I plan. Materials are sourced. The stage has been set. The invitation to play has been accepted. Game on. A few short minutes after play commences, the phrase “What was I thinking?!” rambles repeatedly in my head or through my mouth, I know not because I’m consumed by the disaster of my planned activity.

Such scenarios are not rare. Somewhere along the line, I got too ambitious and concocted a play scenario that doesn’t meet my kids where they are at. My expectations crumble miserably into a gloomy heap.

I am humbly reminded yet again to keep it simple.

I’m sure painting with water is as old as time, but I first saw this over at Sassy’s Sanity. It is so easy and fun.

Materials to source: small bucket/cup; water; paint brush; outdoor pavement.

Set the stage for play: Fill the small bucket/cup with water and place a generous sized paint brush in the bucket/cup. Watch your children accept the invitation to play. Let the games begin!

You could vary the play by:

  • adding glitter, food colouring or paint into the water;
  • using chalk instead of a paintbrush;
  • drawing with dry chalk first then painting over it with water;
  • instead of painting on the pavement, paint on the fence or other surfaces in the garden.

You could extend the play by:

  • incorporating letters or words to paint;
  • counting items as you paint them;
  • having a race to see who can paint their designated area the fastest.

Or you could, as my sons did, turn it into a water fight.

Game on!

Kids can’t help their attraction to playing in water.   Here are some more fun and educational activities with water:


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  1. nice job Pauline, i like the extensions of play! I found this activity so great when i was pregnant or had a newborn because its so stress free, its a great one if you want to sit for a while.

  2. I like the way you worded that “Watch your children accept the invitation to play.” So true!