35 Letters and Sounds Learning Games

School is beginning soon, and these  35  letter and sounds learning games  and activities will help you prepare your new student in fun ways. I hope you saw our 30 Great Back to School Printables to also help you prepare also.  I know that parents out there with kids entering kindergarten for the first time are wondering what their kids should know before they head out to school on their own. Maybe you are a homeschool mom or teacher who needs great resources for the kids in your care. You have come to the right place.

Letters & Sounds Learning Games

As a mom who once taught kindergarten, I always want to make sure my kids are well-prepared and can begin their school career  with a bit of an advantage by knowing their letters and sounds. I have seen the value in children knowing their letters early. That said, I also recognize that kids are kids, and I want to make sure they have time to play – both independently and with me. Children  acquire knowledge  through play, so learning letters at our house is rarely a sit down structured time.


Rather, it’s a time of play and games. The kids have fun and don’t even realize they are learning at the same time. I don’t believe we should leave teaching up to the schools. You get the great honor of being an educator of your child, and you can supplement what is happening at school by engaging your child in enjoyable yet educational ways. I hope these resources help you feel equipped to take the reigns in your own child’s education.  1-teaching letters sounds gamesAny of the sites that offer an affiliate program have affiliate program links below.

Muffin Tin Learning  – Want to make learning fun? This game involving throwing pennies and will keep your kids engaged. They will  barely know that this is actually a lesson.

Alphabet Flower Garden –  This garden is full of letters and learning opportunities. It is definitely a great way to explore and grow in alphabet knowledge.

ABC Mouse – This site gives kids tons of alphabet and phonics practice through interactive games and printables.

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Magnetic Alphabet Board – This letter matching activity is self-contained and is a tool to get  kids to match up letters and help with identification.

Play Dough and Magnet Letters – Letting kids explore using their senses is a great way to learn. Play Dough is a tactile  way to watch this happen.

Race the Alphabet – Do you have race tracks and a child that loves playing with cars? This activity is for you! If you don’t have your own track, here’s another version.

1-learning letters and sounds games

Magnet Letter Fishing  – Take your magnet letters and make a simple fishing pole. With a pond full of letters, your kids will have a lot of fun  casting their line for another catch.

Gold Coin Vowel Sound Drop – Your little pirate will have fun learning his or her vowels be playing this game.

ABC Letter Stack Game – Stacking up letters has never been so fun. They get to stack and stack until they fall, which I am sure will become the favorite part.

Initial Sounds Blackout Game  – Want kids to be able to identify the beginning sounds of words? This fun game will help them do exactly that.

Architecture Letter Scavenger Hunt – Have you seen those photos that find letters in architecture? Your kids get to go on their own letter scavenger hunt with this fun activity.

1-letters sounds alphabet games

A-Z Letter Learning Activities – This post brings you over 90 activities for each and every letter of the alphabet. What a great resource!

Word Ladder – Kids get to “climb” to the top of the ladder as they successfully identify letters and sounds. They don’t need to worry if they “fall,” they have the opportunity to try again.

Flashlight Alphabet Game – My kids are obsessed with flashlights. I know my preschooler would love this game!


Letter Formation Activity – Using materials you probably have at home, your kids will have a lot of fun forming their letters.

Alphabet Monster  – This hungry monster will only eat letters if you can say the name or sound of a letter. What a fun craft to make that also turns a great letter learning opportunity.

1-fun letters sounds games

Reading Hop  – This letter learning game will keep your kids active and hopping all around. If you are looking for a way to take learning outdoors, you have found it.

Alphabet “I Spy” – Take the classic and beloved game of “I Spy” and turn it into an alphabet search activity. Brilliant!

Runaway Letters Game  – Your child gets a chance to grab letters and runaway while you creativity beacon the letter’s return. This is a great way for moms, dads or teachers to interact with their kids during the educational process.

Lego Spelling  – If you add letters to duplex legos, you have a great way to work on sounds and words.

Making Letters with Letters – Learning letters will be reinforced over and over again as your kids use letters from magazines to create their own larger letters.

1-letter sound learning fun games

Spider Letter Swat – Kids will enjoy learning their letters as they swat away at the flies in this entertaining game.

Squirt the Letter  – This is a game I know my son, especially, would love. He loves anything squirt gun and anything water. Squirting the correct letter is right up his alley.

Letter Lacing – This letter lacing, quiet bag activity works on fine motor skills while also developing the skills needed to develop in reading.

Letter Sounds Race – Get your kids moving with this letter sounds race. This is a great learning opportunity for your active kids!

Disappearing Letters  – Kids will learn to love to trace their letters as they see  the trick to making them disappear.

1-sounds letters learning fun games

Bang – Bang is a letter identification game that will be a lot of fun for the little gamers in your life.

Mr. Shark Alphabet Chomper Game  – I love the idea to make a shark out of an envelope in general. Add the learning aspect of having the shark chomp letters, and you have a great game.

DIY Bananagrams Letter Tiles – Here’s a really smart way to make letter tiles. You can turn them into magnets or play the classic Bananagram game with your creation.

Soft Pretzel Letters – Kids can learn their letters as they have fun making pretzel dough. Through using both the sense of touch and taste, this becomes a fun activity for all.

Alphabet Words Game – This is a learning game that can be taken anywhere. Keep your kids occupied working on their letters at restaurants, home, car rides and more.

1-alphabet learning games letters sounds

Sensory Bins with Letters – Sometimes the best way to help kids learn is to let them explore. This sensory bin will help kids do just that.

Seek-N-Find Alphabet – This letter game is like an eye spy for letters. It involves a plastic tube (easily substituted by a water bottle), and will keep your kids searching for their letters for quite some time.

Tactile Writing – Kids learn to write letters as they use rice and paint  to feel their way through the process or writing.

Craft Stick Dominos  – These craft stick dominos are an easy, homemade version of a domino game with a  focus on learning letters and matching symbols. What a fun idea.

ABC Flashcards  – Flashcards can be used by a variety of games and activities like flashcard basketball. These ones are free.

It’s time to get learning. Now you have the tools to make it fun. Want more resources for heading back to school? Here are some great posts that might help: Back to School Giveaway Pack, Bubble Wrap Learning,  Teaching Study Skills to Kids, Back to School Jokes for Kids,  Great Games for Teaching Kids to Read, and Back to School Printables.

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