Let’s do a road trip scavenger hunt and watch the miles speed by! Print out this road trip scavenger hunt picture list for a fun way to pass time with the whole family. Kids of all ages (and adults too) can get in the fun of trying to find all the scavenger items.

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This road trip scavenger hunt is free and ready to be downloaded!

Free Printable Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

Our road trip scavenger hunt game includes two free printable pages that you can download now by clicking the green button:

Long car rides can be boring and finding things to do that don’t include screens can include the entire family. Your next road trip will be so much fun with a scavenger hunt to break up the long ride. This road trip scavenger hunt game was made to suit both younger kids and older kids because it is picture-based making it great for even kids who aren’t reading yet.

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How to Play Road Trip Scavenger Hunt

  1. Preparation: Before you leave on your trip, print out a copy for each non-driving member of the family. We love to laminate the pages too so you can play over and over and over. You will also need something to for each person to mark they have found an item: pen, pencil, marker, erasable marker, magnet, or post-it type notes (small).
  2. Explain the Rules: Set some rules about what types of things can be counted and what to do when there is a discrepancy of opinion.
  3. Ready, Set…Go: Have a designated person start the road trip scavenger hunt loudly enough that everyone gets started at the same time.
  4. End the Game: When someone has found all the items on the scavenger hunt or a designated number, the game ends and that person is declared the winner. Another way to end the game is at a specified time and the person with the most items found, wins.

Safe travels!

Road trip scavenger hunt Page 1

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Your next road trip will be so much fun!

On the first printable road trip scavenger hunt page, kids will have to pay attention to find these objects or people:

  • Red car
  • 3 motorcycles
  • Yellow bus
  • Gas station
  • Restaurant
  • Police car with lights on
  • Person wearing a hat
  • Swingset
  • Sticky figure family sticker

Road trip scavenger hunt ideas – Printable Page 2

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The second page of our road trip scavenger hunt is equally fun!

On the second road trip scavenger hunt page, things will be a little bit more difficult to find – so pay close attention! Here are the items you will need to find:

  • Port-a-potty
  • Bridge over water
  • Ambulance
  • Field with cows
  • Tall building
  • Tunnel
  • An airplane
  • Semi-truck
  • Cloud shaped like an animal – use the blank space to draw it!

Download our Road trip scavenger hunt PDF files here

The road trip scavenger hunt pdf is sized for regular sized 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper and can be printed double sided.

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Download our free road trip scavenger hunt list right now!

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