This alphabet sounds activity is a really fun way to set up for future phonemic awareness activities and games.  With a little set up as shown in this post, these alphabet sounds tubs will be ready for any type of early reading skills learning.

simple abc game for preschoolers

Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Catherine from Momma’s Fun World who is Quirky Momma for the day.  We really appreciate her sharing this alphabet sounds activity!

alphabet sounds

Alphabet Sounds

I saw these tubs at a large learning store and thought it was a great idea for learning phonemic awareness, but was not going to pay $149. for them! So I made them myself. I found the containers on sale and then had a coupon on top of that, so the set up was less than $30 which is MUCH better than the original price.

Make Alphabet Sounds Tubs

I found this free alphabet printable over at Kadens Corner. Once I printed them out, I placed them on the front of each container with packing tape to make sure they were secure and could withstand kid play. Then the hunt was on!  We scoured the house for items to place in each container with the same alphabet sounds.  Each container has house hold items in them along with a magnet letter. abc hunt with toys

Alphabet Sounds Activities

There are lots of ways to increase phonemic awareness with these alphabet sounds tubs.
  1. We would watch the Leap Frog Letter Factory movie and pull out these containers and play a game. My son loved this.
  2. Using the alphabet sounds tubs as a container for a letter scavenger hunt.
  3. Guess the alphabet sounds?  Without looking, reaching into tubs and trying to figure out what letter is the alphabet sound.
  4. Alphabet sounds sorting.  Empty a few {at first} tubs and then sort the items back into the appropriate letter tub.
Catherine was a nurse turned stay at home mom to her 4 y/o son and 2 y/o daughter. She doesn’t like to clean the house, but she loves being a Mom and wouldn’t have it any other way! She can be found blogging at Mommas Fun World.

More Alphabet Sounds Fun

There are tons more ways to play with alphabet sounds improving phonemic awareness.  Kids Activities Blog has a few places to start!

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  1. Hi Another great idea is to put stuff that barbie dolls play with.There little but you can find lots of things.?Watch the kids to make sure they put nothing in there mouth. 🙂

  2. I had the same idea after seeing a set that cost $150. I bought my tubs from the local grocery store deli for 10 cents each, then began hunting items. It has been very difficult for some letters and my parents have supplied a few things, but not too many. I have a couple websites that lit items that begin with each letter and I scour the house for items. I have bought many small animals because the kids gravitate toward them. The challenge comes with finding several things that will fit in the tub.
    We begin our week with the items in our alphabet bag and guess what they are using clues and the sound of the week. As we finish them up they move to the tub and we use them in various ways throughout the year.

  3. This sounds like such a great idea, it just seems like it will take for ever to complete! I love it though 🙂