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When we first saw the trailer for Dolittle, I knew this was a movie my kiddo would love. A reimagined version of the classic tale, Doctor Dolittle talks with animals and embarks on an epic adventure filled with high stakes, laughter, a dragon, pirates and more!

I could just see his imagination soar after seeing the movie on how he could talk to animals and acting out the different characters’ roles, which is why we can’t wait to see Dolittle in theaters this Friday, January 17.

Dr Dolittle with Robert Downy Jr and a giraffe, gorilla, birds, emu, polar bear and a dog

Epic Adventure of Dr Dolittle

The epic adventure stars Robert Downey Jr. and is filled with heart, humor and globe-trotting excitement.

His animal friends include: a parrot (Emma Thompson), duck (Octavia Spencer), polar bear (John Cena), giraffe (Selena Gomez), and so many more!

Video: Dolittle Official Trailer

Watch the trailer below and then scroll to download our Animal Mask templates.

Dolittle Inspired Printable Animal Masks

Inspired by Dolittle’s animal companions, I created easy Printable Animal Masks. Our free download has eight different character masks that your kids can color and cut out to become one of their favorite characters from the movie.

Printable animal masks inspired by dolittle with a parrot, ostrich, polar bear, and dogs
These are such a fun craft!

The unique and colorful animals are one of my favorite parts of the trailer — they bring such fun and flair to the film.

Animal Mask Templates

We’ve created easy templates for:

  • Poly (voiced by Emma Thompson)
  • Jip (voiced by Tom Holland)
  • Dab-Dab (voiced by Octavia Spencer)
  • Plimpton (voiced by Kumail Nanjiani)
  • Chee-Chee (voiced by Rami Malek)
  • Yoshi (voiced by John Cena)
  • Betsy (voiced by Selena Gomez)
  • Tutu (voiced by Marion Cotillard)  
Dolittle Dog Mask colored in grey, with pink ears and yellow glasses
The glasses on the dog mask are super cute!

These masks are not only animal mask templates to cut out, but a craft too! Your child can color them to look just like Dolittle’s friends in the movie or color them to look how they want.

Dolittle Polar Bear Mask with an orange, yellow, and green hat, and grey ears, muzzle, and a black nose.
I love the designs on the hat!

Printable Animal Masks Inspired by Dolittle

Supplies Needed To Create Your Printable Animal Masks

These masks are pretty simple to make, however, you will need a few supplies to not only make them a little sturdier, but to make them works of art.

Here’s what you need to make our Printable Animal Masks:

  • Animal Mask Templates
  • White Cardstock
  • Markers, Crayons, or Colored Pencils
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Elastic String
All the printable animal masks that include a duck, dog, gorilla, parrot, giraffe, fox, and ostritch
Look how colorful the parrot mask is!

Turning Your Animal Mask Templates Into a Work of Wearable Art

Begin by printing our Animal Mask Templates onto the white cardstock. Color the masks — we tried to match the characters from the film.

Parrot mask with blue, green, yellow, and a brown beak.

Cut out the masks, including the circles for the eye holes. Punch small holes in each side, and connect elastic string to the mask by tying each end through one of the holes.

Now your mask is ready for you to head out on your own adventure to theater this weekend to see DOLITTLE with your family. Get your tickets now!

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