Another day closer to Halloween, another printable activity! This time we’ve got a Halloween hidden picture puzzle. Puzzles are one of the funnest and easiest activities for two year olds and older children who are learning the alphabet.

This Halloween game is my go-to activity when kids need a quick screen-free activity.

Halloween hidden picture coloring page activity on a wood surface surrounded by small pumpkins
Improve your observation skills while having fun with our free Halloween games!

Spooktacular Free Halloween activities

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Halloween hidden picture coloring page activity on a wood surface surrounded by trick or treat candy and Halloween arts and craft supplies
Can you find all the objects in this haunted castle? This printable will test your kid’s object recognition!

Halloween hidden picture puzzles

There are so many benefits to solving hidden pictures games: an engaging seek and find printable can help improve your kids’ observation skills and attention to detail. Kids who prefer visual activities will especially love this coloring puzzle.

Download here: 

Let your kid find all of the objects that are hiding in our Halloween pictures. We dare you to find spooky eyes, a witch hat, and other Halloween-themed objects!

This diy Halloween printable will enhance your children’s vocabulary too, all while having fun. Score!

Halloween hidden picture coloring page activity on a wood surface surrounded by Halloween art and craft supplies
Find all of the hidden objects in this free Halloween printable!

How to play hidden picture puzzles?

The coolest thing about this spooky Halloween game is that it requires very little preparation!

All you have to do is print it (don’t worry, we made this worksheet black and white so you won’t use too much ink), grab a couple of crayons and have your children circle or cross the hidden pictures as they find them. It’s not as easy as you think!

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