Let’s have some learning fun with these  bugs  activity sheets! Printable activity sheets are always great as they are fun for the  kids to solve and while solving them  they also  work on important skills (writing, reading, comprehension…). Bugs Activity Sheets

Bugs  Activity Sheet Printables

Kids are generally fascinated with bugs and to be honest I am quite a fan to although I do set the limit at 6 legs. Anything above that number of legs and you will see me scream!

The Easy Bugs  Printable Activities pack includes:

  • 3 coloring and drawing pages.
  • 2 mazes to solve.
  • 1  spot the difference page.
  • 2  letter and word tracing activity page.

The Advanced Bugs  Printable Activities pack includes:

  • 2 pages with scrambled words and sentences.
  • 2  coloring page (one regular and one with identifying a letter within the word).
  • 1 word search puzzle.
  • 2 fun mazes.
  • 1  spot the difference page.

Download here:

More  Printable Activities for Kids

If your kids love solving mazes they are going to love these fun ocean animals mazes! Also be sure to check this fun ocean coloring pages! If bugs are their thing also grab these printable love bug coloring pages.

More Bug Themed  Activities

If you have a kid that tends to be a bit grossed out by bugs do check these non icky ways to learn about bugs. You can also use the “creepy crawlers” to play a counting game. Bug Activity Sheets Free Printables for Kids    

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