Fun & Free Printable Halloween Masks For Kids

{Mwhahahaha} We have some really fun free printable Halloween masks for kids today. These are all pdf files that you can download and print instantly to make a homemade Halloween mask for trick-or-treating or pretend play.

Printable Halloween masks for kids - 4 shown cut out and ready to make on a purple background: skeleton skull, dracula, pumpkin head and frankenstein monster
Let’s download & print these fun Halloween masks for kids!

Halloween is the best time of the year for pretend play, so make sure to snatch up these printable Halloween masks! Just download, print, and cut – and the kids are ready to play!

Pssst…yes, they are Halloween masks, but any day is fun to play with printable kids masks!

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Printable Halloween Masks Templates

Let’s start with four original free printables of Halloween mask ideas for kids. These masks for Halloween are perfect for the days leading up to October 31, or while kids wait for their costume to arrive.

Our printable Halloween mask set has four fun Halloween masks to print, cut and create into a kids mask.

Let’s take a look at the different printable masks you can choose from:

printable Halloween mask for kids - skeleton skull mask template pdf shown
Let’s make a skull Halloween mask!

Printable Skull Halloween Mask

The first printable mask for kids is a skeleton skull. Kids will cut out the eye holes, add a string or elastic and wear it above their mouth so that it looks like the skull upper teeth are working when they talk!

Printable Halloween masks for kids - Dracula mask pdf shown
Let’s make a Dracula Halloween mask!

Printable Dracula Halloween Mask

Our next printable mask for kids is Dracula. Complete with pointy ears and long teeth, Dracula is enough fright for any Halloween night!

Printable Halloween masks for kids - pumpkin head mask pdf file shown
Let’s make a pumpkin Halloween mask!

Printable Pumpkin Halloween Mask

I don’t know whether to call this a pumpkin mask or a pumpkin head mask for kids! You can look like a jack-o-lantern by “carving” out the jack-o-lantern eyes to see through.

Printable Halloween masks for kids - Frankenstein monster mask pdf
Let’s make a Frankenstein mask!

Printable Frankenstein Mask

Frankenstein’s monster mask is frightingly green with yellow teeth and bolts in the neck. Kids can look fierce and scary anytime they desire by popping on this printable mask!

The Printable Halloween Masks set includes

  • 1 skeleton skull mask
  • 1 vampire with a mischievous grin
  • 1 evil looking pumpkin
  • 1 Frankenstein monster all powered up and ready to do the monster mash

Download the Halloween Mask pdf Files Here

Supplies Needed to Make Halloween Mask

Directions for Putting Halloween Mask Together

Step 1

Download & print the free printable mask pattern pdf file.

Step 2

Cut out the mask and the eye holes using scissors.

Step 3

With a hole punch, create holes on either side of the mask next to the eyes. Knot string or elastic bands securely in place and loop around to the other side.

Two girls are sitting on a couch and each has a Halloween paper mask on their face. The girl looking at the camera is wearing a batgirl mask and she has a huge smile on her face.
Playing with or making your own mask is always great fun!

More Free Mask Printables for Kids that Could be Used for Halloween

If you loved these Halloween masks and want to print out more masks for your kids, check out:


How did your printable Halloween masks turn out? Which Halloween mask was your child’s favorite?

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