The stay-at-home orders brought about all sorts of creativity in neighborhoods. From inspiring messages to obstacle courses, neighbors are brightening each other’s days with chalk art on their sidewalks.

One guy has really taken the idea of chalk art to the next level, designing a chalk racetrack in his driveway!

The owner of CanyonChasers, a motorcycle how-to YouTube channel, decided to create an amazing surprise for one young boy in his neighborhood.

Dave noticed that, every evening near the same time, his garage camera motion sensor would go off. After checking the footage, he saw the same little boy, riding his bike, doing loops in the driveway.

What to do about it? Dave decided the best idea was to design a little chalk racetrack in the driveway one night, then watch the camera to see if his little neighbor might enjoy it.

Sure enough, he did, looping his bike through the track each evening. When it rained, Dave designed a new track to brighten his little neighbor’s day.

And, after watching the cameras, it wasn’t just the one neighbor child! There were other kids on bikes, moms and dads pushing strollers, joggers with dogs, and more. Everyone had to do a quick race track loop as part of their walk.

Check out Dave’s entire video to see his neighbors loving his driveway race track!

Check out how to make chalk at home!

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