Looking for some winter worksheets and activity pages for kids? These winter worksheets are great for kids of all ages. We have a printable easy pack of activity pages for younger kids like toddlers and preschoolers, and an advanced pack of winter printables for older kids like elementary aged kids. Download these winter worksheet pdf files to enjoy some free activities at home or in the classroom.

Text: Winter Activity Printables - Kids Activities Blogs- Worksheets like: Mazes, Spot the Differences, Word Search, Tracing, Draw and color it, connect, scrambles
These activity pages and worksheets are so much fun!

Winter Worksheets and Activity Pages For Kids

With temperatures dropping we’re forced to spend more time at home and indoors. These printable winter activity sheets should keep your kids entertained for a while!

Winter is a great time of the year as you can do all kinds of fun things in the snow and when it’s just too cold outside there are a ton of indoor games and activities you can do with your kids.

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The Printable Winter Activity Sheets set includes

There are two different activity packs to choose from! One for toddlers and preschoolers and the other for elementary aged kids.

1. Easy Pack of Winter Printables and Activity Pages:

Text: Easy Winter Printables- Maze, Find the different, maze, connect the pictures and numbers, trace the letters, draw the picture, draw a picture, spot the differences
There are 8 different easy winter worksheets and activity pages. Perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.
  • 1 page where kids have to finish the drawing of a snowman.
  • 1 page with tracing letters.
  • 1 page where they have to identify an object that doesn’t belong.
  • 2 pages with simple mazes to solve.
  • 1 page where they have to spot 5 differences.
  • 1 page where they have to draw a winter scene.
  • 1 counting page.

2. Advanced Pack Of Winter Printables and Activity Pages

Text: Advanced Winter Printables- unscramble the sentence, continue the pattern, maze, unscramble the words, maze, draw a picture, word search, find the 10 differences
Check out these 8 different advanced winter printables and activity pages for elementary aged kids!
  • 2 pages with mazes.
  • 1 page where they have to draw a winter scene.
  • 1 page with scrambled words.
  • 1 page with scrambled sentences.
  • 1 page where they have to spot 10 differences.
  • 1 page where they have to continue the pattern sequence.
  • 1 page with a winter word search puzzle.

Download and Print Your Free Easy and Advanced Winter Worksheets and Activity Page PDF Files Here:

Check out the Easy Winter Activity Book and the Advanced Winter Activity Book!

How To Use Your Free Printable  Winter Activity Sheets

Printable Winter Activity Sheets for Kids
Print these Winter Activity pack PDF files!

So it’s one of those days… It’s super cold outside and you are stuck inside! That means it’s time for a fun (and slightly educational) way to keep the kids busy. With a few clicks on the computer and a few pages from the printer and you have these fun activities ready to give to your kids!

Follow the instructions on each sheet and practice fine motor skills with tracing, drawing and coloring.

Practice problem solving skills with the word searches and mazes!

And don’t forget to have fun!

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