Learning the alphabet is a ton of fun when you organize your alphabet finds with these Printable Alphabet Labels!

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Homeschool preschool is a ton of fun – especially when you’re learning your letters! We love using the Fun with Letters curriculum, because it’s filled with almost 500 pages of printable activity goodness. One of the extension activities that we do to bring that hands-on component to our alphabet lessons is to play this fun alphabet search game.

Download here:

While we’ve used other labels in the past, I really wanted ones that displayed the letters front and center. After all, the whole point of the game is to help kids recognize the letters, right? So, we decided to create our own labels that have a pretty chevron pattern, but make the letters the focal point of each alphabet label.

You can print them out on self-sticking label paper to create your own stickers or print them on cardstock and make sturdier signs.

While the game recommends tubs, I like to use large paper lunch bags too. They’re a lot easier to carry around and they’re bigger – which means my kids can fit more into them!

Download them all at one time or bookmark this page and come back to it later to download the letters you’re working on.

Download our Printable Alphabet Labels

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