Today we’re painting on a mirror in the backyard, under a clear blue sky and a canopy of trees!

I’m a huge fan of outdoor art activities.  There’s nothing quite like painting in the great outdoors to get those creative juices flowing! Using a mirror as your canvas is a fantastic way to give kids a new perspective on their surroundings.   It’s also a really fun way to paint!

group of kids painting on a mirror

It’s so easy to be artistically and creatively inspired when you’re surrounded blue skies, fragrant flowers and a gentle breeze rustling the leaves in the trees.

For our painting on a mirror activity, you’ll need:

4 bowls of paint on a mirror
  • a mirror
  • paint
  • paintbrushes
  • and a some creative kids!

Let the painting begin!

Each of the girls quickly claimed a corner of the mirror as their own, and got right to work.

children gathered around a mirror, painting

The funnest thing about painting on a mirror is seeing your own reflection as you work.  This is great for kids who want to paint a self-portrait!

stick figure painted on mirror

It’s fun to watch yourself disappear as you cover the mirror in a thick coat of paint as well!

painting reflection on a mirror

And, oh my!  How fascinating to see the leaves of the trees and the blue sky when you’re looking down!

painting on a mirror under canopy of leaves

The way the paintbrush slides around on the slick, slippery surface of the mirror is just wonderful!

The girls brushed on thick layers of red, green, blue and teal.  They mixed and blended the colours, swirling them all together, and piling on layer after layer of paint..

layers of paint on a mirrored surface

And at some point, someone discovered it was just as much fun to paint without the brushes, and so a fingerprinting extravaganza ensued.

fingerpainting on a mirror

And of course one thing leads to another…

kids painting each other

That’s ok!  One of the best things about getting artsy outside is the easy clean-up.  A big bowl of soapy water and a spray from the garden hose takes care of everything.

What a care-free, glorious way to enjoy art in the great outdoors!

A note about our mirror:

Ours is not a shatter-proof mirror.  It’s a regular decorative wall mirror that hangs in the dress-up area of the toy room.  We often use it for art and play activities.  Because it is encased in a solid frame, and always placed on a sturdy table-top, I don’t worry about the mirror getting broken.

If it makes you feel more comfortable, by all means use a shatter-proof mirror for this activity.

A note about our paints:

Today, we used tempera powdered paints for our mirror painting activity.  We’ve used acrylic craft paints in the past.  Liquid temperas would work well, as would finger paints.   I’m fairly certain any kid-friendly paint that you have on hand would be just fine.

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