Summer is here! Your kids will enjoy these fun printable summer activity sheets! Activity books are a great boredom busters that you can just print whenever you need them. Summer Activity Sheets Free Printable

Free Printable  Summer Activity Sheets

Be it a rainy day or a day at the beach when the temperatures are just too high to walk around in the sun these freebies will be there to keep your kids busy (while you can have a few minutes for yourself). A mix of puzzles, word searches, mazes and other activities – something fun for everyone.

The Printable Jumbo Coloring Pages  Pack  Includes

  • 1  page with a coloring page (yummy ice cream!).
  • 1 page with a word summer themed search puzzle.
  • 1  page with a simple maze to solve.
  • 1 page with spot  the differences game.
  • 1 page with a crossword puzzle.

Download here

More Fun Free  Printables

You can expand this activity book by also printing these beach word search puzzles. We can take it even further and  add some fun ocean themed coloring pages. Also check these fun ocean mazes, they will work great with this pack too. This activity book just became even more fun didn’t it but if you still don’t have enough browse through all of our free printables and make the “bestest” activity book there is! Summer Activity Sheets Save

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