An alphabet activity that is hands-on allowing young children to move and wiggle aids in early learning…and is a lot of fun.   Throwing away the pencil and using bendable household items for abc formation is a great alphabet activity for little ones!
noodle and pipecleaner letters

Alphabet Activity

Noodle and pipe cleaner letters are so easy to put together and such fun to play with. You simply thread a pipe cleaner through smooth noodles that have a large noodle tunnel.   Once you have on about eight noodles you are ready to start bending the noodle threaded pipe cleaners  into letter formations. You may want to have a card displaying the letters for your child to uses as a guide. Physical Fitness Fun: Printable Alphabet Exercises Cards for Kids

abc formationabc Formation

The noodles really help to clearly  display  each letter’s shape as well as help the pipe cleaner to hold the shape.
In abc formation, the pipe cleaner allows the form to overlap or wrap around the noodles to create letters that have an up as well as down stroke. This bendable attribute really helped us to make this lowercase h. We had a lot of fun with this alphabet activity. I  hope you will too.. This isn’t Kids Activities Blog ONLY alphabet activity!   Check out these ideas from some of the other Quirky Mommas:
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