Image shows a Halloween dot to dot printable activity from Kids Activities Blog
We love not-so-spooky Halloween activities!

5. Delightful Halloween Dot to Dot Printables

Does your preschooler enjoy Halloween as much as we do? Do they like solving dot to dots puzzles? If so, then these Halloween dot-to-dot printables pdf file are perfect for them!

Image shows  simple dot to dot printables from Planes and Balloons
Fun free dot to dot printables!

6. Dot To Dot Printables

These dot to dot printables are a great way to practice 1-20 number recognition, and you can choose from two levels of difficulty depending on your child’s skills. From Planes and Balloons.

Image shows a printable dot to dot activity from Kidzone
This activity is great for little hands!

7. Math Activity Worksheets

This dot to dot worksheet from KidZone is ideal for the youngest ones in the family. What color will you choose for this duck?

Image shows a set of printable dot to dot worksheets from Kids Under 7
Connect points from 1 to 10 and paint a picture

8. Free dot to dot worksheets for kids

These tracing worksheets for kids are super fun and the end results are so cute! Perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. From Kids Under 7.

Image shows a dot to dot activity featuring buttons. From Teaching 2 and 3 years olds
Let’s learn numbers 1-10 with these printables!

9. Free Dot Numbers 1-10 Printables

These dot numbers 1-10 printables are a fun way to work on fine motor skills while also strengthening counting skills and number recognition! From Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.

Image shows a candle dot to dot printable activity from Blue Bonkers
This printable activity is so much fun!

10. Candle Dot to Dot Coloring Pages

Download and print this dot to dot puzzle to discover a hidden picture. Children learn to count as they connect the dots one number at a time. From Blue Bonkers.

Want more activities for preschoolers? We’ve got them!

Did you enjoy our connect the dot printables for preschool?

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