Looking for some mask patterns for kids? We have so many ideas how to make a mask for homemade masks that kids of all ages will love! Whether you have a sewing machine or can’t sew, there is DIY mask idea for everyone. From bird masks to DIY masquerade mask ideas, we have fun masks to make!

diy mask ideas for kids - collage of 7 different styles of masks to make with kids from bird masks to star wars masks - Kids activities blog
Let’s make a mask!

DIY Mask Ideas For Kids

These 30+ DIY mask ideas for kids are so much fun. Whether you are making a mask for Halloween, Mardi Gras, dress up, a dramatic play or just because, we have the best mask making for kids ideas.

There are many great things about making costumes with your kids. It promotes family bonding. It helps build creativity. The kids have ownership over what was created and therefor have more enthusiasm about getting dressed up for the festivities. We have a mask, plus other fun crafts and activities, to fit your needs!

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Superhero Mask Ideas

diy superhero masks with red, purple, orange, and green masks, felt marvel hero masks like hulk, spiderman, and captain america, and paper plate marvel hero masks.
I love the hulk mask!

1. Superhero Mask Template 

Be super and make your own super hero mask with these templates! This DIY superhero mask is such a fun craft that will leave your child feeling super! The best part is, most of the items you probably already have in your crafting supplies! Via Red Ted Art.

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2. Superhero Paper Plate Masks

DIY Mask- super hero paper plate mask: spider man, iron man, batman, captain america, hulk- kids activities blog
Make a mask of your favorite super hero!

Become your favorite superhero with by making one of these superhero paper plate masks. Use these free printable templates to create these awesome paper plate mask. Via Meaningful Mama.

3. Felt Superhero Masks

DIY Mask- Felt superhero mask: wolverine, iron man, batman, spider man, captain america, hulk- kids activities blog
Use felt to make a mask like your favorite super hero!

How cute are these! You can choose to make one of these 6 felt hero masks. You can choose from: Spiderman, Iron Man, Hulk, Bat Man, Captain America, and Wolverine. Via Tessie Fae.

4. Super Hero Mask Pattern

DIY Mask Super Hero Mask pattern- Captain america, iron man, hulk- kids activities blog
Here are even more felt super hero mask patterns!

You can use these PDF patterns to create either paper hero masks or felt hero masks. These are also super cute, but would also be a lot of fun to put together. Plus, if you make a paper mask, your child can decorate it anyway they want! Via Willow and Stitch.

5. More Superhero Crafts

DIY Mask- More Super hero crafts coloring pages- kids activities blog
Have you seen our other super hero crafts?

Wanting more superhero for kids? Check out our superhero coloring pages. Or how about adding a little more pizazz to your costume with this awesome superhero craft! Make your own superhero bracers!

Mardi Gras Masks

These mardi gras masks are beautiful! There are felt masquerade masks that look like butterflies and birds, a rainbow mardi gras paper mask, a nature made owl mask.
These Mardi Gras masks are the perfect way to celebrate!

6. Masquerade Masks

DIY Mask- DIY Mardi Gras masks with feathers and gems- kids activities blog
Ready to celebrate Mardi Gras with these fancy masks?

Be mysterious with these gorgeous and colorful masquerade masks. They’re colorful, sparkly with all sorts of tassels and feathers! These are the more classic Masquerade masks that are held on by a stick. Via First Pallette.

7. DIY Mardi Gras Mask

DIY Mask- Owl mardi gras mask with bugs and leaves- kids activities blog
Make a nature based Mardi Gras mask.

This mask is great for a number of different purposes! Use it for pretend play or use it as a masquerade mask to celebrate Mardi Gras. You use nature to make this beautiful owl mask. Via Fun Stuff to Do.

8. Printable Mardi Gras Mask Craft

DIY MASK- printable Mardi Gras mask with colors and paper and scissors- kids activities blog
Print off your own Mardi Gras mask.

This is a classic Mardi Gras mask. Use this free Mardi Gras mask template to create a beautiful mask. Color the feathers, paper gems, and then add real (plastic) gems. Your child will love decorating these Mardi Gras masks.

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9. Make Your Own Mardi Gras Mask

DIY Masks- marti gras masks with feathers and colors- kids activities blog
Let’s make Mardi Gras masks!

Want other Mardi Gras mask ideas? Then you’ll love these other colorful masks. Choose from 6 different Mardi Gras masks! They’re all a lot of fun to make.

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Halloween Masks

Printable halloween masks that include, spiders, monsters, frankenstein, dracula, a cat, and jackolantern.
Look how creepy these Halloween masks are!

10. Printable Halloween Masks

Get spooky with these printable Halloween masks! Sometimes we are on a budget or need something simple and that is where these printable Halloween masks come in! They’re classic masks perfect for any costume. You could also use a coffee filter for the wings of the bat.

11. Free Printable Halloween Masks 

DIY Mask- free printable Halloween mask- cat, bug, ghost, spider- kids activities blog
Which spooky mask do you want to wear?

You don’t have to spend a lot of time making the perfect Halloween mask when you can use these printable Halloween masks. You can be a skeleton, a black cat, a creepy crawly, or a monster! This is the best way to have fun on Halloween. Via Mr. Printables.

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12. Masked Marvels

DIY Mask- Masked marvels: wolverine, iron man, flash, captain america, hulk, batman- kids activities blog
Wear your favorite Marvel character mask.

You can have your own mask to be a super hero. These masked marvels are absolute beautiful and spooky. These are not printable masks, rather you decorate a plastic mask using paint, paper, pom poms, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, and more! Via Cutesy Crafts.

13. Frankenstein Mask

DIY Mask- Frankenstein mask with steps- kids activities blog
This mask is perfect for Halloween.

It’s alive! Make this awesome printable Frankenstein mask. This tutorial shows you step by step how to make this cool Frankenstein mask that is actually a little 3D. Via Delia Creates.

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Paper Plate Masks

Make your own paper plate mask like these animal masks that include a panda, brown bear, fox, or a dinosaur mask, or a captain America mask, or a butterfly mask.
That Panda mask is precious!

14. Paper Plate Animal Masks

Masks don’t have to be hard to make. Try out these easy paper plate animal masks. The best part is you add little details that make them look even more realistic! Add feathers, yarn whiskers, and even a toilet paper roll snout! Via Crafts 4 Toddlers.

15. Paper Plate Panda Masks

Diy mask- panda plate masks at zoo themed birthday party- kids activities blog
Look like a panda bear with these masks.

Look how adorable these are! I love these so much. These paper plate Panda masks are super cute and easy to make. All you need is paper plates, paint, ribbons, hole punch, and scissors. Via Kix Cereal.

16. DIY Paper Plate Mask

DIY mask- diy paper plate mask with glitter- kids activities blog
Use a paper plate to make a beautiful mask.

Let us show you how to make your own paper plate mask. The best part about this mask is your will be able to decorate it anyway they want! This is one of our favorite paper plate crafts.

17. Superhero Paper Plate Masks

DIY Mask super hero captain america- kids activities blog
Use this paper plate mask to look like Captain America.

These paper plate masks are super cute, but it takes a little more time. Cut the masks in the right shape and then paint them up to look like your favorite superhero. Who knew paper plates could be so heroic? Your child can make their own superhero masks. Via The Happy Home Life.

I am a big fan of paper plate crafts. They’re so versatile and you can make all sorts of things like this easy paper plate giraffe craft or this cotton ball painted snail paper plate craft.

Woodland Creatures Masks

These animal masks are all the woodland creatures like foxes, owls, deer, racoons.
Look how sweet the deer mask is!

18, Woodland Creature Mask

Is your child an animal lover? Then they will love this woodland creature mask tutorial then! Make a foam mask that looks just like your favorite woodland creature. I think I would have to make an owl! Via Hoosier Homemade.

19. No-Sew Animal Mask

diy mask- no sew animal masks 6 masks- kids activities blog
You don’t have to know how to sew to make these animal masks.

Anything no-sew is always a plus for me! These no-sew animal masks are super cute. Choose from a red fox, silver fox, owl, lion, ladybug, or even an octopus! These are soft fabric masks that are great for smaller kids. I think the silver fox is my favorite cloth face mask. Via Pretty Prudent.

20. Fantastic Mr. Fox Mask

DIY Mask- Fantastic mr. fox mask on child- kids activities blog
This mask lets you look like Fantastic Mr. Fox.

Fantastic Mr. Fox is such a wonderful book. Now you can be Mr. Fox with this Mr. Fox DIY mask. The cool part is, this mask has some depth, meaning it isn’t flat. The snout actually sticks out a bit making it look 3D. Via Red Ted Art.

21. Animal Mask Templates

DIY Mask- Dr. Dolittle Animal Mask printables- kids activities blog
These masks let you look like all the Dr. Dolittle animals.

Make your own face mask! Short on time? No problem! We have plenty of super cute printable animal masks that are inspired by Dr. Dolittle. You can choose from 8 different characters and each mask doubles as a coloring craft! 

Safari Animals Masks

DIY Safari Animal Masks
Let’s make an animal mask!

22. Quick And Easy Animal Masks

Did you know you can use foam to make masks? These quick and easy animal masks are super cute. There are just so many to choose from! I think I like the lion the most! This free face mask pattern is great for those who need something simple. Via The Creative Mom.

23. Printable Animal Masks

DIY mask- giraffe printable mask held by child- kids activities blog
Be a giraffe with this mask.

Get wild with these printable safari masks. You can be a panda, elephant, or a giraffe. These masks aren’t just a little bit wild, but a good idea for those interested in pretend play. The best part is, you can either keep your mask on a stick or add string and wear it around. Via The House that Lars Built.

24. Lion Mask Craft For Toddlers

DIY mask- paper lion mask held by girl- kids activities blog
Rawr! This is the cutest lion mask.

Be fierce and make a roar with this easy lion mask that even toddlers can make! This is such a cute mask and I love how wild and bright the mane is! Make sure you have lots of orange and yellow (maybe red) construction paper!

25. E Is For Elephant

DIY mask- gray elephant mask held by boy- kids activities blog
How cute is this elephant mask?

Learn the letter E and make a stomp with this adorable elephant mask. Learning letters is a little easier by being able to associate the letter with a word, or in this case, a mask! by East Coast Mommy Blog.

Looking for more fun safari activities? Try these foam cup crafts! You can make a set of 3 safari animals. Don’t forget to try this jungle animals word search!

Bird Mask Ideas Kids Can Make

Bird Mask DIY for Kids - 4 different bird mask techniques kids can make
Let’s make a bird mask!

26. Bird Beak Mask

Get colorful with this super cute bird mask. This isn’t a flimsy paper mask, this mask is made of various pieces of cloth and is super colorful, and comfortable if I do say so myself. Via Childhood 101.

27. Angry Bird Mask

DIY mask- angry birds masks held by sisters- kids activities blog
Love Angry Birds? You’ll like these masks then.

Who doesn’t love Angry Birds? Now you can be an Angry Bird with these printable masks. This one may require a little help from mom and dad as it does involve scissors and an Xacto knife. Via Alpha Mom.

28. Egg Carton Bird Mask

DIY Mask- egg carton bird masks- kids activities blog
Tweet Tweet! Be a bird with these masks.

What a fantastic way to recycle! Which is one of the most important things. You can use egg cartons to make these gorgeous bird masks. Make your mask dark or make it very bright! The cool part is, if you cut the egg carton right, you’ll have a raised beak. Via Embark On The Journey

29. DIY Bird Mask

DIY Mask- 3D Bird mask on boy- kids activities blog
What do you think about this 3D bird mask?

Learn to make the coolest cardboard bird mask. You layer the paper for this mask and it creates are really cool 3D effect. Plus, it looks even cooler with the different colors overlaying one another. This free pattern is awesome and require all the best material (but still affordable). Via Hand Made Charlotte.

Up-cycled Materials Masks

Recycled masks that look like plate armor, a tiki mask, a stormtrooper mask, and a small bird-like mask.
Not sure what I love more the Stormtrooper helmet or the “plate” helmet.

30. Knight In Shining Armor Mask

Recycle a popcorn bucket to turn your child into a knight in shining armor. As someone who loves the Renaissance faire, this is a cheap and fun way to make faux plate armor! It has a step by step guide to help you be noble! Via Meaningful Mama.

31. Egg Carton Masks

Go green by using egg cartons to make small colorful masks. This is the perfect craft for toddlers and preschoolers and allows them to get a bit messy as they decorate their masks. Follow the step instructions to make this amazing mask. Via Picklebums.

32. Jug Masks

DIY mask- jug masks made from milk jugs and painted- kids activities blog
This mask is very different.

You can use milk jugs to make the coolest, and slightly creepy, face masks with paper mache. They look very similar to tiki masks especially after you add the paint! I love homemade face masks that are unique and colorful like this recycled mask. Via Instructables.

33. Milk Jug Storm Trooper Helmet

DIY mask- milk jug storm trooper mask being played with by kids- kids activities blog
Be a stormtrooper with this mask.

Is your child a Star Wars fan? Then squash the rebellion with these milk jug masks! These are the cutest Stormtrooper helmets and would be a lot of fun for Halloween or even pretend play! by Filth Wizardry.

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Some More oF Our Favorite Masks

We love masks. Whether it’s for a party, dress-up, or Halloween, there are so many beautiful masks available, and these are our favorite ones!

What are the best materials for mask making for kids?

Mask-making for kids is such a fun activity. You can make masks from so many simple things around your house. Paper plates are always a win. Milk jugs, construction paper, newspaper, and felt are all easy options you probably have around your house already.

What are the safety guidelines for kids wearing masks?

  • Choose masks that don’t cover the eyes, so they don’t block your kid’s vision.
  • Make sure the mask is made of breathable material, so it’s easy to breathe and not too stuffy.
  • The mask should fit well and not be too tight or loose.

Are there any patterns or templates available for kid's masks?

You will find masks for kids all over Kids Activities Blog! Mask-making is always easier with a pattern, so surf our options and find an activity for your kids today!

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Which mask is your favorite? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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