Doing arts and crafts outdoors doubles the fun of creating for kids of all ages and contains the mess. Let’s take our art project ideas outside! We have chosen our favorite outdoor arts and crafts for kids and hope these outdoors art projects inspire your kids to get out and be creative outside!

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - collage of 8 outdoors art projects for kids of all ages with words: taking art outdoors - 22 sweet ideas
Let’s make outdoor art!

OutDoor Arts & Crafts for Kids

It all started when I was thinking of ways to take art into the garden – really simple and fun ideas for spontaneous outdoor creativity, without much of the directions and restrictions of indoors.  One of the things I love about doing outdoor art with kids is that no one is worried about the mess.

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Oooodles of inspiration for keeping the little, and not so little, engaged in the garden this summer.

Outdoor Art Projects for Kids

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 3 outdoor art prrojects for kids: rake, painting and trampoline
These outdoor art projects are so much fun!

I’ve collected favorite outdoor art ideas, all requiring little in the way of preparation and clean up! 

1. DIY Chalk Rake Art

This is a rake with chalk at the end of each of the rake prong making it a really fun chalk marking activity that can make an entire rainbow in one swipe of the rake! via laughingkidslearn

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2. DIY Garden Art Idea for Kids

Create a quiet painting space with the help of your child.  Choose just the right tree for shade or bush for cozy fort feeling.  Set up an easel and grab a handful of supplies.  You can create a simple, yet super fun painting space for your little one.  I am SO in love with this idea from livingonlove (unavailable)

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3. Trampoline Artist Drawings

Perfect for spontaneous outdoor creating, gorgeous great big canvas that the rain or garden hose will clear up for you, bonus! via childhood101

Outdoors Paintings

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 2 outdoors paintings for kids to make: body art and splat painting
Painting outdoors is way better than inside painting!

4. Body Art by Kids

Kids will love the freedom to brush paint all over themselves – get ready to hear a chorus of ‘best day ever’. See the magic for yourself on CurlyBirds

5. Sidewalk Splat Painting

Homemade chalk filled balloons- such a FUN way for kids to create art this Summer! via growingajeweledrose

Outdoors Art Ideas We Love

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 3 outdoors art ideas: wall art, painting art and easel art
Let’s get creative in the fresh air!

6. Bring the Easel Outdoors

Tape some large paper directly to the side of your house or fence house for an  instant easel. via tinkerlab

7. Painting Wall

A painting wall is such a great idea to get children up and away from desks where their little arms are restricted. Give them the room to explore, create and get messy! via mericherry

8. Outdoor Art Studio by Kids

Seven Tips for Setting up an Impromptu Garden Art Studio. via tinkerlab

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Art Projects for Kids for the Backyard

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 3 art projects for kids: mud pictures, chalk painting. diy wax rubbings

9. Paint Mud Pictures

Some wonderful messy fun ¦.followed by a bath! on CurlyBirds

10. Create Chalk Paintings

Patio paintings that make you smile until it rains… so gorgeous from buzzmills

11. DIY Crayon Wax Rubbings

A classic art project for kids is crayon rubbing – that is easy, fun and great for fine motor skills development, recognizing textures and colors. 

Cool Art for Kids Using Nature

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 3 cool art for kids: loom art, nature collage and splatter painting
Let’s use nature in our artwork.

12. Natural Loom Art

An outdoor loom out of a tree stump woven with natural materials. So so pretty from babbledabbledo

13. Petal Pictures & Nature Collages

Kids being kids they like to pull the petals off flowers so here’s the most darling ideas for crafting cards and little pictures with glued petals. via CurlyBirds (unavailable)

Or try our flower and stick butterfly collage that uses things you find to create the prettiest butterfly picture.

14. Make Dirt Earth Art

Earth art created out of dirt from outside - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s use dirt to make earth art!

We originally created this fun outdoor art project which uses dirt as Earth Day art, but every day is the perfect day to make earth art!

15. Splatter Painting Art

The more messy the art project, the more memorable (and FUN) the experience becomes. via InnerChildFun

Art for Kids Ideas

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 3 art for kids ideas: handprint garden, duct tape flowers and sculptures
Let’s do some garden art!

16. Handprint Art In The Garden

When the sun is shining and the children are feeling creative my girls love nothing more than heading out into the garden and creating  some big, messy, joyful art like this outdoor handprint art project.

17. Giant Duct Tape Flowers

Oh how I love these – giant cereal box flowers to say I love you ‘big much’. via leighlaurelstudios

18. Garden Sculptures

Brighten up our garden with a gorgeous kid-made clay port sculpture. The kids will love being involved in every step of the process. Pop over to nurturestore to see the magic for yourself

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Fun Outdoor Crafts for Kids

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 3 fun outdoor crafts for kids: chalkboard wall, resist art and clothes pin art gallery
Let’s display our artwork outdoors…

19. Outdoor Chalkboard

Get your kids outside with this fun life-size chalkboard! via projectdenneler

20. Resist Art Stepping Stones

A fun garden art project to brighten up your garden via Twodaloo

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After children create their artwork, wet paintings can be clipped to tree branches to dry. via wordplayhouse

Easy Art Ideas for Kids – Perfect for Toddlers & Preschool

Outdoor Art Ideas For Kids - 2 easy art ideas for kids: toddler cool whip painting and preschooler water painting

22. DIY Cool Whip Painting

This is a great sensory activity, as it tastes good, looks cool, and feels awesome! Great for small kids who put everything in their mouths, via livingonlove (no longer available)

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23. Water Painting

A little outside “crafting” that requires no clean up and only a few supplies – a bucket of water and some paint brushes!! via buzzmills

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24. Make Outdoor Handprint Art

We have over 75 ideas for making handprint art with kids and these fun handprint projects are perfect for doing outside to contain the mess!

25. Let’s Make Shadow Art with the Sun

One of our very favorite easy art ideas for kids is to use the sun and your favorite toy’s shadow to create shadow art.

26. Paint with Bubbles

Soap Bubble Art - bubble painting activity for kids
Let’s paint with bubbles!

One of our very favorite things to do outside is blow bubbles. Make it artsy with this easy bubble painting technique that works for kids of all ages.

More Outdoor Inspired Fun from Kids Activities Blog

What outdoor art project are you going to try first?

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