Kids will love these free printable farm animal coloring pages that feature our favorite farm animals like chickens, pigs, rooster, chicks, cows and sheep! Coloring pictures of farm animals are a great way to connect with the farm and learn about different animals at the same time – that’s why we created the cutest farm animal coloring pages for kids. Download & print them and grab your favorite crayons! These farm animal coloring pages are great whether you’re using them at home or in the classroom.

Farm Animals Coloring Pages printed pdf black and white coloring pages on a wood background with pencils, crayons, and eraser, kids activities blog

The Kids Activities Blog coloring page collection has been downloaded over 100,000 times in the past year!

Farm Coloring Pages for Kids

These printable farm animal coloring pages include two adorable farm animal pictures to print (don’t miss our cornucopia coloring pages) and color. Both coloring sheets are available for instant download. Click the button to download your farm animal coloring pages now:

Kids of all ages, younger kids and older kids, will love these farm animal coloring pages. You can easily use markers, colored pencils, markers, and paint on these coloring sheets! Ready? Let’s go!

Fun Farm Animal Coloring Page – Barn with Chickens & Pig

Farm Animals Coloring Pages printed pdf coloring sheet of a barn, chickens, rooster, chicks, and a pig- kids activities blog- coloring page 1
It’s time to grab all of your crayons and color these farm animals!

Our first farm animal coloring page features an adorable pig sitting in a puddle, a rooster and his family, including hen and chicks, enjoying the beautiful sunny day in the farm! What is your favorite farm animal in this picture? I like the chicks the most, especially the one that is hatching from an egg!

Farm Pasture with Fence Coloring Page – Cow and Sheep Grazing

Farm Animals Coloring Pages Printed pdf black and white coloring sheet with smiling cow and sheep in a pasture with fence- kids activities blog coloring page 2
Moo! Baah! Get these cute cow and sheep coloring pages!

Our second farm animal coloring page features a big cow and a cute sheep, eating some grass. They’re both so adorable! Use your greenest crayon to color the grass and a nice blue to color the sky. Then color in the cow and sheep however you prefer!

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farm animal coloring pages printed pdf black and white on a dark decorated background with chalk, pencil, and colorful accessories- kids activities blog
Our farm animal coloring pages are ready to be downloaded!

Download & Print Free Farm Animal Coloring Pages pdf Here

This coloring page is sized for standard letter printer paper dimensions – 8.5 x 11 inches.

Recommended Supplies for FARM ANIMAL COLORING SHEETS

Printable Farm Animal Coloring Pages Set Includes

Find your favorite coloring spot in the house, grab your coloring supplies and let’s have a fun time coloring these coloring pages of farm animals. Let’s start with a game! How many farm animals can you and your little one think of?

These are what came to mind: cow, sheep, pig, goat, horse, chicken, calf, lamb, piglet, foal, chick, rabbit, donkey, duck, goose… But I know there are so many more!

Benefits of coloring for kids

Coloring pictures for kids is the perfect thing to do for those days when you want fun ways to keep your preschooler engaged in a creative activity that builds motor skills too. Especially with these farm animal coloring pages, because kids also get the chance to learn about farm life. Hooray!

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Did you enjoy our farm animal coloring pages?

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