These genius backyard organization ideas will help to make your space functional and give you the best outdoor toy storage around. Outdoor toys and play things can quickly become a mess which decreases the fun and memory-making outside. Stop the frustration of backyard toy chaos with these smart ideas for outdoor toy storage!

15 Backyard Organization Ideas - 4 different ideas for backyard toy storage and more
Let’s figure out some creative backyard toy storage!

Backyard Organization for the Whole Family

The backyard is the place my family spends most of our time in the spring and summer. Whether it is swimming, playing, or BBQing we pretty much live out there when the weather is agreeable. I noticed the backyard toys began to get messy and cluttered so I decided it was time to get my backyard organized.

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It’s hard to have fun and relax when everything it a mess and looking chaotic. Hopefully these tips for outdoor toy storage will help you as much as they helped me!

Outdoor Toy Storage Ideas

1. Outdoor Bike Storage

Outdoor toy storage- yellow stackable baskets with toys in them and signs on them
Organize your backyard toy with outside baskets.

Make a designated place to park the bikes with signs and painters tape. Outdoor toy storage is a must for backyard organization or even keeping your front yard decluttered! via Organization Junkie

2. Storage Buckets for the Backyard

Outdoor toy storage using steel buckets on a white shelf outside
Did you know you can use steel buckets to organize backyard toys?

Use steel buckets with labels to keep all the small outdoor toys like chalk, balls, sand toys, etc. Storage buckets are a great way to keep all the tiny pieces and parts together! via The Wilson World

3. Serving Cart for your Backyard Grill

Outdoor toy storage using a serving cart with toys and BBQ toys on it
Make BBQ’s easy by using a serving cart for backyard organization.

Keep a serving cart next to your grill with your spatula and plates and fill it up with condiments when you are eating outside. This is such a unique way to use a serving cart I think and can make BBQing so much easier. via I Heart Organizing

4. Outside Pallet Tool Organizer

Outdoor toy storage using a pallet and hooks to hold garden tools
Organize your garden using a pallet and hooks.

Turn an old pallet into gardening storage with a special place to hang planters and tools. This pallet tool organizer is perfect if you’re family is like mine and loves to garden! via Our Little Acre

5. Toy Car Storage Ideas

Toy car storage for bikes and cars, storage rack for books, chalk, and bubbles, backyard organization for toys and bicycles.
Look at all this cool outdoor toy storage!

Your kid’s car is important and needs toy car storage! Make a covered kiddie parking garage to keep kids’ big wheels and riding cars from getting soaked if it rains. Plus, it makes them feel special parking their car just like mom and dad, and this toy car storage is cute as can be. via Mom Endeavors

6. Garbage Can Storage Ideas

Outdoor toy storage- pallets and plants hiding green trash can
Use two pallets and plants to hide your trashcan from the HOA.

Hide your ugly trash cans with this garbage storage area DIY. A lot of times HOA’s don’t want to see garbage cans, and this cute garbage can storage is a great way to hide it from the street! via I Should Be Mopping The Floor

7. Outdoor Storage Box for your Backyard

Outdoor toy storage- diy storage bench alongside a pool
Keep all your pool items together with this diy pool storage chest.

Build this awesome storage bench that doubles as seating! If you have a pool, this outdoor storage box is perfect for lounge chair pillows, floaties, or even toys. via Build Basic

8. Sandbox Ideas to Make the Backyard More Organized

Outdoor toy storage- metal shelf with mudpie toys on it
Keep your mudpie equipment together with a metal shelf.

Do you have a sandbox? This smart sandbox storage idea keeps all the toys contained! Using these sandbox ideas is a great way to keep the backyard organized! via Happy Hooligans

9. Backyard Sports Equipment Storage

Outdoor toy storage- red buckets and shelves with toys in them in garage
Keep all your sports toys, outside toys, and tools in order with these shelf ideas.

Keep all the kids outdoor sports equipment in these great bins that keep the balls easy to get to. These sports equipment storage ideas are even great for that equipment you don’t use a lot. via Family Handy Man

10. Activity Cart for Organized Play

How to organize outdoor toys and gear with black shelf with baskets
Organize your toys and outdoors gear with shelves.

This outdoor activity cart  keeps lots of kid toys neatly organized and ready for play! Keeping everything in an activity cart will prevent chalk and toys from getting ruined and from bubbles being spilled.- via Busy Toddler

11. Wooden Storage Crates

outdoor toy storage- gray wood labeled baskets with rope handles
Keep all your outside toys organized with these diy storage baskets.

These storage crates are great for holding outdoor toys. Plus you can make them from leftover pieces of wood that may be laying around. via My Repurposed Life

12. Bathing Suit Rack Perfect for Your Back Porch

Garbage can storage, toy storage, and storage bucks as well as pool drying racks.

If you have a pool, make a special outdoor drying rack for towels and suits. I love this, because this bathing suit rack keeps the floors in my house dry! Everything can drip and dry out outside. via HomeTalk

13. Pool Toy Net for Pool Toys

outdoor toy storage net holding pool toys
Keep all your pool toys out of the way using a net.

Use a large cargo net to store all your pool floaties! It’s cute and it saves space as the pool toy net hangs from the side of your home. via Pinterest

14. Pool Organization for All Those Pool Necessities

Sports equipment storage holding balls, and sandbox ideas to keep the toys together, as well as backyard organization to keep your gardening tools together and organized.

Store outdoor pool items in plastic drawers. These perfectly hold sunscreens, toys, swim diapers, and more. These plastic drawers are perfect for pool organization. via A Bowl Full of Lemons

15. Pool Toy Storage that Works

outdoor toy storage using a pallet holding pool noodles
This is such a cool way to keep your pool noodles out of the way.

Use a wood pallet to store pool noodles. Keep your pool noodles together and safe with this pool toy storage, it is simple and requires very little work. Perfect! via Pinterest

More Organization Ideas To Get All Aspects Of Your Life Organized

Organization ideas for your life using shoe racks to keep toys like chalk together and sports shoes, and sunscreen as well as swimming diapers, and pool toys.

What is your favorite outdoor toy storage idea? Did we miss your favorite backyard organization idea?

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