The coolest week of the year, Shark Week is finally here and we’re going to celebrate it with shark games!

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love taking every opportunity to help our kids work on their fine motor skills. Logic puzzles for kids encourage your little ones to practice pattern recognition and develop problem-solving skills, all while having fun!

Shark color & cut printable
We created this shark puzzle coloring activity just for you!

That’s why we made this super adorable and super easy kids puzzle! It’s a perfect activity to celebrate Shark Week.

If you’re trying to find a simple activity for your kids with almost no set-up, check out our free library printables and get ready for a super colorful afternoon.

We also have easy stem activities for your little ones that are interested in science and zentangles for kids as well as coloring activities for kids that prefer a quiet and relaxing coloring afternoon. No matter what they choose, everyone is guaranteed to have a blast!

shark coloring page puzzle printable activity
Download, print, color and cut out this puzzle coloring page for a fun Shark Week activity!

Puzzles for kids

What do you want to do today? We have over 4500 kids activities, both indoor and outdoor activities, crafts, word search activities, math games, kids puzzles, free jigsaw, and pretty much everything!

Shark Week will take us to oceans around the world to reveal the mysterious world of sharks. So if your kids enjoy watching shark week, they will love shark games, baby shark puzzle, logic puzzle for kids, and coloring pages. Today we are doing a funny shark week puzzle!

How to use our Shark Week Kids Puzzles

Just download and print this coloring page, have your kid color it however they want, and cut it into big pieces! Be aware that the smaller the pieces, the more difficult it will be to solve.

We recommend laminating this printable after coloring it, that way it will laste longer! But don’t worry if you don’t have a laminator, you can paste this coloring page into a piece of cardstock or scrapbook paper before cutting it.

Download here:

Shark coloring page puzzle printable

Coloring page puzzles provide fun, creative expression, learning and skill-building all in one!

Check out more of our Shark Week Activities!


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