Y’all, this Halloween bingo printable is so awesome! Kids of all ages will love playing Halloween bingo! Use cute tokens to cover all the fun Halloween icons and win candy! Or you can give any other rewards you want! This free Halloween bingo printable is easy to use and easy to download. Use our free Halloween bingo printable at home or in the classroom!

Printable Halloween Bingo printed pdf shown on a table with candy used as bingo markers - Kids activities Blog
Let’s play Halloween bingo!

Halloween Bingo Printable

Let’s play Halloween bingo with these free printable Halloween bingo game cards for kids of all ages. This free printable Halloween game works great whether you are playing Halloween bingo as a family, in the classroom or for a Halloween party. Download and print our Halloween bingo printable now:

This Halloween game is great for all ages and can be used by teachers or at home. All you have to do is download and print to play!

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Printable Halloween Bingo Card

Halloween bingo printable for kids with Halloween images- purple and orange printed pdf- Kids activities blog
This is what our awesome Halloween bingo printable looks like! So spooky!

This Halloween bingo printable is so cute! Look at the ghosts, owls, cauldrons, cats, Grim Reaper, and more! Plus it has all the Halloween colors, purple and orange. This printable pdf comes with 6 of these Halloween bingo cards. There are 2 cards to a page and you can cut along the dotted lines to separate them. It’s so great!

Printable Halloween Bingo Markers

Halloween Bingo Marker printables with Halloween pictures on them and letters spelling Bingo printed pdf- Kids activities blog
This is the first page of our Halloween printable Bingo markers.

There are 5 pages of these printable Halloween bingo markers. They spell out BINGO! Each marker has a picture that correlates with an image on our Halloween bingo printable. Cut along the dotted lines to free up all the bingo markers.

Download & Print Halloween Bingo Cards pdf Files Here

Halloween candy treat bags for Bingo prizes - 3 treat buckets shown on a Halloween decorated table - Kids Activities Blog
What cute bingo prizes!

How To Use Your Free Halloween Bingo Printable

  1. Print the free bingo game cards for your kids is print it out
  2. Cut out the bingo cards with scissors
  3. Grab bingo markers*

*When playing bingo at Halloween, I always prefer using Halloween candy as Bingo markers on the bingo cards.

Halloween Treat Buckets for Playing Bingo

We used just a few easily accessible items to make these adorable Halloween prize buckets. You can make these to give to each of your kids or if you are a teacher you can hand them out as prizes for the winners of the bingo game!

Here are some of our favorite Halloween treat buckets and bags for prizes!

Printable Halloween Bingo

More Printable Bingo & Halloween Fun from Kids Activities Blog

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Did you have fun with the printable Halloween bingo game?

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